Thursday, 24 July 2014

5 things your Naturopath wants you to know for better skin

Seeing a naturopath was really the turning point from that time my skin chucked a total mental. It started me on a healthier journey that really made me think what I was putting in and on my body and changes happened.

My skin healed, my hair became healthier, I lost weight , I had boundless energy and my immunity was strong.

Its seriously one of the best things I've ever done for my health.

My naturopath taught me how important gut health was for skin health and how intrinsically linked they are, that my body was completely out of balance and depleted after years on the contraceptive pill more reason I had brittle hair, spots and blepharitis and dermatitis fare ups.

 She also begged and urged me to switch to mineral make-up to allow my skin to breathe and I vehemently resisted. Turns out I found another path to the benefits of mineral make-up in the end.

Anyway if you are feeling a bit meh, are not happy with your skin health or energy levels or have reoccurring inflammation, skin woes or health issues, visiting a naturopath could be that turning pint for you too.

Will Shannon, one of Australia’s leading practitioners of natural medicine and President of Australian Complementary Medicine Association, has shared with us his top 5 tips for better skin!

1. Water! Water! Water! Drinking filtered water often (Will recommends up to 2 litres a day) cleanses your skin and keeps it hydrated; making it look and feel fresh.

Me my best & I suggestion: try a hot lemon and water in the morning or one of these lemon zester water bottles or any of these 10 ways to spruce up your H20

2. A high fibre diet - Lessons symptoms of bad skin and aid the body in naturally correcting itself.

Me my best & I suggestion: Look no further than oats like in this recipe or this one or make some chia water and tick boxes 1 & 2 at the same time!

3. Eliminate refined sugar - which Will Shannon says is highly acidic and creates inflammation and dehydrates the skin.

Me my best & I suggestion: Some ways to eat less sugar in your diet are here

4. Correcting your hormone imbalance - This is always key to great skin. Reproductive hormones, especially during adolescence, often have dramatic effects on the skin. Will recommends taking herb supplements like Chaste Tree to offset these imbalances and set your skin straight.

Me my best & I suggestion: Some of these teas or supplements can also help

5. A balanced digestive system. Emptying your bladder and bowel regularly has a huge impact on skin. If you are not eliminating waste often, the matter sits in the gut (which is where we absorb most of our nutrients) and the remaining toxins can have a dramatic effect on skin.

Me my best & I suggestion: I find celery, cucumber and green and detox teas really help with this process

Some really great tips from Will that combined with a healthier diet can help ease the symptoms of acne and other skin imbalances, I know they 100% did for me and I've never been more grateful. Angry, imbalanced, reactive skin is just so upsetting!

For further information or specific herbal formulas to lesson symptoms, you can make an appointment with Will Shannon at Pinnacle Health Clinic

Have you ever visited a Naturopath regarding your skin health?

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

More Weleda cleansing joy & a discount

Okay so I'm still MAJOR hot for the Weleda One Step Cleanser and Toner. Like MAJOR hot.

So it was with pure pleasure I added the Weleda Gentle Cleansing Milk and Weleda Refining Toner to the top shelf.

Pleasing cobalt blue glass bottle aesthetics aside, this range is just one helluva sensory trip.

Not as 'citrus fresh ' as the Weleda One Step Cleanser the Weleda Gentle Cleansing Milk still packs a fresh punch but with slightly more herbalness. The texture is so light and fluid, almost lotion like. So much lighter than I was expecting and as I am on a bit of a cleansing milk buzz at the moment, most welcome.

Jojoba and sesame oil based makes this cleanser just as functional on drier skins as it is on oilier skins, sesame and jojoba by nature work in symbiosis with skin sebum so won't congest or be too heavy for problem skin in fact on the contrary yet still providing a really deep cleanse.Witch hazel and iris root extract also help to rebalance. A quick rinse with warm water and skin feel remarkably soft and comfortable with no residue to think of.

The witch hazel and rose leaf extract based Weleda Refining Toner is fresh, clean, sunny and citrusy. Joy.

Save 25% in July when you purchase the Weleda Gentle Cleansing Milk and Weleda Refining Toner pack together.

