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Like that man that walks past and makes you turn on your heel because he just smells so good. You may not have even seen his face, but he’s got you for a fleeting moment. Some scents just get you. They take hold, they bring you somewhere magical for a moment.

Some products I simply love for their scent. Their sheer joyous user fragrance experience. I use them simply because they smell so good.

DIY natural body spray recipe 2

Need an uplifting, cooling post workout body spray? Save on space in your gym bag, nasty chemicals and some serious coin with this easy, natural body spray DIY. I work out at lunch and have edited my cart-around  gym essentials down to a really lean list. I wanted a refreshing body spray I could spritz on after my workout at the gym on my lunch break. One that would refresh and uplift me mentally for the rest of the afternoon… Read more »

products you would reccomend a friend

  I suppose it becomes part of this blogging territory when peeps you know start to ask you for product recommendations. Random emails from readers, texts from my friends and calls from my Mum! I often get asked ‘what should I use for my’… ? And I absolutely love it. I just love to be asked and to get an opportunity to give an animated answer on what they NEED why they NEED it and how much I LOVVEITT because yaddda yadda… Read more »

Jergens BB Body Perfector Cream

I’ve rocked BB creams, CC creams and hair products that thought they were hair BB creams in disguise, then actual hair BB creams and all the while I’ve been longing for a BB cream to appear for the body. Lets face it these slightly pasty, uneven pins with thread veins and some freckled could do with a vat load of ‘Beautifying Balm’. A tinted and evening, glowifying, moisturising lotion. Of course legs and body could benefit from that. Well Jergens has answered… Read more »

nilly + Booth fir rosewood organic deodorant cream

I’m not sure if I’m getting all silly with the season but it struck me as I applied my natural deodorant this morning how Christmasy it was. And I had to share. That and seeing as I made such a fuss about finding natural deodorants that actually work that it’s only right that I let you know when one does. This one is another of that winning baking soda, clay, arrowroot in a cream base with essential oils formula. Unlike this Sydney… Read more »