Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Hey DJ play that song...Essie has a new neon that is so colour of the year

Play that funky music white boy... Essie has launched their Summer 2013 range;  neon brights. Just in the time for the crest of the wave of summer. Get on my digits. Stat.

My first pick from the range DJ Play That Song*.

An ultra neon violet-orchid purple that is just so now.

So now Pantone have named  "Radiant Orchid' - Colour of the Year 2013'

And where Pantone goes I follow. Just like Emerald last year the trend will manifest everywhere and into everything.

First up  in neon form on my fingernails. The blue undertones are great with paler skins. Amazing on toes, with turquoise thongs, or with emerald green or to jazz up black. Rock it with electric yellow or electric blue for that matter. Sparkle alongside gold.

Love this colour tone, so exotic, reminiscent of far East Asia or Latin America.

Radiant. Neon. Orchid.

The formula is thinner than most so I definitely do a third coat. However the thin formula and thin brush allow you to precisely layer on three accurate coats so the finish is quick drying and flawless.

This range is going to see me right through summer for sure.

Crank it up DJ. Essie, Wakely is so getting down to your bangin neon beats.

Summer 2013 Neon range is now available in Priceline, I love the Essie display cubes of colour in Priceline, there is no way you couldn't find a shade you were looking for. So accessible & easy/

* Polish provided for consideration, colour of the year street cred & very cool purple leaved plants my own


  1. LOVE LOVE LOOOOVE this shade! I probably have over a hundred polishes, but I feel like I absolutely need to add this to the collection. *sigh*

    1. I know isn't it sooo hawwt! want to wear that colour head to toe!!

  2. I've had this polish sitting on my desk for a few weeks, and you know, it only just pinged to me that this is a great Radiant Orchid colour! I think I'll have to go and have a play with it now!

    1. Get on it - Radiant orchid everything!!!!

  3. I'm only just realising how many lovely essie polishes there are! What a great colour!

    1. They've just started stocking in Priceline (like Boots) here and there is seriously every colour in the range!!


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