If not for beautifully balanced skin then just for the bathroom shelf pretty!

Weleda, I love all that you do.

Cleanser/Toner pack provided for consideration. Blue bottle fanaticals and opinions my own.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Tight-Ass Tuesday. Pure value, pure ingredients. Puretopia Essential Face Serum

  • All natural ingredients
  • Depuffing and detoxifying lymphatic tri-rollerball massage
  • Hydrating
  • Brightening 
  • Refining
  • Non-greasy 
A skincare serum that does all these things and only costs $19.95 definitely is worthy of the Tight-Ass Tuesday Tiara don't you think?

Pure Nutrition Anti-oxidant & Omega Oils Essential Face Serum

A genius little product housed in a little stainless steel rollerball tube that massages, cools and drains your skin as you apply will always be popular with me.

The serum inside is a serious skin loving cockatil of argan, blackcurrant, rosehip and seabuckthorn oil rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin and anti-oxidants yet deliciously light in texture and not one tiny bit greasy. AT ALL. 

Completely unfragranced and feels like a serum not an oil, great for oilier skinned lovelies and those that hate the feel of oil on their skin but want all the anti-oxidant and fatty acid benefits of a treatment oil.

Ideal for before make-up as there is is no oily residue to worry about.

Roll on for a cooling, nourishing lift that is as silky light in texture as it is light on the bank balance.

A brand I haven't really explored before but wonder why the heck not, as it is clean, natural and excellent value.

You say Puretopia. I say Puregenius.

Serum provided for consideration, opinions my own

Sunday, 20 July 2014

The Juicy Bits

What a super fast week that was. Lets hope the weekend puts the brakes on a little and time seems to creep along. Unlikely!

I had a busy but productive week. I did some great work on the blog in The Secret Bloggers ecourse I'm doing, got the hair did, had one of those good training weeks where I was motivated and got a lot out of my sessions and ticked of all the to-dos in work.

And then these; check em

Must bookmark: I hadn't written a perfume post in ages but really enjoyed composing this review on Tokyo Milk Tainted Love. I get the some buzz describing perfumes as I do elaborately describing wine, the more wine I have the more elaborate I get, but I'm so amateur at both. Hence why this Perfume 101 is a must keep for future reference.

Must attempt: I'm not really one of those people that can just go to the gym and work though my own workout. I generally do a class, have my PT hubby train me or go for a run. When I read about this LA Gym Burn 60 all over killer routine of which Reese Witherspoon is a fan I thought I'd save it to try one day.

It's basically a treadmill interval session, followed by an all over body strength session, then back to the treadmill and repeat for up to 60 minutes.

Turns out twice this week I had to call upon it. The first time I got delayed in a work meeting and missed all my classes so found myself in the gym needing a routine to follow on my own. The second time was today when I rocked up for Body Attack and it was cancelled due to refurbishments. Off I went again. I only did 30 minutes each time and boy does it get the sweat pumping. I burned 250cals on the treadmill alone. It's hard but really manageable as broken down into small segments. Am hooked.

Must own: A bedroom like this one day, even just the peacock chair and I would be happy. In fact any part of this whole beach house design would be most welcome.

Must check out: Nutritionist Dr Joanna McMillan's new website. I love Joanna's real, non faddy approach to nutrition. I particularly love the 'food library' which explores individual food's nutritional value and uses in detail with her added tips on how to incorporate them into your diet.

Must bake: This Bill Granger banana bread recipe, that I just remembered I used to make all the time.So moist! We are heading to visit a friend and their new baby for breakfast on Sunday so whipped them up a batch. Recipe makes two loaves so one to keep for us -WIN!

Must be getting old: As Kate Moss's little sister Lottie has launched a Calvin Klein campaign. I remember Kate's the first time round. Nana.

Must know: What a breakout can indicate is going on health-wise

Must be a winner: I mentioned this cult French multi-tasking dry oil in my Bastille homage to all things French and fabulous this week. Seems this beauty editor feels the same and has given us 10 more reasons why we must love it some more. Well actually nine, but still.

