Like spicy food, acne is subjective.

What’s vindaloo to one person is korma to the next. While I’ve never had really bad acne I’ve always suffered with hormonal acne around my chin & jaw. While I’m grateful my acne wasn’t severe that’s not to say what I had didn’t frustrate me and have all sort of knock on emotional effects.

Even now in my mid thirties it still hangs around. My acne usually presents itself around my chin & jaw in the form of enlarged pores, blackheads & those pesky bumps which are blocked pores and whiteheads.

Whiteheads congestion chin

Those pesky bumps

Then the odd really deep, sore pimple will erupt or I will try to extract a bump from under the skin and turn it into a big pimple. I don’t learn it seems.

My acne story…the condensed version

There is never really a time there is not a pimple healing on my face somewhere.

I’ve tried it all really those harsh pharmacy acne brands, my skin just burns even thinking of them. the infomercial ‘acne systems’ – hello bleached towels, detoxes, going all natural, supplements, Naturopath herbs, facials and all that falls in between.

I’ve had clear skin twice in my post-pubescent life. When I got married as I invested big in a years worth of microdermabrasion and extraction facials and also when I was pregnant and my hormones must have finally come to a happy balance.

The really bad skin days


My skin is at it’s most stable when I am eating clean, taking skin support supplements, exercising and using natural and gentle products teamed with mineral make-up 90% of the time but it still cycles up and down.

So when I read that there was an Australian owned company that had a natural acne control system that was getting named as one of ‘Australia’s most innovative products’ in the Anthill Magazine ‘SMART 100’ Index it piqued my interest.

Skinb5 skin and tablet acne system

SkinB5 results – how my skin has improved

Within two weeks I noticed my open pores seemed to be shrinking. Those random big painful cysts spots stopped coming. My bumpy under the surface whiteheads seemed to be drying out and many of them seemed to come to the surface and work themselves out without ever manifesting into a painful swollen spot first.

I then received a pointer from SkinB5 to use the mask on remaining stubborn whiteheads and this boosted the clearing results further. They are now all but clear.

Whats more in about the 4-6 week mark my skin started to absolutely G-L-O-W. Friends on FaceTime started to ask me about my skin!! My splitting nails started to strengthen and grow without breaking I suspect from all the zinc & biotin in the supplements.

Clinique chubby eye ample amber colur pop primer lip sweet pop

Enjoying much clearer skin these days


After about 6 8 weeks most of my congestion & whiteheads had cleared and any remaining ones seemed to be looser and easily extracted from the skin which is interesting. I was really only getting one pimple at that time of the month and I noticed it was far less painful and swollen and healed much quicker than usual, again probably from the zinc.

How SkinB5 works

SkinB5’s hero ingredient as the name suggests is Vitamin B5 or Pantothenic Acid. Skin B5 is proving itself as the new acne miracle worker, one study even reporting that in 100 users almost all of them experienced a near 100% remission of their acne.

SkinB5 works by controlling production and reducing over-active oil oil Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B5) Controls over active skin oil production.

This is all based on the effect Vitamin B5 has on hormone & fatty acid regulator CoenzymeA in the body. When you increase the amount of Vitamin B5 in your system this props CoenzymeA up, causing it to produce less of the male hormone ‘androgen’ which is the hormone responsible for the increased fatty acid & sebum production that manifests as acne.

Skin B5’s ingredients

So first and foremost Skin B5 is working from a systemic & hormonal level at the root cause of many of our skin problems, The Skin B5 system then combines that with a plethora of known acne reducing & healing ingredients like Vitamin A, Zinc, Green Tea & Vitamin E & Vitex Agnus Cactus.

Most of all it is natural and every single ingredient is considered and only included for skin healing & refining purposes. No harsh chemicals or fragrances or alcohols fillers like so many ‘acne’ products or those other ‘global acne systems’.

Its this gentle, natural and nourishing approach that also makes this system great for more mature and very sensitive skins like mine. I never feel compromised in terms of moisture or anything that upsets my skins delicate balance.

