Saturday, 30 April 2011

I have a girl crush on Becca

I am seriously falling for a girl called Becca.......

She's a Perth born make-up artist (go the Aussie success stories!) that designed her own make-up range as she was fed up searching for her Holy Grail foundation.

She's one clever fox.
The more I try her products the more I love them. the more I see them , the more I want them.

I have her beach tint creme blushes in Watermelon & Grapefruit and adore them, blendable, sheer, & long lasting. Watermelon is a blueish-pink that gives a rosy flush, grapefruit gives that peachy pink summery glow.

As I mentioned in My Best Wishes lust list I am coveting after her Shimmering Skin Perfector and Pressed Shimmer powder as they are supposed to be super , super fine shimmer illuminators.

I also want to get my claws on an eye tint and a lip/brush creme amongst others.

As if that wasn't fuel enough for my obsession I discover this look "Ethereal ' on the website

I die.

Becca Ethereal look

This is my perfect make-up look, hair colour & style. Perfection. Swoon swoon, swoon.

There is a step by step product guide to achieving this look amongst others. That is a super cool feature for any cosmetics website to offer.

Check out the look book

I WANT it all.

(HINTBOMB friends and family for my upcoming Birthday!)

Becca I girl crush you.

Ethereal can I be you!

Which look do you love?

Have you tried any of the Becca products? What do you think?
Isn't Ethereal heavenly?

Who do you girl crush right now?

I have serious girl crushes on Drew Barrymore, Delta Goodroom, kate Hudson and Blake Lively to name a few. My hubby is "permitted" to fancy and overtly adore these chicks too!! Lucky boy!

My BFF Mane Hair Products I'm loving right now

As a Leo I am destined to be somewhat obsessed with my hair. I wish this obsession was born out of adoration for a luscious flowing mane but it stems from a rather thin, hard to grow, damaged mop. I recently had about 4-5 inches chopped off into a long-bob style to try to encourage it to be healthy and grow stronger and am determined now to keep it in peak condition. I spend my life trying to find the wonder products that will help my hair behave – here’s what I’m currently loving..

1. Kerastase Ciment Thermique - I blogged about this recently in my Bonding With Kerastase Ciment Thermique post. It has single handily revolutionized blow-drying and styling my hair and it holds my style for longer too,  all while sealing the cuticle, repairing and protecting from heat damage. Serious infatuation. Love, love, love, love, love......

2. Redken Blonde Glam Shampoo/Conditioner/Colour Enhancer (Rich Vanilla) - After looking back on old photos of when I used to use this I noticed my hair was glossy, bright and vibrant, I decided I must go back and use it again. It's such a great range for maintaining blonde tresses. The scent is sunny and citrusy with grapefruit oil and it has mica particles that impart a beautiful shimmer all while adding shine, conditioning, preventing fading and keeping your colour fresh. I do the Colour Enhancer treatment (a gloss/toner treatment) weekly, which removes brassiness and conditions and glosses your hair. I wouldn't replace a weekly conditioning treatment with this, I do that as well for nutrition and conditioning, this is more for colour brilliance. Nearly 3 months into my highlighting cycle, there has definitely been less fade.

3. KMS California Hair Play Sea Salt Spray + Batiste Boho - I have to list these together as they work so well for me when I use them in tandem. For my 2nd day hair I use the Batiste to give a great matte fluffed up texture and add volume at the roots and I use the KMS spray to enhance my natural kinks to waves. This is the best sea-salt spray I've used. Its not greasy at all and gives a nice matte texture too without the crunch you get from some seasalt sprays. Both smell unreal Bastiste Boho is earthy, citrusy and patchouli like (a lot like the Lush Karma scent). KMS is fresh and a little minty and eucalypty but not overkill. 

4.Kevin Murphy Easy Rider - My long lost favourite colourist in the world, Sally I love you (who I happily just got reacquainted with after a long maternity leave of absence) got me on to this defining and conditioning styling creme over 7 years ago. I've always had it in my hair stash since. I've not used anything else quite like it. You can add it to damp or dry hair to add separation, emphasis waves and give them more form or get more curl. It is also packed with vitamins, conditioners and the amazing scent of lavender and patchouli. I use it to take my 2nd day hair from frizzy kinks to beachy waves or give semi-straight hair some texture. The tub lasts me about 2 years!! There is a great little video on it here if you are curious

5.TREsemeé 24HR Root Boosting Spray - After I read several beauty editor's rave reviews on this I decided I have to give it a go. I have fine hair but tend not to use mousses or volume sprays as I feel they dull my hair. The beauty of this spray is in the nozzle, which allows you to inject a concentrated spray straight to the roots without getting the rest of the strands. You get serious lift where you need it without affecting the rest of your hair or dulling it out. I definitely notice there is significant bounce still on day two. I don't use this everyday but save it for when I head out and want to give me hair some oomph.

