Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Lady Greys

Coincidentally while with an ever-sprouting, increasingly exasperating sprinkling of greys on my new brunette parting I read a Zoe 'Beauty Buff' Foster article on the unfortunate matter.

She recommended Clairol Nice N Easy, Root Touch Up as a sneaky way to tackle the problem between visits to your colourists chair. Now I'm not one for DIY hair jobbies, not since a brief and traumatic foray with Sun-In and a head full of nasty orange streaks aged 14.
But I needed something to get me through until I could once again be in the loving hands of my Sydney colourist (yes have hair trust issues)

10 bucks something at my local discount chemist and I'm armed with 'Light Brown'.

Off I go and mix the mini bottle of peroxide with the mini tube of colour in the mini tray, mixing with the mini brush provided trying not to loose grip in the maxi-sized plastic gloves.

Mixy, mixy all up, then a quick blob down your parting with the brush and count up to 10 mins. I'm a woosie and did 7 but rinsed it out to still see of my old silvery friends glistening at me. Another blob down the parting and 5 more mins on the clock before rinsing and I am all pepper, no salt once more.

Thank crap.

The best bit - it blended to my existing hair colour perfectly - it says this on the pack but I was sceptical.

Cue dandruff shampoo ad style photo shoot and no not a chance you can see the befores but trust me I'm talking 20%!

Note there is enough in the packet for two touch-ups so hold back on mixing half of each bottle as once mixed it oxides and you can't use it again, so all in all pretty bloody good value.

Laters lady greys!

Do you DIY root touch up?


  1. I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for the Primped Posse! Is that still going ahead???

    1. They tell me next month - too excited!

  2. I'm starting to notice a few greys too...not many but there is one or two annoying ones on my part which is noticeable as my hair is so dark. I might try this, if I get sick of my current system of just yanking the offending hairs out!

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