Exotic fruit fiend talking here. We can blame my Irish upbringing where a bland woody pineapple was probably considered the most exotic fruit going. To come to Australia and discover mangoes growing in the back garden and tropical fruit coming into season every spring delight me no end.

This time of year I turn into an animal for tropical fruit, can’t get enough.
This time last year I was 6 months pregnant and the hubby used to have to  bring home a mango daily for me to devour! Don’t get me started  on peaches, cherries, figs…. my fun food season is just commencing.
But right now in Hobart paw paw is where it’s at or is it papaya?

Blame my Irish upbringing once more but I’m never too sure what to call the blasted things, answers on a postcard please? Regardless it won’t stop me from scoffing them whatchamacallits.

Paw paw gives good vit C and skin loving A and also like our friends the young coconut is high in potassium. It also contains the enzyme papain like pineapple making it ace for aiding digestion and also exfoliating skin if used in a mask. 

It seems only fitting that as the magnificent paw paw (I’m taking a stab here) comes into season I pay a little homage to two paw paw products doing the rounds Casa Me my best and I currently.

Suvana Organic Certified Organic Paw Paw & Honey Balm*
Another offering for the cult Aussie paw paw balm craze. You know I like them organic, you know I like them petrochemical free like this Natralus one over here. Well Suvana Organics have just gone and had my other great love, honey and come up with an almighty strong contender for the throne. It is a slightly smoother, looser texture then most and has that subtle scent and taste of honey that makes it more delicious. I’m a fan, beauty queen Zoe Foster is a devout fan, even my bubby’s ever chapped little rosebud lips are a fan. Jobs a good ‘un. Choice choice bros.

Mc Arthur’s Natural Products Complete Skincare Cream 
A random full sized bottle of this arrived with a recent Lust Have It Eco Box. I must say I wasn’t immediately drawn, call it what you will but the crazy paw paw hugging man on the front was a little unnerving. But then I randomly watched a Today Tonight expose on how McArthur and his dodgy s CFO were battling over the company shares and structure. You know what they say any publicity is good  publicity, it’s true, it made me more curious to give it a whirl and see how this remedy would fix my random patches of dryness I get on my legs seasonally.
Looks like the crazy paw paw man might be laughing on the otherside of his papaya. This no frills ointment works. There is nothing fancy about it. It is quite a thick, beige in colour cumbersome formula that doesn’t emulsify immediately and sits a little on the skin. It smells in part fruity, in part fermented and the packaging isn’t exactly flash. Except the pump, I do always appreciate a little pump action 😉
In saying all  that the formula works a treat at attacking the flakies I have on elbows, knees and thighs. I just slather it on at night and noticeably calmer, healed skin in the morning. 

McArthur’s started experimenting with lotions  in the 60’s in the jungles of Borneo while serving in the British army. He witnessed the villagers using natural medicines, namely pawpaw, to heal their wounds, who’s If nature has created the disease, I do believe that nature will also provide the cure’ philosophy resonates with me. 

PS I worked with a woman that had the most amazing skin I’ve ever witnissed and her breakfast every morning was a quater paw paw and some berries.. Just sayin’

PPS Green paw paw make for an amazing Thai salad like this recent mid-week dinner delight. If anyone wants the recipe just holler xx
You diggin paw paw?
Paw paw or papaya – enlighten me?
* product provided for consideration. Fruity tutti juicy paw paw lips and opinions my own

4 thoughts on “Spring Fling – Paw Paw Guffaw

  1. Sabine

    I'm as confused as you are about what to call this damn fruit! I prefer mango but mango is a no-no FODMAP fruit, so I have to console myself with papaya. And I am a collector of balms, creams and ointments with it (the natural ones with no nasties) – they all smell good enough to eat!


  2. Michelle Doorey

    I have a bottle of the McArthur&#39;s cream as well but have to hold my nose every time I use it. The smell is way too close to vomit for me and I am very wary of putting it on if I&#39;m going to be in close quarters with other people. <br />But, I do have to admit that it is a great cream. I just wish it had a nicer scent…..


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