Rain, rain go away! Sydney has virtually become Atlantis over the past two weeks with the rain coming hard and fast we are all feeling a little soggy…

Getting wet feet on the way to work first thing on a Monday then coming home to mountains of laundry hanging around indoors sure is just a bit depressing. Not to mention that collective stink from commuters umbrellas and raincoats on the trains. As for the hair, well why even bother putting any effort into it when it will inevitable scrapped back in a soggy, frizzy ponytail.

But this week I’ve had a few rain led lessons that has left me thinking

When it rains look for the rainbows

Moments that have reminded me when life gives you rain, find the rainbows.

I’m calling these ‘rainbow moments’

Rainbow moment number one came during a run I made down to the shops only to be met by an almighty downpour. What can you do? I was unavoidably going to be drenched.  I just succumbed to it and It was exhilarating. I loved it. Getting caught in a rainstorm is actually so uplifting. Once I let go and accepted I was going to be soaked, who cares I could enjoy it. Amazing what happens sometimes, when you just let go.

Life lesson, rainbow moment number two came in the form of the morning commute.I needed to get Ruby to daycare under the shelter of an umbrella before jumping on the train. Of course jumping over puddles juggling an umbrella and a toddler in your arms is impossible and I was cursing my wet feet and feeling a bit sorry for myself but as she clung close twirling my wet pony tail as we cuddled under the umbrella insisting I sing ‘Truly Scrumptious’ I realised that the rain and the wet and the morning stress had washed away. This was the rainbow in this storm. Precious moments like that with my baby who is growing up so fast.

Then just as we reached the lights to cross the road I see kindness that shone like sunbeams through a storm cloud. Two business men standing under a shelter waiting to cross the road. They were strangers but the older of the two who looked like a senior executive offered to share the shelter of his small umbrella with the other young guy in a suit. They huddled together, giggling under the executive’s umbrella and the young guy made it to his office in his suit, safe and dry as they shook hands I shared in their rainbow moment. Such a beautiful act of random kindness to witness.

Did you have any rainbow moments in the rain or otherwise this week? I hope you find them in your week to come, if not, seek them out, feel them. In the wise words of Bob Marley

Some people feel the rain, others just get wet. 



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