Have you used any of my Hair BFFs?

Whats your mane BFFs?

Were you an heir to good hair like the lovely Kate Middleton or did you inherit pauper whippet tail thin hair like me?

Want more Best Favourite Five lists see my BFF page here

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Skinny Bitch Lasagne

Skinny bitches don't eat pasta let alone lasagna right?

They dine on cucumber sticks and dust and frozen grapes as a "treat" (Yes Posh Spice I'm talking to you, that's no way, not a treat that's just sensitive teeth torture, a treat comes in the form of a Ben & Jerry's carton)

Granted proper lasagna like a the way a Mamma used to make it, may not be classed as waist friendly, but skinny bitches are a clever sort, they've cunningly devised a secret lasagna loop hole to slink through.

If you make this lasagna you can smugly wear your skinny bitch badge to dinner

Here is their oh so crafty recipe that I have been privy to add to my recipe repertoire having been in their club once , back when I was oh about 11.

Granted it's vegetarian, I'm not vegetarian, my husband is a vegatarianphobe, ie afraid, wary and distrustful of meatless meals. I've converted him, even on the tofu in this dish as it just sorts of melts in.

Trust me on this one.

Wholemeal or Spelt Lasagna Sheets
1 onion
2 cloves garlic
1/2 bag baby leaf spinach
1 pack of firm tofu
1 small carton low fat cottage cheese
2 eggs
1/2 jar passata and or 1 tin tomatoes
tomato paste/ Worcestershire sauce, both optional
Dried or fresh oregano or basil etc
1tbsp low fat shredded mozzarella

Choose from all or some of these vegies
1 pepper
2 carrots
1 aubergine/eggplant
1 courgette/zucchini
1 cup mushrooms

Its so simple to assemble and I am very random, I really just mindlessly chuck it altogether and it comes good.
  • Start by whizzing up the vegies in a food processor slicing the garlic, onion, aubergine , mushrooms and using the grater blade for the rest.
  • Soften the onion and the garlic in olive oil, then add the eggplant and get some colour on that, then add the rest of the grated vegies. Soften them all down
  • Add the tofu and saute for a few minutes
  • Add the tinned tomatoes and tomato paste/ Worcestershire sauce/ herbs (whatever you have and want to use)
  • Throw the spinach on top and wilt
  • Mix the eggs and the cottage cheese together and some grated nutmeg can be nice if you have it\
  • You can grease a baking dish with some olive oil, I don't bother
  • Start by layering a thin layer of passata at the bottom of the dish, then put 1 layer of pasta sheets on that, then layer 1/3 of the spinach/tofu mix, 1/3 of cottage cheese mix and repeat until you finish up on a layer of  pasta sheets, topped with a final layer of passata and then sprinkle with the low-fat mozzarella.
  • Cover with foil and bang in a 180 degrees oven for 35 mins uncovered
  • Go off and paint your nails/ do a face mask/ read Me, my best and I's blog or whatever you like to do before dinner (NB skinny bitches generally use this time to do crunches and squats, I skip this step as don't think it's necessary)
  • Remove the foil and bake for another 10-15 minutes
  • Slice serve and relish in your guilt free dinner while receiving awe and adoration from family, friends and your waistline.

Secret Skinny Bitch Lasagna

Why it works:
The spelt or wholemeal pasta makes this dish low GI as do the super duper vegie hit and the cottage cheese, tofu and eggs that load you up on lean protein. The tofu softens into the veggies and is inoffensive and the cottage cheese mix melts and goes oozy bubbly like bechamel would and the token morsels of low fat mozzarella give you the gooey cheesy goodness one expects from lasagna.

Do you have any secret skinny bitch recipes you got hold of that you conjur up?

Do you think Posh Spice's secret treat is a bunch of old grapes

I reckon Posh Spice is the skinny bitch ring leader, the one that  makes sure they all keep these recipes to themselves do you?

