Sunday, 8 January 2012

A Bonheur Christmas with some ladylike glamour

So I divulged in my last post how I was obsessed with Retro Hair and feeling all Betty Draper-like lately further fuelled by my very own version thanks to Kam at Gallo Hair.

I needed to know how to do a version of this myself. Most times when I attempt to curl my hair with a tongs or a straightening iron, I get tousled waves, which is fortunate as tousled waves please my no end but I wanted to shake it up, I want edDIY retro waves.

With this in the forefront I was stalking out Zoe Foster on MamaMia breathing heavily and rustling leaves in the bushes and found this and realised of the many errors of my many curling ways;
  1. I wasn't pulling the strand tight enough or taught enough around the barrel.
  2. I wasn't allowing the curls to set 100% cold before going near them. 
  3. The reverse wand - this is the most genius bit- with tong in right-hand, curl left side of head with tong tip pointing down plug at top. For the other side  invert it.  So tong in left hand tong curling right side of head plug is at the bottom tong tip is at the top. Now why did I not think of this  - I am clearly a moron. Remedial. 
  4. Once cold tug to release the curl- this is grea tip for taking it from Lil Miss Betty Beauty Pageant curls to something more wearable for your inner Lil Miss Retro Rhonda.  A light brush with a wide paddle brush or any cushioned style of brush can also ease the curl into a set wave. my hair is thin so I go very, very lightly and only once. I like this step - adds to feeling like a layyydddee much like powdering ones face with a compact does.
  5. As I said in the last post, befriend hairspray and spray like a rampant skunk in heat.

So Christmas morning is an ambitious time to attempt such a thing but with half a bottle of Moet inside me I believed I could do anything. Turns out I can, I might start having it for breakfast!

Now that I believe in the deep side part, I divided and conquered and blow-dried with some mousse (John Frieda Bountiful Body Mousse) plus a spritz of O&M Atonic Thickening Spray which I heart a lot.

Bountiful Body® Mousse

 Then applied said new curling techniques with my Remington Tribal Tong.

Then sprayed like a good thing with Sebastian Re-Shaper Hairspray which I'm really impressed with as it has serious staying power and sort of sits nicely between mega-strong hold and flexible. As did the judges of the Australian Beauty Awards apparently- crowning it with the Judges Choice Award in 2010.

It also has humidity protectant in it which was handy seeing as I was emphatic with my turkey basting and had my curls stuck inside an oven for half the afternoon. Quite the achievement on a 29 degree day!

The result - my first DIY retro curls:

Now maybe it was the fact that I was cooking up a festive culinary feast for my Mr Draper or the fact I was the owner of a Christmas pinny, I just felt that a Betty Draper look would suit the day.

And what else would put the finishing touch on such festive lady-like glamour? A Chanel lippie of course. I whipped out my Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in Bonheur , a beautiful sheer violet-plum. Another lipstick loophole for me the colour is dark but the texture is so light and glossy it kinda works, even more so I think with a dress of the same colour family.

Of course I am a total Draper fraud as I soon realised . I burned the arse of my Gordon Ramsay's cider & walnut gravy and concluded the day in my PJs eating cherry trifle from the bowl on the sofa watching The Royle family Xmas Special.

The antithesis of the demure Betty. 

Does this video enlighten you on achieving retro curls or am I truly a bit slow?

What was your Christmas Day look inspired by?

Do you love Betty as much as I do?


  1. Awwh your hair is beautiful! Love the lipstick too :)

  2. awwww I love the curls so very much!!! Your dress is absolutely adorable too!!

  3. Oh my gosh, Julie. You look amazing! Love your look from head to toe.


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