How would you feel about letting 540 needles loose on your face in the name of beauty? Narcissistic masochism? Give you the willies? I totally get it….

What if I told you your reward would be incredibly plump and glowy skin and eventually an improvement in skin texture, scar healing & pigmentation fade.

Now you are listening right?

There is a fine line between the pleasure of good skin and my pain my friends and I have been dabbling…

And by dabbling I mean Derma Rolling.

microneedling how to derma roll like a pro at home awe cosmeceuticals

Micro-needling, Derma Rolling, Collagen Induction Therapy? You may have seen these treatments with their compelling before and afters around the Medispa circuit and the good news is that at home derma rolling devices are gaining popularity and you can start getting some of the skin results at home. Improved skin texture, scar regeneration, decreased pigmentation and the ‘fresh and glowys’. I for one am rolling right up for that!

So what is Derma Rolling?

Derma Rolling is a skin refining procedure that sees hundreds of tiny surgical steel needles rolling across the epidermis leaving thousands of teeny micro punctures in its wake. Read on for how to take the medispa to you and how to use a Derma Roller at home.

Derma Rolling benefits?

This micro-needling method causes a little bit of chain reaction in the skin or ‘wound healing cascade’. Which basically means that by rupturing the skin in this delicate, controlled way we release platelets, these guys are responsible for the regeneration of tissue and storage of collagen and elastin. By rupturing and releasing these cells we also stimulate skin’s ‘growth factor’ much in the same way a laser treatment does and we see a surge of collagen and elastin.

That’s the good juju that gives us plumper, fresher and younger looking skin and over time stimulated in this way the skin can also breakdown and rebuild the collagen and elastin matrixes renewing and healing scar tissue.

The added bonus is all those tiny little microchannels you just punctured into your face actually absorb and make active ingredients in skincare more effective. So be sure to monopolize on this apply your retinol, vitamin C or antioxidant serum straight after rolling and be warned it may sting a little more than usual.

AWE Cosmeceuticals Derma Roller 0.3mm micro-needling

Ouch! Does it hurt?

Its not pleasant but definitely not as bad as you would think. It feels a little rough and almost scrapelike as it rolls over your face and the sting factor sort of amps up p as you near your third or fourth roll and it starts to feel a little hot on that area. Don’t worry with a 0.3mm needle at home roller there is no visible blood whatsoever.

A few minutes after you finish there is a heat surge as blood and your body’s ‘repair alert’ starts to respond. This feels a little hot and stingy almost like when sunburn kicks in. Skin definitely looks pink & flushed. I was really worried the first time as I thought I hadd gone too hard or did too much and my skin was going to looked grazed the next day. But be assured it doesn’t whatsoever. If you Derma Roll at night by the time you wake up the next morning skin looks back to normal.

IN FACT better than normal, it looks incredible. Plump and gloweeeeeee like I’ve never seen my skin look from an at home treatment. This is the hook. This is what will see you roll those 540 needles over your face time and again. To me it’s totally worth it.

AWE Cosmeceuticals Derma Roller

The device I have been using is the newly launched AWE Cosmeceuticals Derma Roller which has 540 x 0.3mm surgical steel needles on a small rollerhead. 0.3mm is pretty much the safest needle length for at home use (in controlled, sterile medispa and salon environments treatments can range right up to 2.0mm needling which obviously increases effectiveness but puncture wounds are deeper so also may draw some blood which means an increased healing time and infection risk)

How to use a Derma Roller at home

In essence you will be rolling the face in multiple directions to cover optimum surface area with the needles. Moving from jaw to cheeks to ear & across the forehead. These are really the zones to focus on unless you have specific scar tissue or pigmentation areas that need a little extra attention

at home dermarolling directions

  • Right to left = one roll
  • 5 x rolls in each axis direction per face section as pictured above
  • So from your jaw to cheek you will roll, 5 times vertically , 5 times horizontally, 5 times diagonally inwards towards nose and finishing with five rolls diagonally out towards ear. Finish with the roller in a diagonal upwards direction, to the outside of the face. In this last outward direction, apply pressure in the upwards direction only and finish with a n upward stroke as this follows the natural lymphatic drainage path.
  • Repeat on the other side of face and then the forehead
  • Be sure to finish with an active serum of your choice (this may sting slightly) and optimise all these little delivery micro channels into your deeper skin layers
  • Be meticulous with cleaning your roller by soaking in rubbing alcohol after each use. As you are penetrating the epidermal layer you have to be so careful about hygiene and minimise risk of infection
  • You can repeat this about twice a week for best results

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10 thoughts on “How to use a Derma Roller at home. The good, the ouch & the glowy + WIN

  1. Hayley

    Hmm I think perhaps all those years of trying anything to get rid of spots-harsh harsh face stripping products and practises!


  2. kathryn clayton

    I have very oily skin and always thought scrubbing, scrubbing and scrubbing hard with something abrasive was the answer. I used apricot scrubs, buff puffs and clarisonic to scrub my face so hard it was like using sandpaper. Major damage ensued. Now I only use AWE products and that hardened layer on my skin is finally becoming more softened and normal. AWE rocks!


  3. Lisa Jene

    When younger, I was told a mixture of lemon juice and mayonnaise left on my face for 10 minutes would get rid of my pimples. It didn’t. And I smelt like a salad for two days!


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  5. Michelle V

    I have done so many crazy things to my skin!
    Home-made face masks that were massive failures, I’ve scrubbed away at my face with baking soda and lemon, and once was told egg whites reduce wrinkles so applied it to my eye area (without success!!)


  6. calie

    I have scrubbed my face to oblivion. My usually oily skin dried out on a vacation…a nail file may or may not have made contact with my face…which may or may not have ended horribly…


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