Sunday, 29 April 2012

Get your filthy paws on some clean Bloom Organics prods

Now listen up y 'all, if you like it straight up, clean and green and organic and Australian made for good measure like Me, my best and I then you will love this.

Starting today until May 27th Bloom Organics are offering some rather spiffy and frankly generous 30% off discounts on their beautiful Organics range.

Check this:

So all you need to do is click on the piccie above and follow the link to print your voucher and take it to your nearest DJs or Myer.


Really I ask you - What better time of year to stock up on Rosehip Oil, here on the cusp of Autumn?

In fact if I was to be asked what is one product every gal should have in their beauty arsenal, RHO as she is affectionately known by her throngs of adoring fans is it.

ACO certified organic is an added bonus.

$10 off makeS her a steal at $15 and a no-brainer.

Now all this battling against the elements doesn't end at Rosehip Oil for me right now with the Hobart wind working her chilly charms on my daily walk to work. I'm calling in oil reinforcements all over my body.

Hair treatments, cuticle oils, facial oils, cleansing oil once or twice a week and I've recently added body oil twice a week too to the mix too.

It really makes a difference at helping to seal in moisture and protect me from these Tasman conditions here in Hobrrrrrrrt.

Bloom Organics Nourishing Body Oils are super concentrated and blended with organic Jojoba, Macadamia and Sweet Almond Oils so you just need a few drops per limb and the nice bit is they are light enough to sink into the skin which lets face it is mighty convenient when your are standing near nudey in a freezing bedroom waiting to get dressed into your jammies!

The Calming Blend is a mix of lavender, sweet orange and ylang ylang. It is not the sleepy lavendar scent I expected, this is serious and heady with Ylang Ylang which makes it verging on racy and sensuous, not sure how calming that is ;)

But it is stil all good in the calming blend hood , don't get me wrong.

However the Uplifting Blend is by far my favourite - I could have put good money on the description that I would love it before even sniffing it. Neroli, Sweet Mandariin and Geranium essential oils is what Bloom uplifts us with. And they do just that.

For this is such a sunny, happy smell, like a big warm hug.

It is citrusy but not astringent. Just mellow and sweet and slightly delicate and orangey blossomy and smiley. I would happily smell like that forever. A great scent for helping to shake any winter induced blues. This is lithium in a body oil.

Of course these body oils are humble multi-taskers. You could use as cuticle oil, hair treatment or a bath oil if it took your fancy.

You could even use as a deep cleansing facial oil once a week by massaging on, then hot compressing off a few times.

You get two for $35 as part of the offer so you can try both blends or buy one for yourself , one for a loved one and smile smugly when they say ' you shouldn't have!

Now if you liked all that you will love this even more.

I have not one.

Not two.

But three Bloom Organics packs to giveaway which will include
  • Bloom Organics Hand & Body Wash
  • Bloom Organics Refreshing Facial Mist
  • Bloom Organics Rosehip Oil
  • Bloom Organics Nourishing Body Oil
Seriously, how awesome is that?

An amazearama, clean, green natural start to your winter skincare regime.

You will be the sweetest smelling, softest little ski-bunny this side of Jindabyne!

All you have to do is simply leave a comment below telling me what your favourite natural product is (to humor my own curiosity) and you can go in the draw to win.

I will draw the winners on May 15th. (Australia only-soz)

PS my pretties; you can also tweet something like this if you are that way inclined for an extra entry:

"Get winter ready with @memybestandi whos giving away 3xOrganic @BloomCosmetics packs.Sweet smelling softness guaranteed "

What are you waiting for? You are not getting any softer!

Hop blooming to it!

Thursday, 26 April 2012

“What’s The Best Beauty Advice You’ve Ever Received?”

This was the question I needed to explore for my first Primped Posse article.

What an arduous question. How can a gal pluck just one pearl of beauty wisdom from her valued life-long collection?

A dilly of a pickle that had me procrastinating for days.

Surely eyebrow grooming must warrant a mention. And using bronzer to contour not colour must rank up there, too. But my gut kept reminding me of one old adage and lucky for Lindt I always listen to my gut!

Find out why over here on Primped. SQUEEEEEEEEEEE!

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

BFF Tight-ass Beauty Steals That Give Your Buck a Bang

Sometimes tight = shite. Am I right?

Like plastic shoes or handbags, faux labels or recycling tea bags.

But sometimes, just sometimes there are some unassuming treasures to be found in the thrifty aisles of your local discount chemist store.

Here are five nuggets I'm loving  that won't make you pinch more than twenty beans from your tightly strung purse.

