For REAL girls striving to unleash the best version of themselves, Me my best & I is a daily online dose of healthy inspiration, beauty fixes & motivational must-trys because POSITIVITY is simply infectious.


Because sometimes life takes over and dedicating the time to uncover and focus on finding the best, sparkliest version of ourselves comes last on the list.


What you’ll find here?

Straight up beauty, shopping, fitness, food, nutrition and girl talk, served on the rocks with a twist of humour and a side order of fabulousness!

A space to inspire others to bring out the best versions of themselves and have some fun while doing it.


Me = Julie, an Irish-Aussie Sydneysider.

Beauty obsessed from way back when pineapple roll-on lip glosses were a la mode.

Beauty School beckoned and I qualified as a real life Fairy Beauty Therapist and have played with worked for many cosmetics brands in my time. These days it is just a hobby, bordering on obsession channeled right here into this blog for you.

A fool for skincare. Organic and natural products get me more excited than a thirteen year old at a Bieber concert.

A Leo. Roarrrrr. But my mane is also my main frustration. I am always on the prowl for the next best hair colour, style or product.

A regular gym goer and yoga bunny who married a Personal Trainer, Mr Best for love, not great guns!. Someone who thrives on the endorphin highs of keeping active by day and by the serotonin buzz of a good old fashioned chocolate scoffing at night. Everything in balance right?

Wears far too much neon lycra for own good and emphatically believes leg warmers should make a comeback.

Proud mama to Miss Ruby. A total foodie on a mission to seek out nutritious and healthy versions of  favourite foods.Would sell soul for the last Lindt ball.

Winehound. Blackhead hunter. Instagram addict. Marathon online shopper. Laughs hardest at own jokes.

The glass is always half full.

If that’s not enough then here are 25 more things I bet you didn’t know about me.



In the wise words of my Mama; 

‘Just do your best, that’s all you can do’


Disclosure Policy?

Products reviewed by Me, my best & I have been sourced directly and also provided for editorial consideration. Reviews are my honest opinion & will always be balanced, considered & pragmatic. Sponsorship, brand ambassadorship and paid advertising will always be disclosed.


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