Thursday, 15 November 2012

Biologique French Fancies - With My Secret Ingredient

Ok so I think by now we have established new natural skincare usually excites me into a catatonic meltdown. Throw “French” and “Organic” into that equation and I go bloody nuclear!

I’m starting to notice a lot more “Biologique”, Organic skincare comethrough from the land of the Franks, could this mean they are also having a natural skincare boom like us here in the land down unda? Je l'espère.
The two that have been exciting me more than sitting down to a chunk of Port Salut and a bottle of Cab Sav. Ok I lie, they are on par in terms of excitement, on par!

The first – from newcomers to Australia, Phyts, Now what does one do when told to go browsing a French Organic Skincare website to pick a product of their choice. One ties themselves up in over-excited indecision is what. So hard for a skincare lover to pick one baby. Eventually I settled on Creme Reviderm.

A 100% natural product with “oxygenating properties to stimulate the metabolism in the skin improving congestion and dullness.”

Parfait! Exactly what my skin needed.

The deal sealer. This product contains chlorophyll – a supplement I adore taking both in supergreen tablets in the morning and added to water for vitality boost. Ive had super results from taking chlorophyll so hoped the same for my skin.
The smell is deliciously herbal and aromatic, you can absolutely get the geranium and lavender essential oils. The cream is quite thick but concentrated. This concerned me as I still have a healthy fear of rich creams congesting my skin.

I reassure myself that this is meant to decongest and as it turns out once you emulsify this on your face even though it feels rich it absorbs well and is untraceable in a minute or so. Instantly there is a hydrated glow (I noticed this even on my hand when I triedit first) I scrutinise for shimmer as sometimes products are devious and trick you into this but there is none there. The glow is authentic. Noice.

It is concentrated. I use a pea sized blob at most (lucky as it is exy at $102 for 40g).

Ok so it instantly has ticked the anti dullness box. Tick, Tick. My skin is quite good lately so that helps. Decongestion wise I can’t be sure. My skin is way less oily than it used to be currently. I’m not sure if I can thank this product for that though – possibly a coincidence.I did have a minor surfacing of congestion, not a new breakout, just lingering blocked pores and white heads around my chin that have come to the surface, not in the form of a spot per say but a small blemish that comes to a tiny head and clears away without too much damage control (perhaps with the help of a small squeeze- naughty) Perhaps that is the decongesting action?

I’m half way through the tube and have been using daily so will be interesting to see if the congestion stayeth away..

And for my next Frenchy trick-a clay mask from Absolution another French organic skincare brand now available in Australia on what excites me about this more than a bog standard clay mask (aside fromthe obvious Frenchness and organiciness) is the texture and consistency. The formula manages to be deliciously creamy and rich while still doing what it should do by law and that is be a clay mask and withdraw and purify. If you hate the dustiness that often comes with a clay based mask, this mask overcomes all that and while it does dry a little on the face it still stays somewhat creamy. After 10 minutes or so of wear when you rinse this bad boy off your skin feels plump and moist but still with the reassurance your pores have a good old fashioned clay cleaning thanks to the white clay and birch sap, also said to be good for purifying.

And guess what the secret ingredient is and perhaps the reason for the after-clay glow? Green Maté with chlorophyll which is rich in Vits A, C, B1, B2, K!! Ha seriously – Uncanny!

The French are onto something here. Perhaps I’m secretly half French too - Maman?

So do you dig a bit of French Natural Skin Goodness?

I could be illicitly half French couldn’t I ? I mean there is just too many similarities plus I was born to drink red wine and eat cheese. Its obvious really.

*Both Frenchies supplied for consideration, opions, francophilia and chlorophyll addiction are purely my own


  1. The clay mask sounds amazing - I never understand how the french get it so right everytime!

    1. I actually just finished this tube last week and was so set - c'est magnifique! Allez les Francais!!


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