Greetings from the sunny, shiny, sparkling Gold Coast!

We did it! Survived that trauma that is a house move and managed to get ourselves packed and relocated our lives to Queensland.

To say we needed a break after all that packing and sorting and organising is an understatement. While I thought I would relish the two and a half weeks holidays to blog from the daybed on our idyllic beach-side Air BnB balcony I was wrong. Instead I found myself wanting to unplug and detach from work & the online stratosphere and connect with my husband, delight in watching my toddler Ruby get acquainted with the beach and focus on what to drink for sun-downers!

I wasn’t the only one adjusting to this new pace of beachside life. My skin was also coming to terms with leaving Sydney’s mild weather and urban maintenance behind and getting used to all that salty sea air, outdoor exercising and all those layers of sunscreen.

If now is not a time to master the art of multi-masking I don’t know when is! All those conflicting skin needs call for multiple masks for saltwater dehydrated skin, SPF loaded congestion and extra anti-ageing efforts from spending so much time lounging and exercising outdoors.

I recently wrote about the multiple skin loving benefits of multi-masking for Primped.


So what is multi-masking exactly?

So what is multi-masking exactly?

Multi-masking. You’ve probably already experienced it. Your facialist sure knows how and that time you got your face mapped you were well on your way to mastering this skill.

Multi-masking is as easy as figuring out the many different personalities of your skin. Once you have a mental road map of what areas of your face need what treatment you are well on your way…and please, don’t ever let the boys tell you, that you can’t read maps…

Now I love me some face mask, in fact I believe every girl should own at least 6 different kinds of mask ! But right now I’m using a mix of the following to suit all the anomalies of my surrent skin requirements.

  • SkinB5’s Purifying Mask with French green clay  to help extract trapped oil, sweat and sunscreen from my pores. I also find the Vitamin B5 formula works to regulate sebum production and those little white bumps  under the skin on my chin are clearing. Also super as an isolated overnight treatment on said white bumps.
  • KORA Hydrating Mask is the mask you want to buy if only buying one mask. It does it all! Clay to clear, aloe vera to hydrate, avocado oil to replenish and Noni juice to condition. All the boxes ticked. I love to use this on my forehead and cheeks.
  • Sanctuary Thermal Detox Mask proves charcoal is the new black. This amazing self-heating mask is as much about the comforting experience than the ability to open pores with its warming effect and literally suck dirt out with the charcoal and kaolin formula without drying out the skin with its sweet almond oil base. Reason why I love to use iot on my nose to degunk pores without leaving the skin dry and flaky like it tends to get.
  • Elemis Absolute Eye Mask is an absolute delight to layer on my prone to dryness eyes that don’t play nice in all these air-conditioned environments I’ve been cooling down in. It helps to soothe and depuff with cornflower extract and revitalize with fatty acid rich camellia oil.
  • Bite Beauty Agave Lip Mask is sort of like torture as you try not to lick off the agave nectar and vanilla formula. My self-restrain however is rewarded after the lanolin rich formula loaded with jojoba oil conditioners and mega-antioxidant revasatrol sorts out my sun-parched pout,.

Do you multi-mask? Whats your favourite masks to use?

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