Must for inspiration: Irene 'organic beauty queen' Falcone and founder of natural beauty mecca shares all her inspiring health and fitness tips in this interview

Whats been going on in your week
Want banana bread now? Sorry!
Happy reading x

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Meet Irene Falcone, eco-chic founder of Nourished Life

Irene, a mum of four is a reformed mainstream beauty addict.

Her story goes after years of battling fatigue she threw away all her mainstream beauty products to “go organic”. Within just a few months she started to really see and feel the results so started a blog to share her discoveries.

After an overwhelming reader response to the blog she decided to launch an online store that would enable consumers to live a cleaner, healthier lifestyle without compromising their love of style and beauty products.  

If you follow Irene's blog, Instagram account or 'organic beauty expert' guest slots on Nine Network’s Mornings (which have actually caused her site to crash from the rush of traffic, proving her theory that consumers out there want an outlet make informed and trusted natural product choices) then you will know just how genuinely enthusiastic and passionate she is about her products.

In fact it was Irene that got me on to Shotproof Coffees and has me itching to try Eco Minerals which in her opinion is THE BEST mineral foundation & we know I love agood mineral!

Read on for an inspiring insight into how an organic beauty queen spends her toxin-free days - oh and there may just be a hot of the press scoop of some exciting things to come over at .

You heard it here first peeps!!

Thanks for popping over to Me my best and I Irene, so lovely to have you and all your natural beauty enthusiasm on the site. Before Nourished Life was an online store it was a blog , Living Toxin Free in The City – tell us about that and how you found being a fellow blogger?
I loved blogging! The interaction between my community of readers was wonderful and it was such a great creative outlet for me.

How did the idea for 
Nourished Life grow from the blog? Was it always a long-term goal or did you have some moments where you thought ‘hey I really think I could make this retail thing work?
So many of us know we need to cut back on the amount of toxins we overload our bodies with, but just don't know where to start. That's why I originally started my blog, so I could share my discoveries on what ingredients to avoid, what to products to throw away and the very best natural and organic products to replace them with. I really wanted to create a place where we could buy affordable pure, safe, natural and organic products online and – most importantly - all in the one place, so I slowly grew my blog into this online shop of my dreams.

What are your favourite blogs to read?
My favourites are Move Nourish Believe from Lorna Jane for great healthy living tips, Luk Beautifood for amazing recipes and makeup tips and Sporteluxe because I love a bit of fashionable activewear. 

You are a ‘toxin-free’ warrior and now helping others top choose a more toxin free existence. Everyone I know who tries to live a cleaner existence has an “a-ha” moment, a turning point that send them in a cleaner direction. Mine was after a fascinating chat with a Naturopath I saw when my body & skin went crazy after being on the pill for too many years, it all started here. What was yours?
I literally just woke up one day and realised that almost every product in my home, from my face moisturiser to my kitchen surface cleaner, was loaded with toxins. I don't even know why, but before that day I never thought very much about reading the labels on my products or what I was actually putting on my body. I spent that evening researching what all of these nasty chemicals actually were and the possible side effects – that was definitely my ah-ha moment.

I love following your Instagram account (@nourishedlife )by the way and can see you live a pretty balanced, healthy lifestyle – what does your average day on a plate look like?
In the morning I start my day with some water and apple cider vinegar, a coffee and some organic oats / muesli with almond milk. Lunchtime is my busiest time of the day so it’s usually another coffee with some soup, leftovers or a salad from my local health food shop. My husband usually cooks dinner. We eat a lot of vegetables, free-range meat and whole meal pasta. And then for dessert I love a bit of organic dark chocolate!

How do you keep active?
To be honest, I’m still working on this and need to pull myself away from the computer much more often! I try to do Yoga at least twice a week and powerwalk most mornings but I would love to be able to fit more time for exercise in!

Juice or Smoothie? 
Can I say organic coffee?!

I love a green smoothie- my friend Cindy Luken (from Luk Beautifood) lives just up the road and always brings me one when I’m really busy. She’ll make it with avocado, kale, banana, lemon, parsley, mint and ice. It’s super energising and so yummy.
I also love organic cold pressed almond milk with fresh turmeric.

