Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Tight-ass Tuesday - A DIY waxing solution that is not quite as 'eeeeky" as you would imagine

Today's Tight-ass Tuesday hero is a real money saver.

a) it ticks the under $20 Tight-ass Tuesday stringent cost criteria
b) one pot will last you for at least 6 months of bikini waxing touch-ups which could save you anywhere between $240 and $390 depending how exy your monthly waxing service sets you back.

Let me preface this story with a little "before I was a tight-ass' story, a time when my income was my own and for the most part disposable and spent willy nilly and mostly on  frivolity. Outfits, cosmetics, food and wine and beautifying services. Not that waxing is a frivolity - nothing as gruesome as that could be considered frivolous but it was in my eyes a pre-requisite. A 4 to 6 weekly Brazilian wax, a non-negotiable service that i had been getting regularly since I was about 19 years old.

Let me also preface the with the fact I'm a qualified Beauty Therapist and have all the quals to do a DIY bikini wax but there was still not a snowballs chance in hell that I was going to go through that eek-fest if I didn't really have to and could pay someone to make it as quick and painless as possible. I've attempted DIY waxes in the past and never with any success that made it a worthwhile option.

Alas it seems now I have to. The budget is tight and with pretty much only one household income at the moment you just adapt. My money is just better spent nurturing my family than tending to my lady garden as frequently

This leads me to the point when I discovered that I had a Veet Gel Wax Kit under my skin.....
Could I do this......?
I'll drink wine.

And it wasn't that bad!!!

Must have been the wine......

Second attempt I went cold turkey and waxed sober. I swear to you also not so bad and I've had some very owwie and some downright nasty experience with home wax kits in the past.

Veet Gel Wax needs to be heated, I did this on the stove-top by gently simmering the pot for up to 8 minutes on a really low heat or until the indicator on the spatula tells you its good to go. Heating is definitely required for a more successful wax. I just don't buy it when home waxes don't require any heat.

The spatula is nice and wide so easy to control and the formula is truly gel like so also really easy to spread thinly and neatly. This, thin, warm layer then grips the hair really well while also opening the follicle a little - key to an effective and equally as important less painful wax. Hairs are removed cleanly from the root at first attempt and the thin formula is just right in consistency to help minimise any risk of friction burns.

The durable synthetic woven fabric strips are long and manageable further making the ripping off (for want of a better verb!) more fluid and succinct. Further reason I believe this kit performs better than any other DIY wax kit I've used

The other great feature is that the gel is water soluble so any residue (which was very minimal anyway) rinses cleanly off with ease.This also makes the twelve strips included reusable too - just rinse and dry like a right old tight-ass. Heck you could also dty and recycle your teabags while you were at it.

Of course if you have the cash to get your Brazilian done yourself then why not I would. I was even the girl that used to go and have a glass of bubbles or two pre-wax! But if you need to save some dollars and HAVE TO DIY this is the best and most effective DIY solution I've tried.

Yes still a little or a lot owwwie wine consumption depending, but neat and effective also.

My meet in the middle compromise point I've come too? A pro Brazilian every 3 months with two Veet Gel Wax Kit touch ups in between.

And wine lots of wine. Even if it is cask wine. Lots of it.

Oh and note to Veet - There is nothing 'delightful' abiut waxing. Nothing. Please remove all reference of 'delightful' from your waxing products. It has no business being there.

Do you DIY wax or does the mere thought make you shudder?
Wine before waxing - its not just me right?
Any home waxing disasters you would care to share?

*wax kit provided for consideration, teabag recycling and opinions my own

Monday, 28 July 2014

Right in my skincare sweetspot's pocket - BioElexia Day & Night creams

So I've definitely come to a landing point and identified my moisturiser sweetspot this year.

It looks a little like this;
  • Light texture, readily absorbed
  • Vitamin A based with a bevvy of other anti-oxidants like Vitamin C & E
  • Unfragranced
  • SPF in the daycream variety
Not much to ask but surprisingly tricky to acquire.

BioElexia's Daily Skin Smoothing Lotion and Night Renew Complex play exactly in this realm,

BioElixia Daily Skin Smoothing Lotion is retinol based with a high percentage of anti-oxidant and free-radical scavenger green tea extract. My skin just responds so well to retinols lately and seems smoother and less congested.

There is an "added SPF" which I've confirmed is approx SPF 12-15 and another one of these international products that get tripped up in the TGA red tape whereby a product has sunscreen in it but as sunscreen is not it's primary function is not allowed to specify specific sunscreen details. I'm down with an SPF 15 for winter everydays spent mostly in the office. A perfect make-up base as the light texture really just sinks right in as if my skin is drinking it up, no residue, grease or slide left behind in it's wake.

