Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine's Day Strip

Happy Valentine's Day lovers!

Hope your February 14th is filled with more cheese than a Domino's meat supreme cheesy stuffed crust but maybe less calories.

Mine will probably exceed on both counts. My hubby is great for putting on the ritz on Valentines and has a mystery romantic restaurant booked which is exciting as we haven't eaten out much yet in Hobart. It is a set four-course menu with bubbles and we have a Moet on ice in the fridge so yes I shall be far exceeding a pizza calorie spend.

Tis only fair I return the favour with a Valentine's themed reveal.

On my nails that is.

Am thinking more Nailease than striptease here cupids, it is a four course meal after all ;)

Quite day appropriate with the red and white polka dots don't you think?

These self-adhesive polish strips are from the Nailease range and what I like about this brand is:

a) The massive colour and pattern range- that makes polka dot nails as easy as a five minute stick on job. Also for $11.95 they are not a huge outlay.

b) There are 20 nail stickers in the pack. Now the 20 come in two strips of 10 x different sizes but I can usually stretch or trim the sizes to work on my nails. Wide or skinny nail plated peeps may not have this luxury but for me it works. So the 20 pack means two outings and they supply a little foil sticky strip that allows you to seal the foil pouch with your leftovers. A lot of other brands give you 16 which shits me no end.

This is what they look like:

To apply you simply peel off the backing strips and align these little stickers to your nail base, and slightly stretch and press as you go until smooth, pulling the nail tip edge slightly taut and down over the nail tip and tuck under before using an emery board to file off the excess in a downward motion. The better you fold and tuck and file under the tip, the more secure these strips will stay

My problems with nailstrips seem to be climatic. I have had great successes. I have worn strips that have lasted for nearly the 10 day claim. The tips would just slightly recess as they days went by. No real lifting or chipping.

These were Sephora strips bought in Paris and applied and worn in Dublin. No major heat in that city let me tell you. I also had success last year with Sally Hansen strips (a scabby 16-packer) and got a good few days mileage, but that was Sydney winter.

And that is where my trouble lies with these strips - they don't work in warm or humid situations as well. Yes it advises you to work with this strips in a room temperature environment but when room temp is 25 degrees and humidity is high, strips (not this brand) have failed me. I've woken in the middle of the night with a sticky feeling on my nails and by morning the just scrapped off in a sluggish mess.

The application of these Nailease strips went really well, they behaved and applied beautifully but alas lifted after 24 hrs or so so once again I believe the climate has failed me.

So to surmise - go for your life in winter, in summer go all out with a funky pattern and rock it for a night , that is probably all you will get but your digits will look hot all the same - even if just for one night only.

*Nailease strips provided for review- Valentine's festivity & opinions my own

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  1. Happy Valentines Day! I hope you enjoy your dinner and that you are settling in well xx

  2. happy valentines day! wow those nail stripes look awesome, seems a lot easier than actually applying nail polish.


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