The SkinB5 system & how to use it

With it’s three pronged treat/condition/maintain supplement and skincare approach I almost picture Skin B5 working from the inside out and then the outside in, meeting some where effectively in the middle calming things down.

how-to-use-skinb5 acne system

This is how it all works

Step 1 – Control with Acne Control Tablets – Extra Strength
To me these are the backbone of the system & what drives initial results. At the beginiing of the treatment these SkinB5 & Vitamin A rich tablets are taken 2 x 3 times a day. Be warned they are really big tablets! Lots of water required. These are the big guns though and what will start to slow down androgen production & balance stress and hormones internally. They say wait 6 to 12 weeks, I started seeing changes in 2 weeks!

Step 2 – The Skincare Regime

Acne Control Cleanser Mousse
This is one of those fun cleansers that pump out in foam form & is light and delicious to use. It is remarkably gentle & unscented even to use on my ever-so sensitive eyes. There are no sulfates or foaming agents so no tightness to report and green tea and aloe help to make skin feel conditioned. Vitamin B5 also is included to topically tighten pores and there is a gentle 1% salicylic acid to keep things unclogged but also makes skin look & feel really,really smooth. I love, love, love this cleanser. Skin feels so fresh afterwards.

Acne Control Moisturiser

I’m never really one for ‘oil-free’ acne treatment mositurisers I always feel like I’m missing out, like low-fat ice-cream! But I was pleasantly surprised with this moisturiser which while is still light it gives good hydration and makes skin feel soft.

Probably due to the inclusion of Jojoba oil which while still nourishing also helps to regulate sebum because it has a similar molecular make-up as sebum so skin thinks it is getting enough oil  & doesn’t over-produce. I only wish this came in a mineral SPF30 format to prevent having to add another SPF layer into the routine that may upset the carefully balanced SkinB5 system.

5-Min Skin Purifying Mask

This French green clay based mask has become a favourite and so happens to be blended with my favourite essential oil bergamot, (not for that great orange blossom scent though, bergamot is included as it is antiseptic & healing). A little goes a long way so the tube will last you ages. I use twice a week and then overnight to dry out more stubborn pimples & whiteheads which is when I really noticed this come into its own.

Even though this mask is clay based skin still felts super soft and comfortable after using it thanks to avocado oil & aloe vera.

Step 3 – Acne Control Caplets

A milder maintenance version of step 1 these caplets are taken 1 x 3 times daily and help keep things regulated and balanced with the inclusion of Vitex Agnus -Cactus and prevents the more everyday symptoms presenting themselves  like open pores & blackheads & whiteheads. I am currently on my second tub of these maintenance caplets. I ran out & didn’t take them for 2 weeks and I noticed symptoms starting to creep back in

If you are struggling to get control over your acne or have tried it all with varying degrees of success yet still have symptoms then I genuinely recommend giving SkinB5 a go.

To me it feels like the only ‘health’ driven system available out there that quickly starts delivering results from the inside out and that offers a gentle, balanced, natural alternative.

And for anybody long suffering with acne in one form or another they will absolutely see that as a new and innovative approach.

For me, SkinB5 is so worthy to be awarded in innovation. Its worked for me like no other and the one I will recommend to anyone having problems with their skin.

Have you ever suffered from acne in one for or another?
Have you experienced the SkinB5 results?

5 thoughts on “Hands down the most effective acne treatment I’ve ever tried

    1. memybestandi Post author

      Its so hard to find that balance for more mature skins when it comes to spots. The Mario Badescu Drying Lotion is unreal!! Actually most of their products Ive tried are awesome!


  1. Claire

    Hi Julie,

    My acne pretty much mirrors what yours was and I was thinking of trying SkinB5 as my skin has become very sensitive. Are you still using the tablets and if so are they still working for you?

    Thanks, Claire


    1. memybestandi Post author

      Hi Claire, Im not using currently as pregnant but after my last preganancy my skin went from being perfect back to being a bit hormonal and same old symptoms again so if that happens I will absolutely do the full course again. It really clears things up for me, particularly those under skin bumps. Im still using the mask weekly and as a spot treat.


      1. Claire

        Hi Julie, Thank you for the reply and congratulations on your pregnancy :) Your post has given me hope and I’ve purchased a starter kit so fingers crossed!


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