BioElexia's  Night Renew Complex is a little richer in texture but still feels light while giving good 'plump'. It is richer in retinol evident in it's slightly more yellow colour. The retinol is also teamed with anti-oxidant hard-hitters CoQ10 and Vitamin E all encapsulated in a deep dermal delivery technology so the good stuff hits the right spots.

Both are unfragranced bar some natural citrus oils for a distant sunny note.

The packaging pleases me no end. Both are housed in squat little tubs that stack for easy transport or to save precious bathroom cabinet shelf space. The little pots have a moon and a sun logo to help nanas like me identify which to reach for when you are without your glasses in a dimly bathroom and the pots have those reservoir dispensers that are just so practical and quick press and  the pots release a small amount of lotion into the lid basin for easy administration.

In fact the packaging is so functional I decided last minute to bring these on my recent travels. Risky bringing uncharted skincare on a longhaul but a decision that paid off  with  happy, smooth, plump holiday skin (with a little added SPF factor when in the sunny hills of Provence bien sûr!)

If your skincare sweetspot reads much like mine , then this duo would suit you nicely!

*BioElixia provided for consideration. Opinions and inability to read the small print my own

Saturday, 26 July 2014

The Juicy Bits

Another week down, another week closer to the looming big 34. When did that happen? Crap I feel old. I am trying to focus on the excuse to have bubbles and go for a slap up meal as opposed to the fact that in one more year from here I'm on that downhill climb to 40. GASP.

Lets move on before that causes any more pain than necessary shall we...

A weekly round up of self-nurturing, self-pampering reads this week, must be the "old grey mare she ain't what she used to be' birthday pending frame of mind I find myself in!!

Must remember: If the wine credits earned isn't enough to motivate you to exercise, these reasons why working out can boost skin health may help. This Nana might need to up her exercise game...

Must do: It's no secret seeing a Naturopath was one of the best things I ever did for my skin. Will Shannon one of Australia's leading Naturopaths shared his tips this week with me for better skin and I also found even more here.

Must make: So these naturopaths have me convinced on chia and  I totally want to make this chia chocolate pudding using my DIY chai mix instead of the tea. Yumz.

Must note: Or look no further than ypur spice rack for some skin love - Gorgeous Lauren Glucina who filled us full of healthy inspo here and who's green smoothie app I love here, shares her top 10 healing ways with the herbs and spices you already have in your pantry!

Must eat: Talking of spice - I whipped up this mid week fish curry again and I love it. I met Sally Obermeder this week and if this is what she eats i'll have it everynight, that lady absolutely shines & sparkles!!

Must inspire: I'm perpetually inspired by all the Beauty Editors Turned Bloggers (BETD) we are seeing these days. One of my fav BETB like evs gave this Beauty Blogging 101 interview 

Must try again: I got reacquainted with Boost Juice recently after not really going there for years and I was really pleasantly surprised. They've revamped their menu which includes lots more veg, greens and coconut water based as opposed to juice concentrate based recipes. I had the Taut n Toned after the gym which is simply banana, strawberries, dates, spinach, coconut water & whey protein and it tastes amazing. Plus they have launched a cute limited edition kids cup range. Miss Ruby is loving having a bit of her Mama's morning smoothies from her Ella the Elephant cup plus the straw and lid means no more trying to get kale and blueberry stains out of baby onesies in the wash!

Must respect: So moved by Sir Bob Geldof's first interview since Peaches passed away

Must find someone to make this for me: Anyone want to make me this watermelon cake for my Birthday? Anyone?

Must shop: And of course there are some new editions to the shop this week, anybody feel free to send me all or any of the below for my Birthday. Thanks muchly!
(Follow the + link for more deets.)

  1. Turquoise handmade aztec print stamped ring dish - very worth home for your bling
  2. The 'Keli' cobalt blue T-bar flat point - a kidskin leather and suede, handmade in Italy . Divine.
  3. "I'm sorry for what iIsaid when I was hungry" 8x10 print - for the person in your life who gets 'hangry" (me)
  4. Crystal point handmade recycled silver ring - Matte and polished finishes create a real urban feel for this cool ring that was actually cast using a crystal point 
  5. Hand-dyed blue leather "Luna" coaster set - very dirty martini worthy!
  6. Sapphire & 14K filled gold delicate ombre necklace - Sapphires a plenty ranging from deep indigo blue to clear with a hint of pale blue. Winner for ladies with blue eyes (me!)

