If you were to ask me what my addiction is I would tell you Instagram (while I inwardly panicked that you knew it was Lindt balls and you were testing me)

Self admitted #instaddict with severe OSD – that’s the medical abbreviation for Obsessive Scrolling Disorder to you and I. (Come play? @memybestandi)

If I am not posting on Instagram I’m either asleep or have just been caught scrolling my timeline in a meeting and have sheepishly stopped and now have had to sit on my hands….

Maybe it’s the fact that I’m a visual person or a voyeur or both. Either way Instagram is my crack and the Amaro filter is my crack pipe..

Anyway the whole Instagram medium is skyrocketing with brands leveraging the platform like never before like when Ikea flatpacked Instagram and went and did this.

OR bloggers who are ‘nonchalantly’ flatlaying their wares, “oh look at all these amazing items that are just lying here on my bedroom floor looking quite pretty, that what make a nice photo opp”. Contrived or otherwise I still enjoy all that carefully constructed pretty and double tap a good flatlay like the best of us.

Then there are bloggers who have just gone almost viral with their Instagram accounts – the ones with amazingly curated photos that just draw the followers in with their amazing way to evoke an emotion in followers through their image.

Well my gorgeous readers, Maria, ediitor, nail genius and the rather perfect hand model behind So Nailicious is one of those people. There is a high chance you are already one of her 35,000+ followers. If not check out all her nail pretty here @so_nailicious

Well such is my #instaddiction I felt compelled to chat to Maria the #instagenius and get her to share her tips..

How to grow your Instagram account and get more #Instafabulous #Instafast

Maria, thanks so much for popping by and sharing your #Instadeets and #Instaknowhow

So come on indulge us;

Your most used filter is ?

I don’t use Instagram filters at all. I use C3 filter VSCO cam for all my photos but before that I usually adjust brightness, exposure and colour balance

Your all-time favourite Instagram post was?

They are all favorites!!!! If I personally do not love a particular photo it won’t be posted on Insta!

Which photo actually had a bit of backstage disaster? What was it ?

That was a photo on CrashingRed’s account – an extra happy photo-bomber – here it is: Though, as a general rule – if there is a disaster I won’t post it at all

Who is your Instagram idol ?

That would be Nicole Warne of @garypeppergirl . Always interesting photos, relevant and beautifully composed.

How to deal with the haters?

Ignore. if they persist and keep posting rude comments, there is a magic function on Instagram it’s called “block”. talking to hater is a waste of time.

One thing I can start doing today that will make my Instagram photos more Instafabulous is?

Start taking bright, clear photos and think about composition (even re-arrange something to make it all look better

My Instafollowers will definitely comment more if I ?

Ask a question. Or make the whole post just a question

The best app I can download for Instagram that is not Instagram is ?

VSCO Cam, for sure! It makes any boring photo look like a piece of art!

The key factor in So Nailicious growth from 0 followers to 20,000 in 1 year (now at 35,000) was?

Consistency, dedication to post ONLY relevant to the chosen niche, beautiful photos.

The thing most people don’t realise about growing an Instagram account is?

It takes time and it’s very hard to get your first 1,000. After about 10,000 things get easier.


Excuse me for a moment while I just go  and download VSCO Cam C3 Filter. Amazing tips & I’m not just talking about those nails! Thanks Maria for sharing. Love your work xx



PS Live in Melbourne and want in on SoNailicious’s nail art secrets?

Well Chelsea of Trophy Wife Nail Art and Maria are teaming up to bring you 3 exclusive hands­-on nail art workshops. Register here

Not in Melbourne? Maria also has an amazing 30 Easy Nail Art Designs e-book available that shares all her nail art tips and know-how.


What’s your favourite of Maria’s nail art designs above? (call me bias but I’m rather fond of her St Patrick’s day design!!)

Are you an #instadadict?




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