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Perhaps you are a publication that is seeking some editorial from a blogger with a loud voice and a funny Irish-Australian accent. You may be another blog that would like to shine and feature on Me, my best & I or just maybe you would like me to come on over to hang out and share on your blog. I’m all ears – try me!

If you are a brand that thinks you have a product or service that will get me all excited or you wish to resonate with readers through sponsored posts, copywriting, social media campaigns or brand ambassadorships then please make contact to discuss the finer details.


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Don’t take it from me,  here is what others have had to say;

Thank you for one of the most gorgeous write-ups ever

Sally Obermeder, co-Host Daily Edition Channel 7 & Editor SWIISH


Positive thinking is a powerful tool for better health and wellbeing, and the positivity from this beauty blogger is infectious. This chirpy beauty therapist hailing from Sydney, shares her passion for beauty, health, fitness, nutrition and wellbeing with eco-product reviews and DIY styling tips
Editor, Green & Lifestyle Magazine
It has been an absolute pleasure to have you contribute to the site in my time here. Your words are an absolute delight to read.
Katrina Lawrence, former Editor, Primped
Just wanted to give you some feedback on the sensational blog post you wrote for us. It proved to be really popular as it touched on a topic we get asked about often.  It is in our top three posts for views!
Marketing Executive, Sukin
I  just wanted to send you a line to say thank you for being a fantastic blogger,  you always come up with really interesting, informative and unique posts, that I always look forward to reading!
Me, my best & I Reader  
It amazes me each time I read one of your posts, how you can be bothered enough to write so much and provide so much information, that obviously has taken time to research etc. It is really refreshing, as so many other blogs I follow seem to re-post the same fashion editorials and give boring 3-line descriptions of their high-flying and ridiculously privileged lives.
Me, my best & I Reader  
Wow, best article on Primped in ages! Go Julie! This was great, I really enjoyed it, and learned a lot!!
Primped Reader