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Face of the (Every) Day

Oh yes so it's back to work today after 5 days of relaxed bliss over the Easter break.
Back to the daily grind, office etiquette, monotony, 9 to 5 and routine.


Its not that I mind my job, in fact I am quite enjoying it at the moment as we are introducing lots of cool initiatives and my boss is even calling me the SMP Manager (Social Media Platform) which does mean I get to play with social media most days!! Which isn't too far away from blogging........except it's IT which less face it is hardly anywhere near as shiny and sexy as cosmetics!!

I think it's just the routine of it all really that bores me and probably most of you too. (Oh to work from home...) so when doing my make-up at home yesterday playing with this shadow and that blusher I started philosophising over my Philosophy lipshine. I realised that I am actually a creature of routine too. I have conformed to the cyclic nature of the corporate working week. Monday through Friday I wear virtually exactly the same make-up look. Week in, week out.

 I thought maybe its because I go to the gym most mornings (same class on the same day, every week) I carry with me my essential make-up items so I don't shake it up at all. However when I don't go the gym for whatever reason that morning and do my make-up at home, it's still the same look I do. Yes you could set your watch by me.

However as routine as it is I still enjoy doing my make-up every morning. it is a task that I take pleasure in. It relaxes me, makes me feel happy and puts a spring in my step for the rest of my day.

I think the reasoning is that I have found products that last for me. I hate nothing more than going to the bathroom at 3pm and all my make-up has disappeared. Give or take a few eye-shadows, blushers and lip glosses, I am loyal to my basics because of that.

So here it is. The daily line-up and wether I will keep using the same product going forward or am open to change (shock);

My and my best Face of the Every Day

1) Dermalogica Clearing Mattifier - I put this on my t-zone. It primes, mattifies and has salicylic acid to help clear and decongest skin during the day KEEPER

2)(a) Estee Lauder Double Wear in Desert Beige- wins out over every foundation I have ever tried for staying on, staying put and not drying, caking or fading. I put it on with the Eco-tools foundation brush. This foundation is heavy going on brushes. its hard work washing it out of them. this brush is sturdy washes well and is well priced for when I need to replace it. Cruelty free as a bonus too. KEEPERS

3) Bourjois, Bio-Detox Under-Eye Concealer - It has a rollerball so I love how it cools my always tired eyes. It does the job, no more, no less. OPEN TO CHANGE

4)Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon - I love this for a healthy rosy glow, blends super easy and lasts all day too KEEPER

5)Clinique Colour Surge Eye-Shadow in Champagne - a good base colour. Slight shimmer but mostly matte. Easy to do a wash with. Not too pale on the brow bone so looks natural in daylight. Lasts well. OPEN TO CHANGE

6)(b)(c) Clinique Colour Surge Eye-Quad  Strawberry Fudge duo + Gold Rush + daybreak - I love this, it was a GWP so to purchase again I think I will need to buy separatly. its got good shimmer (not glitter) last the whole day long and the colours work- the pink colour actually is like a rose-gold on and Daybreak is perfect for natural definition during the day. Will replace if  I can buy the quad. Don't like carrying around separates. I use (b)Benefit Fluff & (c)MAC 217 to apply. KEEPER & OPEN TO CHANGE  (quad availability depending)

7) It was Almay Intense Eye Colour Kohl in Royal Slate but since discovering CoverGirl liquiline that I recently reviewed  I will be keeping this as its so easy to glide on. I will probably replace the Brown Blaze with grey when it runs out though. KEEPER

8) Mac Opulash - the best mascara for me that I recently reviewed considering my sensitive peepers. KEEPER

9)(e) All about Glo Diamond Glow - fab illuminating powder that is so fine. sadly its been discontinued so have to replace put on with my trusty (e) Body Shop Bronzing Powder Brush thats lost a handle along the way. Have the Becca Shimmering Pressed Powder on my wish list  and the MAC or Sigma  fan brush which I've read great reviews on for applying bronzer. OPEN TO CHANGE

10(d) MAC Bronzing Powder with Manicare Blusher Brush - while I like this bronzer as its matte(ish) and a good pale brown that's not orange, I find I use it too quickly and /or they break. Have the Nars or Benefit on my wish list  as replacements. OPEN TO CHANGE

11) Max Factor Lipfinity in Shimmering Pink. This really does last and is the perfect natural peach/pink on me. I put a light layer on and blend with my finger for the best finish, otherwise it settles in your lips if you apply like you would a normal gloss. KEEPER

12) Prada Eau de Parfum Ambre Tendre  in  a Refillable Spray 80ml  - I love this for every day spicy and floral but baby powder soft. The travel size is such a gem. I am nearly out though so have been using (13) instead. KEEPER

13) Lush Solid Perfume, Orange Blossom I reviewed this recently. So fresh and light and handy in the stick form KEEPER

So thats my FOTED!!