Favourite recipe to whip up at home?
After dinner – I throw 1 avocado, 1 cup of frozen raspberries, a pinch of stevia and raw cacao in a blender to make the most delicious vegan chocolate ice cream!

What’s your go-to cafe or restaurant for tasty but healthy meals out? What do we have to order if we go there?
I love the AboutLife caf├ęs; they always have such an amazing range of fresh, organic food. For breakfast, you have to get the superfood omelette - it’s delicious! And for lunch, the ‘fulfilling stack’ tastes so exotic. It’s goji berry and linseed polenta, served with wilted kale, spinach, fresh raw tomato relish and raw pesto.

They also have great ‘shot-proof’ coffee there!

So you have access to a plethora of amazing natural products and brands – what does your current daily beauty routine look like?
It changes all the time!

But at the moment, I cleanse my face with Black Chicken Remedies oil cleanser, and then I follow with the Dr. Alkaitis toner and treatment oil. If my skin is extra dry, I also put a little bit of coconut oil on my face and body.

Sometimes I’ll wear my Lavera BB cream for a little bit of coverage and extra moisture, or If I’m going out I’ll wear the eco minerals powder foundation (it is seriously the best foundation I've ever used!), the Zuii blush in melon, the 100% Pure black tea mascara and my Luk Beautifood Lip Nourish in Lemon & Mint.

At night, I cleanse my face again and either apply more of the Dr.Alkaitis treatment oil or the 100% Pure Skin Brightening Balm if my face needs a bit of a lift. 

Is your routine 100% clean or is there a secret “dirty” product you can’t break ties with? I’ll start, mine is mascara......
Yes, it is 100% clean! I have found amazing natural alternatives for every product I used to wear and not only do they look better, but also they are better for my skin, my health and the environment!

So I want to start cleaning up my beauty routine slowly... where do I begin?
The best way to start is just by replacing each product as it runs out or goes past it’s expiry date (yes most eye makeup has an expiration date) or If you’re eager to get started, I would start with your skincare routine so you’re cleanser, toner, moisturiser and body lotion as these products are what is going on your skin the most and are what should be the most nourishing.

The product that gave you the biggest WOW factor moment that you sell on Nourished Life was? Why?
The 100% Pure black tea mascara and the Zuii blush in melon. Try them and you’ll see what I’m talking about! 

Your most favourite piece of customer feedback ever received was?
I actually have so many customers tell me I've changed their life or, the products I've recommended to them are the best they have ever used. This feedback always makes my day!

How do you go about sourcing new products/brands?
I like to ask my Facebook and Instagram followers for their ideas and recommendations, and then we go and research the brands and products they have mentioned. We get approached by a lot of brands too. 

What product is proving the most popular on Nourished Life at the moment
The 100% Pure Caffeine, Coffee Bean Eye Cream! I just can’t keep up with the demand.

What hot trends do you see over the next 12 months in the clean & natural beauty & well-being space?
I’m starting to see more and more products with Camu Camu (high vitamin C), Cacao (High antioxidant) & Immortality Mushrooms (powerful anti-aging properties).

Any juicy bit of gossip you can disclose, upcoming ranges, exciting new product, exciting new ventures for Nourished Life? Go on indulge us, we are a nosy bunch?
Yes! Nourished Life is actually launching a “HOUSE” brand of skin care that will be raw, vegan, nut oil free, gluten free organic AND Australian made! This range really takes the complications we have seen in skincare over the last 10 years and strips it all back to basics!

Irene - you are a sparkling, passionate force. Thanks so much for droppping by and sharing your answers. What a good friend Cindy is, she can drop that smoothie down to me anytime, sounds divine!!

Oh and if you need a guinea pig to test your new 'house' range I am poised , ready, willing and able, Can't wait to see what you will produce with all the natural beauty insight and knowledge you have  xx

Oh and I am so going to head to About Life for this fulfilling stack!!

Products found on Nourished Life that Me my best & I has previously loved include;

How inspiring is Irene's story?
Do you try to reduce the toxin's you are exposed to day to day?
Tried a shot-proof coffee yet?