coconut pure tan pure moisture body creme evolve essentials luxury light oil eco Tan deodorant natural 300x198 So I like to smell like de coconuts man

What is hard and hairy on the outside?
Soft & wet on the  inside?
Starts with C?
Ends in T?
And has a U, N in the middle?

Thats right and just call me coco-loco but I can’t get enough of the stuff.

Coconuts just reek of summer, beaches, exoticness, it conjures up thoughts of cocktails and cabana bars and sniggering at budgie smugglers while Maxi-Bons melt all over your hands.

However the synthetic coconut fragrance drives me nuts – way too car freshener for my liking and quite frankly it gives me a headache so to find some of the coconut stuff that smells authentic and the real beachy deal makes gets me well, a little loose, like I’ve been drinking fivee too many piña coladas.

First up Evolve Essentials Luxury Light Oil which I think should be renamed ‘The Everything Oil’. This all natural super light but nourishing, easily absorbed oil has been blended beautifully with a cocktail of the good stuff including certified organic sunflower, avocado, grapeseed, jojoba oil and rosehip oil with some non-GMO vitamin E and certified organic pineapple extract for good skin measure and of course my hero certified organic and fairtrade coconut oil.

There is no added fragrance (designed so you can add your own essential oil blend) but I just love how it smells all by itself; coconutty, oaty & flapjack like. Plus it’s one of the few body products I’ve tried that you apply in the morning and still by evening you have  that strokeable silky skin feeling. Divine.

“Everything Oil” because if f you were travelling this could be your one-stop cosmetic shop in a bottle as it is a real multi-tasker. Body oil, aftersun, hair treatment, cleansing oil, shaving oil, and general everything balm. True to Evolve Essentials “do-more-with-less” philosophy, and mission to reduce waste in your household by turning one product into infinite possibilities. Respect. Love what these guys are about – check them out here

The next nut is a real cracker!! An effective natural deodorant that SMELLS LIKE BLOODY COCONUT……AND WORKS. Shitdamn. Stop yelling at us Wakely. I know, sorry, but I just get a little hot and bothered and excited when I find a good natural deodorant because in my long and often fruitless search there were a lot of products that fell short and quite frankly probably left me a bit stinky there for a while…let’s not mention Natural Bovember..

But not Eco Tan Organic Deodorant. From my fav natural fake tan peeps I really wanted this one to work. And it does. In Hobart it was 100% effective for dryness and stink factor for the full 12hr day. If I’m to be honest I would need another spritz before bed to keep me fresh come morning. Now in hot and humid Sydney I’m making this work harder and while it holds it’s own it’s probably not at 100% BUT certainly effective enough that I’ve repurchased it again and use with confidence that it will get me through the working day without being a hazard to any colleagues.

I have to say the spray form is just so appealing after months of deodorant pastes like my much loved Soapwalla. Plus it is authentic, natural, coconut-bliss in a spritz. it just fills me with sunshine and happy every morning.

Last but certainly not least Pure Tan, Pure Moisture Coconut Body Crème with Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil*. If the freshly opened coconut image on the lid doesn’t get you going, it’s deliciously right yet light and almost whipped like crème  texture will. The fact you can scoop handfuls out of the pot and slather on make it feel so decadent. Great for bedtime but easily absorbed enough for morning time too. While not 100% natural the scent is subtle and authentic and oh so moreish. Limbs love it. Nose loves  it. Eyes love it. Summer in a squat little coconut fashioned tub right there.

Oh and just a little side FYI for all n y’all young coconut lovahs…

I found me a Jungle Coconut Opener on sale at Harris Farm for 3 bucks and it really works. With a few twists I am in like Flynn and can jam a straw straight in there for some fresh coconut goodness.

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Even Ruby is onboard.

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More than I can say for the hard coconut splitting exercise, a nearly severed finger and a nick in the kitchen sideboard and I had to concede defeat and get hubby and his Ikea saw on board!

Are you coconuts?
Coconut deodorant- genius no?

*product provided for consideration, feable girl-like inability t o open coconuts and opinons my own

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