PROVENCE: Soupe de Poisson

Soup is definitely my soul food. A hug in a bowl, the meal that warms you up & fills you up and tops you up in nutrients. round up of some of the best soup recipes from around the world from Dublin to Malaysia, Paris & Haiti. A soup form of global warming !

coco pine sally obermeder super green smoothies cauliflower no text

Its no secret this is a serious Sally Obermeder #fangirl camp. Ever since Sally shared her glowy secrets with Me my best & I we have being trying to follow suit.

Of course I had to have her Super Green Smoothies book & the Coco-Pine recipe piqued my interest. Anything featuring coconut and pineapple will always have me at hello but it was the inclusion of cauliflower that needed to be tested.

spelt and oatmeal scone recipe text

This was a case of the jam before the scone. I had some gorgeous jams hanging around the back of my fridge that were just begging to be used.

I wanted a more wholesome take on the classic scone recipe so I whipped up a batch with spelt flour which makes these scones much easier to digest plus the oats & raisins also boost fibre.