1. Australis Colour Inject Mineral Lipstick in Hula
Could this be the new generation perfect nude lippie?

I spent decades (yes really) searching for the perfect blue-toned pink nude lippie. I had a short but passionate affair with a MAC Limited edition Tea Rose something or other that was taken away from me far too soon.

These days I think the perfect nude is warmer and more coral based and I have found my heart's desire in Hula. It goes with anything and is strong enough in colour to lift and brighten your face but not loud enough to feel like a tranny in work on Monday at 8am.

OK it smells a tad granny but the formula is a perfect combo of dry and creamy that holds well. It makes me wanna swing a hoop in joy around my hips and shake my maracas when I load this on my lips!

It contains Kakadu plum which is the world’s highest known source of vitamin C for a nutritional injection while you dazzle. Now that is value at $12.95 a punchy pop!

 2. Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Treatment Concealer
Screw you Touché Éclat - we used to think you were all that and would fork out for you, nah hah, not anymores!! This cheapo concealer works just as well if not better for me.

Firstly I love the screw up, round sponge applicator, you can gently blot on a perfectly administered amount and the sponge-dab action aids longevity. I use the Light to neutralize shadows then the Brightener to lift and illuminate.

What really tickles my pinky is how the colors blend with my skin, Touché Éclat & co sometimes made me feel a little reverse panda eyes. These melt, melt I tell you. Melt right in and melt my heart at $18.95 a squeeze.

  3. Face of Australia Eyeliner Mechanical Pencils
Eye-lining has never come so easy to me before. I am on number three of these.

The accolades are never ending - slimline, so you can make the neatest most natural line or layer on for accurate flicks, thicks or tapers.

A nifty wind up tip that needs no sharpening for lining on the fly, waxy, not too soft but smudgeable if that's your thing but never smudges, melts or drags where you don't want it. Plus it lasts all the live long day.

I went through two blacks and now have the lovely espresso,treacley brown and I will replace the black again. Perhaps even the gold, silver and navy which is pretty much the whole collection!But what the hay.

I don't see the point in buying any other liner, this works so ruddy well for me. I could have all five for $47.95. That is right a measly $9.95 for eye lining gold.

L to R: Mango Diamonds, Cherry Candy, Juicy Pink, Juicy Bubblegum
4. Maybelline Color Sensation High Shine Lipcolor
Yes there it sits on the fence between colour and shine that enables me to wear strong lip colours without the freakout. I love that I can go a low committment poppy red, coral or plum withouht having the anxiety attack I get with a full pigment bright lippie. (Pathé, non?) Shiny and bright but not too shiny and bright if ya get me. No grit or glitter just me in bright colours, comfortably and importantly affordabley at $16.95.

5. Australis Papparazzi Perfect HD Blush in Flash It.
And flash it I do. A flashy pop of dolly pink. I can not get over the pigment of this blush. It is serious. Two small sweeps and you have pink and girly rosy cheeks to flaunt. Formulated photo-chromatic pigments and a high Mica content however it is in no way sparkly, just smooth and bright but really blendable and wearable. Lasts all day too, amazing value and quality for it's $12.95 little buckaroos. Winaroo.

Any penny pinchers you are loving right now?

Tried any of this tight-arse winners?

Recycling tea bags, do people really? Really?

Want more Best Favourite Five lists see my BFF page here

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Tangled Tresses Tongue Teezer

Try saying this fast:

Taming tangled tresses 
Tended to turn to tears
Til this terrific Tangle Teezers’s teeth
Terminated the teasing torment

Not half as much fun as a Tongue Twister but still the most unassuming , effective and practical hair tool I've ever tried (well a close second behind the Sock Bun)

I would NEVER have bought myself one of these babies. I would have pooh-poohed and labelled it a gimmick.

Worse fool me. I can't be without my 'Purple Disco' hair buddy any more.

A simplistic but nifty invention with teeth that somehow glide through knots and tangles without any tugging or catching or that spine chilling hair breakage sound. 

Really tough tangles may take an extra stroke or two but they are coaxed out with ease.

Knowin I'm armed with ma Teezer, means I tread lighter on the conditioner and don't need or miss the slip a silicone based conditioner gives. Same goes for silicone serums.

The sight of it's sleek purple sparkly glitzyness fills me with more elation than a disco bikkie and it is shaped so your grip is solid and you won't have any hair brushing accidents that ends with hair tool in loo bowl (true story).

So hair tamers don't overlook the simplicity of the Tangle Teezer, yes its looks a little like a plastic roach but it performs like a dream.

I will not be without mine.

(PS Thanks to the lovely Emmie from Emmie's Darlings who included my Teezer in our fabulous Transcontinental blogswap. Very cool. Lucky old me.)

