Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Stuff what is cool

I have a random assortment of cool items on the go at the moment that I can't string together in a common subject matter for a usual post but can only find common ground in that they are kind of unique and made me go, wow, cool when I first laid my beady little eyes on them.

A listicle:

Cool Tools:
Kit Cosmetics have launched a range of funky "ToolKit" beauty tools and the like. Now don't laugh when I tell you this but when my Office Max Sales rep visited me as few months ago she left me a bag of merchandise among which was an elastic band ball. A huge bright bouncy ball made entirely of rubber bands. I thought this was the COOLEST thing and numerous peers would try to steal it off my desk in pure envy of it's coolness.

Then I got sent a KIT Hair Band Ball. My God -I was bamboozled by it's coolness a) because I am a chronic hair elastic loser and churn through hair ties like nobody's business and b) because I am a sad type that gets excited and territorial about rubber band balls c) the colours are neon and neon is hot right now d) looks awesome hanging from my garden tree.

They also sent a dinky mirror meets brush combo which folds in on itself like a hedgehog or a Popple  both which rank high in my cool estimates. This will travel with my on the plane when I fly home next month. A brush, mirror and possibly a stretcher I will need at hand when I land after 29 hours aflight, plus less to carry on my carry on which is always way too overpacked.

And neon bobbys - Something else I notoriously lose but not so now as these ravers are high-vis! Very cool in an retro Breakfast Club, Babysitters Club, Jet & the Misfits kinda way.

Happy Cool:
Physicians Formula Happy Booster Glow & Mood Boosting Powders. Gimicky? Yes. Make me happy though? Yes. 

They get me every time. I whip these out and they do make me smile.

Come on, they are 3D heart embossed powders in neon pink compacts with built in brush and easy pop up mirror. Posh Spice would even crack a smile. The formulas are lovely and light and sheer, great when in a rush and needing a happy go lucky quick swipe of colour and or glow.

Infused a Happy Boost Blend, featuring "Happy Skin" and "Euphoryl" natural plant extracts which have been shown to promote a feeling of happiness by mimicking the effect of Endorphins and helping protect the skin from environmental stress. Violet provides a feeling of joy each time you apply. Ecstasy pills in a compact. I'm smiling right now.

Hipster Cool:
Metallic hair cuff. As previously drooled over on Pinterest, this was a total lemming after Hair Romance posted some enabling options. $40 later I am proud owner and it is very very cool. Not so cool is it is now on sale for $19.  Great for second day hair and when photographed swinging from a Peony Rose tree in my garden. Just for the record am rather fancying the Balayage in above pic.

Blooming Cool:
The fact that I have just realised I have a huge Peony Rose bush in my back garden that is now in full bud. Note aforementioned hair cuff and first rose bloom in photo. Right outside my bedroom window and all. I die.

Branding & Blogger Cool:
As someone who has one toe dipped in a marketing career, another in a beauty blog  I find the whole Brand Meets Blogger epidemic fascinating (concept fails in the IT field I play in!) Toni & Guy, London Mega Hair brand nailed it recently with their Blogged & Bound CampaignBlogged & Bound is a beautiful bound glossy compilation of styled photo shoots from twenty influential bloggers from Australia’s fashion blogosphere, showing how each persona has a unique style they own , love and rock and live. 

Awesome concept that arrived with another beautifully compiled and presented box of some of the special line's products which are categorised as Casual, Classic, Glamour, Creative & Mens. So much to play with. I had to photograph amidst the autumnal scene ie dead leaves building up in my yard. Toni & Guy you clever, clever clogs. Fab opportunity for the twenty bloggers involved too and further evidence of the rising significance  of the blogger. Hollahhhhhh!

Healthy Cool:
I've obsessed about Loving Earth's Raw Cacao Bars and Chocolate Coconut Butter goodness before and now I discovered their milk choc version - Mylk Organic Raw Cacao made with coconut milk. My gosh, guilt free happy noms. It felt earthly and appropriate to photo said choc in my backyard bamboo.

Whats too cool for school in your world this week?

The bloody temperature is cool in my Hobart World let me tell you, lows of 2 degrees I tell you, 2 bloody degrees.


  1. I love the hair clip!! Can I ask how long shipping took from that website, i've never shopped there before!
    Great post
    Lisa x

  2. ahahha I do the same thing: *purchase* D'Oh!!!

  3. Like the look of the physicians formula powders

  4. The Kit goodies look divine:)

  5. Try As a vegan I've tried them all and this is by far the best vegan raw chocolate. I really don't like the Loving Earth chocolate, it's far too dry.


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