Sunday, 26 August 2012

Me, my baby & I

Yes that's right, I'm plus 1.

A little 17 week old today bublet is tucked up, cosy inside my belly.

So super exciting to think this whole other person will be with us in 41/2 months time.

Anyway just that y'all n all would like to know.

But this is a beauty blog and isn't about to turn into a Mummy blog any day soon, so nappy road tests here peeps!

Back to preggie related beauty.

Whats changed?

  • Well hallelujah I can report no crazy acne attack which I was always convinced would happen but to date my skin has remained unchanged. Still combination with some congestion on t-zone.
  • I'm extra careful about using natural products; shampoo, conditioner (O&M), shower gel (Dr Bronner) body lotions (Dr Organic ) fake tan (Eco Tan) and skincare (Comvita, Kora, Sodashi, Endota)
  • I've stopped regularly painting my nails. Gone are my weekly paints and Ive gone all natural. The upside is your nails grow ridonkulously fast and strong and not wearing any polish has made them whiter and linker than I can remember. Plus when you do polish them you feel ultra- glam. This pic is a mere 3 weeks after having my nails trimmed and manicured super-short;

  • I'm body oiling like a good thing (Bloom, Kora and an extra Nude tamanu one on the bump for good measure, no stretch marks as yet)
  • I was greasing up my boobs with body oil too which sounds sort of erotic but quite the opposite, my cleavage and chest got quite congested and spotty so have culled that back
  • I'm also paranoid about pregnancy pigmentation - I don't think I have any yet but hav been pulling out all the preventative measures, natural of course - I've been sharing the live between Laviol and Comvita and Rosehip Oil of course
  • I'm a abstaining from caffeine including tea (boo) so have been hitting the herbal teas like a good thing and have had to include way more carbs and dairy than I was used to (cheese & milo wayhayyyyyyy!)
  • Sleep involves seriously crazy dreams every single night and I do try to get early nights as I try to still get up early & exercise. I can't really run that well anymore so have taken to cardio on an exercise bike and a cross trainer and have upped the yoga to at least three a week. I intend to do this deep water weighted aqua aerobics class near me soon too - once my preggie swimsuit arrives from Next online!
  • Plus I've taken a random aversion to my beloved Loving Earth raw cacao- ever since I was about 6 weeks! That would have been a good thing had I not replaced it with Whittakers chocolate. OMG this creamy NZ chocolate has been hiding under my nose this whole time - seriously yum!
  • Still green juicing daily too - I credit my morning hit of ginger as the reason I've had zero morning sickness. Not once. Mega iron hit too, important right now.
  • I'm still awaiting the preggy glow though. My hubby reckons Ive got it but I don't see it. That's why Becca invented her Shimmering Skin Perfector I suspect.
No that's not a blimp or a big red balloon that's a birds eye view of my bump! Soon to obstruct any view of my cons I may have, which is risky, I could end up in the street in slippers and all sorts because I will have no visibility of my trotters.
Also thank heavens for ASOS maternity, cheap, cheerful on trend maternity wear. Lycra has never excited e so much!

So that's me - the ever hungry, ever 'blooming' online shopping addicted mum to be!!

Have you any preggie pearls of wisdom to share with me ??


  1. Yay a baby, congrats. What a joyful blessing.
    No tips here, i have 2 furry kids but loads of my girlfriend bang on about the benefit of pregnancy yoga.
    Wow no morning sickness. You must be so freaking super happy about that.
    Congrats again & wish you all the very best.

  2. Congratulations lovely!!! <3 You must be super duper excited xx

  3. Congrats!! Here's to your happy and healthy pregnancy!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS! Mazel Tov!! You are going to be such a pretty pregnant lady. I am sure you are already glowing and I can't wait to see more snaps over the next few months.


  5. Yaaaaaay!!! Congrats. I completely lost my taste for chocolate in both of my pregnancies. With Isaac (1st pregnancy) it lasted well in to the 20's weeks came back for a couple of weeks then I got diabetes so I couldnt have it anyway (so naturally that's when I wanted it so bad!!). With kiara it came back around week 16...I prob needed the energy hit so troopered through the aversion! I had morning sickness for 32 weeks with Isaac and 26 with kiki so am jealous of your lack of sickness!! My skin went to the shitter with Isaac and the only thing that helped was Mario badescu products. No probs with kiara (so maybe that means you are also having a girl!!). I didn't get any body stretch marks with either but my boobs look like a pink zebra. I do t think th

  6. Sorry...message went crazy! I don't think that there is anything you can do to prevent boob stretch marks. No real advice to give...just try to squeeze in all the things you love doing now as there won't be time when you are +1. Go to the movies and out to dinner as much as you can. They are the two things we miss the most. People will tell you to get as much sleep as you can but I never could...too uncomfortable!

  7. Congrats to you both!! Welcome to parenthood. You're so lucky to have no morning sickness. I had it from 5 1/2 weeks to 40.5 weeks! Tried everything and nothing worked.

    Enjoy the pregnancy. The first kick, feeling them hiccup, dreaming about what they will look like and be like (I used to always dream about my daughter as a 3 or 4 year old). Its an exciting time.

    My biggest tip is buy a large body pillow. It makes sleeping so much more comfy especially as your bump gets bigger.

    Congrats again! :) xoxo

  8. Congrats lovely! That's fab news! So excited for you xxx

  9. Congrats! That is amazing news, all the best xoxo

  10. congratulations darling! can't wait to meet your baby! <3

  11. Congratulations:) Such beautiful news X

  12. Awww geez thanks everyone x x x

  13. Congratulations! I personally love the Whitaker's with the cashews in it. Ooh baby!

  14. Happy happy news!! How wonderful - congratulations and all the best for you and mini you :) Do you know what you're having? xxx

    1. Thanks!!! Not yet- but I will. ! Too impatient :)

  15. Congratulations!!
    You are so lucky that your skin has remained unchanged. The only reason I found out I was pregnant was because my skin exploded one day and my doctor wouldn't prescribe me any acne medication without taking a pregnancy test, which proceeded to come back positive!
    Best wishes with everything.


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