Have you tried a Tangle Teezer yet/?
Taming Tresses - how do you manage yours?
Any talented Tongue Twister out there??

Monday, 9 April 2012

A public apology - Mia. I'm Sorry.

Dearest Mia,

My Clarisonic Mia.

My beautiful, blue Clarisonic Mia.

My hardworking little soldier that overtime gave me such amazingly soft skin with as little congestion and as tighty, teeny pores that I'd ever experienced. 

But I didn't appreciate you, did I?

Not fully, no.

That was until you were taken away from me all too soon.

Perhaps you worked yourself too hard, maybe wore yourself out, rotating and sonic pulsing and buffing my skin so terrifically.

Maybe it was because you weren't welcomed into the bathroom fold so well at the start. You came at a trying time of turbulent skin and were cast aside too easily with your initial purge.  Even when we managed to get to a happier skin place I never really managed to stop and see your true worth. 

Merely annoyed by having to recharge you weekly and the fact that you needed an adapter for your US charger that my husband would constantly steal for his Bose speakers and I would have to hunt down every time your battery waned. But really on reflection a week of battery life should have been commended. My iPhone dies after less than 24hrs and I love him dearly.

 I could even bring you into the shower with ease - you would never complain and stayed watertight and rock-solid, you were so dependable in that way.

You never got smelly and the way you sat on the shelf with your elevated bristles in your ventilated lid made sure of that - but I would never trust you to stay stink free and would sniff you suspiciously and douse your in tea tree oil often. I should have trusted you, you did so well all on your own regardless.

 It was only in the final weeks I started to see your true worth. My skin clearer than it had ever been, no congestion in areas that had always been plagued with blackheads and open pores. How well you got on with my gel cleansing friends and brought out the best in them.

And then they took you away from me.

A terrible slow and painful decline that saw you losing your will to charge and turning yourself on randomly and not being able to be turned off.

Perhaps your way of looking for attention in our final days. I'm sorry I got so angry in the middle of the night when that happened and chucked you in the linen basket. I'll never forget that awful lethargic choking, buzzing sound you made, perhaps your final cry for help.  It still echoes in my mind.

And Mia something I may never be able to forgive myself for is how I left you in that linen basket and for days after would choose to ignore your final on/off calls instead waiting until they came no more and you we forced to share your last moments with my sweaty gym gear and dirty towels.

No place for such an unsung hero.

Had I known then how my skin would miss you perhaps things may have been different. Only now I can see your true effects. The clarity, the softness, the glow they all went with you into that linen basket that night.

I only thank my stars  that you come from a good home. I should have known. Your friends at Apothica were so amazing to me. One little email , that is all it took. Before I even had a chance to respond, they had sent me a new you, no questions asked no need to send you back. In under a week and a half, here you were again all the way from the US, so shiny and new of full of promise.

I won't underestimate you this time though will I ? No way we just are too perfect for each other and you bring out the best in me. You truly do. For that my skin will always be truly grateful.

And Mia I just want you to know that I'm sorry and I'm so glad we are together again.  Let's never part again.

Yours Porefully,

Me, my best & I

Tuesday, 3 April 2012


I know I once said I wouldn't wear black polish but I also once said I would never be a brunette, shit happens, things change, we have the right to change our minds on things.

I have sort of put on my onyx tinted spectacles and am seeing black polish in a whole new light. No longer for the Emos or a young pop diva trying to come over all grown up and reinvent themselves by going all rock chic and trampy with chipped black pinkies.

The change of heart came about when I painted my digits on a Sunday wit Australis Creme Polish in Blackmail*.

It came with a holographic glitter topcoat to try- but blow that i think that would take away from it's moodiness and make it all too whimsical  (I'll save that for over a pale candy pink me thinks)

But all on it's own,  I liked it!– all shiny and dark and deep and mysterious, but it wasn’t until I was too lazy to take it off and ended up wearing it to work that I loved it.

No longer gothy or wannabe rock chicky but suddenly chic and sophisticated with corporate attire. I think it looks great in the work place. OK it has to be on very short, squared off nail to work and no chips (emo, emo alert) and glossed up to the maximus, but holy hole punchers does it look chic and polished.

All week (and yes I did get until Friday out of it – with a helping hand from Orly Bonder basecoat and Glosser topcoat) I chose matching monochromatic outfits with maybe a sneaky pop of colour in a belt or bracelet or I went all black and white and geek chic with it.

I was the talk of the water fountain – well actually nobody really noticed and or cared but in my head I was peeps and that is what matters!! Nail narcissism to the max!

Black polish- where do you sit? Emo, wannabe rock chick or chic?

*Polish supplied for consideration, nail narcissism issues and my opinions are my own