After the nuclear fallout that was my skin spaz in 2011 I set to work healing the mess that was left. I was really, really marked. I had red spots in the sites were the many many breakouts had been and healed. (Let’s not repeat the heinous pics but if you want to see what I’m talking about gratuitous pics on the above link)

And just as the relief the onslaught of breakout trauma had calmed along came a new anxiety around my marked skin and fears of scarring and PIH ( Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation). The final indignation.

PIH is a nasty beast that strikes as our our acne is clearing up and your skin is looking better every day. But then you notice dark pink or brown spots on your skin where the acne lesions have healed. A sick hybrid really when the inflammation site triggers the skin to produce too much melanin which darkens and discolors the scar site and remains even after the wound or rash has healed. Nice one.

Its never fupping ending I tell you.

So in fear I knew I had to really pull out the big guns. After the Be in Awe amala Clearing Serum success in the linked post above I entrusted them with their kaanti Lightening Serum to clear up the scarred mess.

And once again I was mighty impressed with the performance.

For the healing and scarring this serum has all the good stuff – Rosehip, avocado, wheatgerm and evening primrose oil. Vitamin E city, that’s one part taken care of for shizzle.

Then the lightening powerhouse – licorice, the natural lightener, lactic acid to exfoliate and turnover discoloured skin plus niacinamide, a skin friendly B3. Add to that Be Awe’s β-WhiteTM, the
active ingredient – a patent pending liposome comprised of Hydrogenated lecithin & Sodium oleate & Oligopeptide-68.

So really a powerhouse serum, that is light, smellss deliciously warm and spicy and seems to smooth the skin and get it a glowing as well as promising lightening results in 28 days. And those results I had. My skin healed remarkably well and my marks all but faded with no obvious browny red sites. My skin is still slightly mottled particularly when hot but I really can’t complain as I’ve come so far.

The bottle is huge for a serum at 50ml and as the serum is so fluid and easily absorbed it lasts an age. The pump dispenser helps with controlled amounts. So much so I got my results, stopped using it for a while only to start again a few weeks back ( am now living in fear of chloasma, the preggie pigmentation so in am mitigating mode!) Once again my skin has taken on that glow and is so smooth. It’s good shit.
I think to really up the lightening ante you do need a multi pronged approach. AHAs, power-serums, moisturisers with active lighteners and of course SPF
So to continue Be in Awe’s good work, I have been using a gorgeous find – Organic Bearberry Brightening Moisturiser from Laviol – an Organic Aussie company. I’m not sure how I got my hands on it , it may have been from Glossybox but it was a happy accident.

The actives in this really light but substantial moisturiser is certified organic bearberry, a natural form of skin lightening, melanin inhabiting nasty hydroquinone and the other active is mulberry root extract, another proven natural whitening agent

I can’t comment on the lightening effectiveness but I like to think its aiding the cause and supporting the Be in Awe. That aside the formula is beautiful, sinks right in so perfect under makeup, light enough but rich enough in the same vain plus I love the pump bottle and the almost peppery scent, very invigorating in the morning.

The natural ingredients do make me guffaw and are worth a perv – check how clean this is

Ingredients: Green Tea Extract*, Kelp Extract*, Liquorice Extract*, Aloe Vera Extract*, Sunflower Oil*,Bearberry Extract*, Vegetable Glycerine*, Jojoba Oil*, Shea Nut Butter*, Beeswax*, Glyceryl Monostearate, Sorbitan and Cetearyl Olivate, Honey*, Rosehip Oil*, Orange Extracts, Bergamot Essential Oil*, Guar Gum*, Mulberry Root Extract Powder, Natural Vitamin E. (*certified organic)

Now obviously SPF is required to maintain all this good activity and Vitamin C. What about bloody Vitamin C , won’t somebody please think of Vit C?

Fret not – ascorbic acid aficionados, that deserves a whole post of its own – the Rolls Royce of Vitamin C aided lighteners coming up next post.

Put that PIH on standby xx

Lighten up? Do you use any active lighteners?
Do you worry about piggy pigmentation?
Would you go natural or straight to the hydroquinone jugular?

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