Beauty Rewind product second chances

Here is something a little thrifty to consider this Tuesday. The product that didn’t set your world on fire. The one that was a bit ‘meh’. The one that you cast aside without much thought when something shinier and new came your way. Second chance products. The beauty rewind. Well I’m here to implore you to revisit this pile of product cast offs. The ones that got left behind, literally left on the shelf. I guarantee you there is something… Read more »

can you use tinted lip balm on cheeks

I could almost time my watch to it. Autumn rolls by, wind blows in, office heating goes up, lips go nuts! Like most, change of season plays havoc with my lips and always sees me seeking out a stash of new lip balms. If you are in the market for a new lip balm , ask yourself before you buy can your lip balm do all this? Is your lip balm good enough to eat? Because you kinda do…… So make… Read more »

maybelline color drama lip pencils in with coral minimalist close up two

Is it just me or are Maybelline killing it lately? Everything I try, I love. Everything I read about others loving, I want. These amazing lip pencils are no exception. Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencils These clever chubby little lip pencils certainly pack a major colour punch. Maybelline reckon they have twice the pigments of a normal lipstick, I’m not sure about that but they are certainly saturated. Quite soft in texture the colour just glides on and… Read more »