Saturday, 19 April 2014

BioCocktails - Happy Healthy Hour. With lower sugar, all natural mixer Bionade

So I love me my weekend Bionade treat, straight up, cold from the fridge.

"But hold up these would make the most awesome cocktails mixer" sad a very wise, very thirsty blogger one Friday evening.

And BioCocktail evening was born. Friday nights have been Bioande cocktail night Chez Wakely recently.

Our lets celebrate the working week is done night.

Now I'm a cocktail girl theough and  through but I find after two max , I get that sugary cotaing on my teeth and a bit of a bellyache. Not good.

Bionade makes an amazing cocktail mixer, it's light, subtle flavour, naturally fermented fizz, that maltiness and subtle fruit flavours all lend themselves perfect;y to be shaken not stirred, served on the rocks with a swizzlestick.

Welcome to BioCocktail Happy Healthy Hour.

Bottoms Up!

The Bionic Granny

Probably my favourite so far. So, so refreshing and light.

Makes 2

  • Vodka - a single, double or triple as you see fit..
  • Freshly pressed juice of one apple
  • Dash of cinnamon
  • A bottle of Elderberry Bionade
  • (a splash of apple schnappes would be awesome)
The Sydney Mule

A healthy spin on the classic Moscow Mule served from hipster jar tankard as opposed to the traditional copper one.

I made this with limes grown by my neighbour Lottie in our garden - seriously zesty!

The fresh ginger makes this a great digestif before or after dinner

Makes 2

    • Vodka - a single, double or triple as you see fit...
    • Muddled juice of 1 lime
    • Fresh grated ginger
    • A bottle of Ginger Orange Bionade
    The Lychee Colada

    Oh take me on a tropical escape. Creamy but still light and frothy with a delicate fizz in the aftertaste. So much more refreshing than an original pina colada..

    Makes 2
    • White rum - a single, double or triple as you see fit...
    • 1 cup fresh pinapple
    • 1/2 cup coconut milk
    • Juice 1/2 lime
    • Ice cubes
    • A bottle of Lychee Bionade
    Chuck in into a blender, whizz until frothy and smooth, paper umbrella optional .

    Chin chin!

    Have you trued Bionade yet? See my full Bionade review here.

    You can also enter for your chance to win a case of Bionade, Think of the mixology opportunities ;)

    Whats your favourite cocktail? Could you take the challenge to do a Bionade version? What would you do?


    1. Those cocktails all sound delish! I have only just started finding bionade at my local grocer so have only tried the ginger-orange & elderberry flavours - I definitely need to get my hands on that lychee one!

      1. So good huh - i can't get over just how refreshing they are!


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