I’ve been most unadventurous over the past year when it comes bronzing. In fact I’ve been a one pot woman and haven’t even ventured past BareMinerals All Over Face Colour in Warmth.

A sheer terracotta powder with a slightly red tint that makes it look anything but orange that just melts into your skin and gives a healthy colour with some subtle luminosity. I’ve been loyal for a reason – I think I’m on pot number four. Why would I stray?

The one bugbear is it is a loose powder but by keeping having the sieve seal closed you can turn it upside down into the lid and a teeny few grains will filter out which is all you need really as this stuff is so concentrated.

I was a happy little bronzing bunny – content with my contouring lot.

Then upstepped a new contender – a compact contender at that. Simply called Arbonne Bronzer.

The compact is thin, sleek and black with a good sized mirror. The powder looks flecked with gold pieces and has a hit of shimmer when held to the light.

I’m a hard bronzer fan to please. Muddy flat matte bronzers scare the beejeesus out of me and look so wrong on pale skin, they sit on top of the skin and are obvious. On the flip shimmery glittery bronzers belong on the set of Tantrums and Tiaras. Nowhere else. No not even Dancing On Ice.

So to float my bronzing boat you need to be sheer and illuminating, not venture anywhere near orange and be  understated enough that you can also be used to contour. Bare Minerals ticks all these boxes.

And so it seems Arbonne does too. Bonus points for being in a compact.

It is deliciously sheer but still with good depth of pigmentation. My first swipe was way too heavy handed and I had a ruddy streak down my cheekbone but with a light hand and new fav brush Real Techniques Angled Kabuki I had it mastered by swipe two.

Here is a visual.

Now I’m totally geekin it here to the max in work on a particularly corporately attired day but I had an ‘I love Arbonne Bronzer’ moment when washing my hands one day in the bog and my reflection was contoured but illuminated. The light was kind to my below par iPhone photo shots so I snapped away.  The glamour.

Ridic faces are for contouring not comic effect or so I think!

It stays put all day so I suspect has quite a high mineral content plus has heaps of skin goodies such as moisturising aloe vera, vitamin E, cucumber and safflower oil, lavender, calming arnica and chamomile, brightening licorice and proven acne fighters thyme and rosemary. Perhaps why it also makes my skin seem to glow, more so than just any old mica heavy powder.

It takes a real trooper to make office bog mirrors under fluorescent lights reflect anything other than scary. This stuff is it.

PS the Real Techniques Kabuki is real a gem.. It hinges open flat for use with bronzer to define and contour the hollows of the cheeks. Then, folds back to an angles dome for blush to fill out the apples of the cheeks.



Whats your bronzer criteria- are you as fussy as me?

How clever is that buki??

 Bronzer supplied for consideration. Geek chic stylin and opinions my own. Thanks to the people that hire me for use of the handwash and shoot location. Some air freshner would really make the place a little homier for the bograts.

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