jenna dewan-tatum beehive magic mike xxl premiere london

You know something slightly weird? I have a special affinity to celebs who were pregnant around the same time as me. I always have a soft spot for them when I see them in a mag or on the big screen. I almost feel that we have a secret sisterhood and we shared the highs and lows and grows of pregnancy together. Slightly stalkerish I know but Jenna Dewan-Tatum, who had her daughter Everly not long after I had Ruby always gets… Read more »

Jaime Alexander The Entertainment Weekly Annual Comic-Con Party 90s look made modern

While some 90s trends should be left behind forever some 90s trend made modern elements live on today as Jaime Alexander proves with this red carpet look.

It yotally makes me want to make me want to sit and binge watch every episode of Beverly Hills 90210 whilst rocking a berry lip and monitoring my mood ring for incoming temperament change announcements.