Orgran buckwheat smoked salmon healthy pasta primavera

What was your favourite dinner as a kid? Mine was pasta carbonara which is probably not the healthiest choice… This healthier spin on a classic has all the flavour elements but is lighter, has more veggies and uses easily digestible, nutrient dense buckwheat pasta leaving room for more wine credits!
Mine was Fettuccine Carbonara. Hands down everytime. Marks & Spencers made this killer sauce that I’m sure was super easy for ,my Mum to throw together if she needed something quick for us.

With lashings of bacon, Parmesan and cream it’s no wonder carbonara is so tasty but probably not the healthiest dinner choice. But the flavour combination is just so darn good it has got me for life. Smoky from the bacon, tangy from the parmasen cheese, sweet from the baby peas, all enevloped in a velvety cream sauce blended with whole eggs.

This healthier Primavera version omits the need for cream, uses cheese just for garnish and folate rich asparagus boosts the veggie load alongside the peas. The bacon is swapped out for smoked salmon which gives all that gorgeous flavour instead with high protein and good fats.

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