Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Thinking outside the box

The whole Beauty Box Subscription concept is one I think is genius. Before the concept imploded on our shores I had total box-envy from our US and UK counterparts.

I did succumb when they first launched and subscribed to Lust Have It. However i found that I a) had too much products to get through as was, something which stresses me out. I hate excess and b) as I veered more and more towards natural products the surprises included in the box were 90% something I wouldnt really use when trying to be a clean, green goody two shoes, so I cancelled my subscription.

In saying that I did discover some great natural brands such as Laviol and I loved having some minis on hand in my stash natural or otherwise to call upon for weekends away and travel.

Now it's excitement central when I read this week that Lust Have it listened to this little green corner of the market and have created a subscription for the greener beauty freaks.

It is a quarterly box priced at $29.95. not too shabby and seems to mitigate my woe a and woe b above.
So I've subscribed. Hook, line, sinker. I eagerly await my first box....

It will be interesting to see where their "green line" is ? How natural will the products be? The lines are blurred at the best of times between 'natural" and 'dirty products in natural clothing'.

Is there a natural benchmark the product needs to meet or will there be a contingent of greenwashed products in the midst? It will be muddy water for the Lust Have It boxer uppers to navigate. I hope they make considered choices distinguishing their "eco" box from their generic box. Only time will tell.

Lust Have It have not announced what brands are on board for their eco-box instead in their press release they refered to current brands they include in their generic subscription such as Lancome and Keratase which couldnt be further from natural really if they tried!

I shall report back when the good goods land in my hood.

Godspeed eco-box.Godspeed.

Are you a BBS? Beauty Box Subscriber!! Thoughts? Experiences?
Would you subscribe to the Lust Have It Eco-Box?


  1. Ooh I'm intrigued, will indeed be interesting to see how natural/green the products are :)

  2. I am intrigued too! I haven't subscribed to any boxes because I was pretty certain I wouldn't want to use 98% of what I received. I might just have to check this one out!

    1. Same, wish mine would hurry up so I can tell y'all


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