Other great shops I've found that might be worth checking out for
Gift Ideas
Kitchen Ideas
Art & Prints Ideas
Handbag Ideas

What's cool in your world this week?
Any juicy gossip for me?
Whats your pick from the new shop additions. I'd say the Sapphire ombre necklace is mine.
Have a happy weekend peeps x

Thursday, 24 July 2014

5 things your Naturopath wants you to know for better skin

Seeing a naturopath was really the turning point from that time my skin chucked a total mental. It started me on a healthier journey that really made me think what I was putting in and on my body and changes happened.

My skin healed, my hair became healthier, I lost weight , I had boundless energy and my immunity was strong.

Its seriously one of the best things I've ever done for my health.

My naturopath taught me how important gut health was for skin health and how intrinsically linked they are, that my body was completely out of balance and depleted after years on the contraceptive pill more reason I had brittle hair, spots and blepharitis and dermatitis fare ups.

 She also begged and urged me to switch to mineral make-up to allow my skin to breathe and I vehemently resisted. Turns out I found another path to the benefits of mineral make-up in the end.

Anyway if you are feeling a bit meh, are not happy with your skin health or energy levels or have reoccurring inflammation, skin woes or health issues, visiting a naturopath could be that turning pint for you too.

Will Shannon, one of Australia’s leading practitioners of natural medicine and President of Australian Complementary Medicine Association, has shared with us his top 5 tips for better skin!

1. Water! Water! Water! Drinking filtered water often (Will recommends up to 2 litres a day) cleanses your skin and keeps it hydrated; making it look and feel fresh.

Me my best & I suggestion: try a hot lemon and water in the morning or one of these lemon zester water bottles or any of these 10 ways to spruce up your H20

2. A high fibre diet - Lessons symptoms of bad skin and aid the body in naturally correcting itself.

Me my best & I suggestion: Look no further than oats like in this recipe or this one or make some chia water and tick boxes 1 & 2 at the same time!

3. Eliminate refined sugar - which Will Shannon says is highly acidic and creates inflammation and dehydrates the skin.

Me my best & I suggestion: Some ways to eat less sugar in your diet are here

4. Correcting your hormone imbalance - This is always key to great skin. Reproductive hormones, especially during adolescence, often have dramatic effects on the skin. Will recommends taking herb supplements like Chaste Tree to offset these imbalances and set your skin straight.

Me my best & I suggestion: Some of these teas or supplements can also help

5. A balanced digestive system. Emptying your bladder and bowel regularly has a huge impact on skin. If you are not eliminating waste often, the matter sits in the gut (which is where we absorb most of our nutrients) and the remaining toxins can have a dramatic effect on skin.

Me my best & I suggestion: I find celery, cucumber and green and detox teas really help with this process

Some really great tips from Will that combined with a healthier diet can help ease the symptoms of acne and other skin imbalances, I know they 100% did for me and I've never been more grateful. Angry, imbalanced, reactive skin is just so upsetting!

For further information or specific herbal formulas to lesson symptoms, you can make an appointment with Will Shannon at Pinnacle Health Clinic

Have you ever visited a Naturopath regarding your skin health?

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

More Weleda cleansing joy & a discount

Okay so I'm still MAJOR hot for the Weleda One Step Cleanser and Toner. Like MAJOR hot.

So it was with pure pleasure I added the Weleda Gentle Cleansing Milk and Weleda Refining Toner to the top shelf.

Pleasing cobalt blue glass bottle aesthetics aside, this range is just one helluva sensory trip.

Not as 'citrus fresh ' as the Weleda One Step Cleanser the Weleda Gentle Cleansing Milk still packs a fresh punch but with slightly more herbalness. The texture is so light and fluid, almost lotion like. So much lighter than I was expecting and as I am on a bit of a cleansing milk buzz at the moment, most welcome.

Jojoba and sesame oil based makes this cleanser just as functional on drier skins as it is on oilier skins, sesame and jojoba by nature work in symbiosis with skin sebum so won't congest or be too heavy for problem skin in fact on the contrary yet still providing a really deep cleanse.Witch hazel and iris root extract also help to rebalance. A quick rinse with warm water and skin feel remarkably soft and comfortable with no residue to think of.

The witch hazel and rose leaf extract based Weleda Refining Toner is fresh, clean, sunny and citrusy. Joy.

Save 25% in July when you purchase the Weleda Gentle Cleansing Milk and Weleda Refining Toner pack together.

If not for beautifully balanced skin then just for the bathroom shelf pretty!

Weleda, I love all that you do.

Cleanser/Toner pack provided for consideration. Blue bottle fanaticals and opinions my own.