Sunday, 19 February 2012

The mother of all detox baths

I've posted before about my Saturday bath ritual. Even in summer I love it. It shakes of the week for me and cruises me gently towards Saturday evening. It's also my time in the week to do all the beauty duty- dry brush, exfoliate, coconut oil hair mask, face scrub, mask etc etc

I always make sure to throw some Epsom salts into  the bath mix- these salts help to draw out toxins and aid fluid retention (something Heidi Klum has cited in the past to use before shows - or perhaps she was just trying to get 30mins away from Seal as we now know!).

These salts add no smell, colour or texture to the water so don't get in the way of your chosen bath oil/bubble bath/rubber ducky.

But recently I've taken my bath to a whole new detoxing level.

Now I work on a credit system with my body. Detox to retox, that's how we roll. A backhanded deal exchanged deep down in some dark, bilious corner of m liver.

I giveth then I taketh away!!

So into my Epsom salts bath is now going the following for the mother of all detox baths

Macrobiotic Sea Salt Bath Crytals from the Great Barrier Reef

1. Echolife Australian Macrobiotic Sea Salt Bath Crystals*So I've raved about head under salt water being one of my secret hangover cures and there is some validation in that. Bathing in macrobiotic sea salt crystals helps you absorb some sea goodness minerals such as  magnesium chloride, potassium and calcium.

These salts are far superior to say just chucking in some Saxa - this pure, unprocessed, unbleached salt from the Great Barrier is made in covered pans, slowing down the evaporation process, protecting the precious minerals and trace elements contained in the natural sea salt.

It is then harvested by hand and allowed to drain (of excess sea water) in the sun before being packaged.

It is slightly salt pink in colour - testament to the high sea mineral content (just the same colour as the Himalyan salt I use on food/cooking for the same reason) and dissolved really easily in your warm running bath water- I chuck in half a cup.

Mojave Green Clay Powder 

2. Echolife Mojave Green Clay Powder
To my briney water i then add some green clay.

Initially I tracked down green clay on the Echolife website to use as an overnight spot treatment recommended by the knowledgeable lassies over at No More Dirty Looks. However on chatting with the  team at Echolife I learn that this clay makes an almighty bath too.

I mix 1/2 a cup of the green clay powder in a salad bowl with some warm water first and give it a swish with a balloon whisk. It blends perfectly. I them hurl it into the epsomy/salty running bath and it becomes murky and green and a little creamy on top.

Mojave Living Clay is a pure, non-gritty, calcium bentonite (green) clay also rich in trace minerals - making it uniquely effective at deep-cleansing the body of toxins and impurities and is sourced exclusively from the ancient calcium bentonite deposits of the Mojave Desert, South East California. Who would have thought anything Californian could be so pure!!

I love that this gives the bath an extra spa like feel.

There are some muddy clay remnants in the mixing bowl which I smear on my face and chest for a mini-mask.

Tisserand Detox Bath Oil
3. Tisserand Detox Bath Oil*

This bath is all very good and well in terms of detoxing properties now but needs some pimping, some fragrance oomph. Enter Tisserand's Detox Oil-  a blend of organic juniper berry (supports elimination), organic lemon (astringent) and organic black pepper (stimulating). Also cypress, peppermint and rosemary (all bracing and beneficial to circulation) It smells spicy and darkly herbal and almost piney.

Tisserand reckon it helps to stimulates sluggish circulation, encouraging the elimination of toxins and toning of the skin.

Bring it!

It's quite pungent but uplifting and invigorating all the same. I bang in some extra drops of pure juniper oil because I'm hardcore and I am a sinner, my liver needs it.

A quick all-over body dry brush before I plunge in makes for a great all over tingly rush.

Now was in this deep clay abyss you can start to feel all the actives in your surrounds. I've said before the Epsom salts do cause a sensation almost like a very weak magnetic pull.

I can feel it. That or I've been passive smoking crack. Again.

The clay  brings a whole new intensity and why the peeps at Echolife advise to start with smaller volumes and build up gradually. I can feel my circulation going and my heart is thumping. I was worried it may start to give me a headache which I'm prone to but I was okay. I stayed in there about 20minutes , you wouldn't want to stay much longer.

Once back on dry land I feel invigorated and energized and squeaky clean and virtuous with serious soft skin.

Am clean and ready to spend my new clean living credits on a vino.  Tasmanian Pinot Noir anyone?

Detox bathing- do you believe?

Ever had one of those natural mud baths like that dirty fun pair above? - I've always wanted to!

*Were supplied for consideration by the fabulous folk at . Detox sins and opinions were my own. I purchased the clay on Echolife. Free shipping, gotta love that!

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  1. Replies
    1. Why thank-you but the bath did all the work!!

  2. Great post. I've tried epsom salt bath before but neat. I read you shouldn't put other stuff in as it can affect the effects of the salts. Anyway, I tried it before bed like they recommend but I didn't like how it made me sweat so much so never bothered again. Sounds great with the clay and oil. Maybe I need to give it another go. :-)

    1. It is powerful for sure, maybe each time it gets easier as the body adapts??

  3. Ooooh lurve it. Huge fan of Echolife over here too, I love love love the Epsom salts and I just had a clay bath yesterday in fact, whilst popping a clay mask on my face as well and drinking some zinc + vit c water to try and heal my face of all that was wrong with it at the time (zit city, baby). They've gone down a LOT today so have to say I'm very pleased! :)

    Haven't tried adding any extra detoxy bath oil jazz in there but sounds like an EXCELLENT idea! Loves!

    1. ooh do you make a fancy vitc and zinc water? Pray tell? I'm on the zinc at the mo too... I also added some extra juniper oil which gave some extra zing and detoxyness possibly

  4. It also reminds me of this lyric:

    "First it giveth then it taketh awaaaaay" - Queens on the Stone Age

  5. I hate baths but your routine makes it sound like heaven!

  6. Lots do don't they- am a water baby, always was!

  7. Ahhhh baths FOREVER!!!! I like to do the same with all my sea salts/mag salts/green clay now all I need is that detox oil (I have the massage version) :D


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