Whats yours or do I need to face facts that are you way more exciting and change yours everyday?

Thank heavens for weekends and holidays or my face might get bored and go off with another make-up bag then file for divorce eh?

Any recs for my replacements?

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

The Small Genes

I have the small gene. Thanks Ma, thanks Pa. 

Yes I am genetically minified, standing fully erect at 5ft 31/2 inches, I won't even tell you what that is metrically, sounds too small compared to a metre stick.

However I have learned to accept this vertical challenge always resigning to the fact that I'm not small I'm fun-sized or as my Mum used to say "Good goods come in small packages." (This obviously wasn't in the same conversation as the birds and the bees if ya know what I mean.....) 

My small woman syndrome doesn't ever really rear it's little head until that is I am shopping for jeans. I know most woman hate this task due to some body quirk or another that makes shopping for one's denim harder than navigating a minefield, blind-folded on crutches in 6inch platforms.

My "quirk" is that I am usually too short. Jeans are always a few inches too long for me and I hate having them taken up:
a) On principal!!It's so sizeist, why should all the jeans be tailored for the long of limb?
b) I am impatient I want to wear them now
c) You lose that nice seam at the end that is irreplaceable
d) I never know whether to take them up to wear with flats or heels as if you cater for one you exclude the other

This brings me to a 40% off voucher I was emailed for Jeanswest over the Easter weekend. I never shop in there, actually I don't even know how I am on their mailing list. 

It is however situated just outside Myer in Westfield, Chatswood. Perfect position to catch me skipping out of there on a cosmetic high after a pretty well valued haul.

I nonchalantly tried on a pair of their Petites Super Skinny range.

It was fit at first sight, the very first pair I tried on. The length is just perfect for flats but will also sit neatly for heels too. They are a seamless fit for me, like a glove, albeit a tight one with just enough lycra to allow for some shallow, short breathing. the shop assistant assures me this is perfect and they will stretch up to half a size after the first few wears and a wash. He was right they have.

However there was one teensy weensy thing thing that just made the experience all the nicer and that was the above little note that was attached to the back pocket, if this little ode to us wee folk doesn't make you feel 6ft tall, nothing will!! So much so I've kept the little ditty and have it on my dressing table to remind me to always think big and stand tall, even when jeans shopping. I it should be mandatory that all jeans come with such a little note to ease denim-induced shopping pain. Don't you?

Whats your favourite jeans?
Do you struggle when buying jeans too?
Have you found your perfect pair and shop in the same jean-pool all the time?
Have you seen the movie Darby O'Gill & the little people?

Sunday, 24 April 2011

I'm Her Liebster

Last night just when I thought nothing could make me happier than a day filled with chocolate, hot cross buns and five glasses of my favourite Alcante Pinot Grigio, something did. In fact it warmed my heart more than my favourite episode of Friends, like ever, could;

I came home after a gorgeous Thai out with my hubby, scoffing a dark chocolate gelato from Pompeii's, life was particularly rosy, but the perfect day and evening was further topped off when I arrived home to discover the ever-lovely Nat of Raspberry Rouge had nominated me as one of her Liebster Blog Awards!!

Such a compliment coming form such a professional looking blog. Nat swatches some really beautiful cosmetics with great pictures to match, she seems to have similar taste in products to me so I always look forward to her reviews and she also is home to the cool Nail Wall , which is just a smorgasbord of fab swatches.

As I learned through my heavenly wine haze last night, The Liebster Award is designed to bring well deserved additional recognition to those bloggers with less than 300 followers. If you receive the award you link back to the blogger that nominated you and nominate 3 more blogs.

It's just so lovely for a blow-in blogger like myself who has only been rattling on for the past month or so to receive such a lovely compliment. I tell you it warms my heart better than anything a Pinot Grigio could ever do to think that people are actually reading what you write and even more so that they enjoy it!!

So passing on my feelings of festive joy I would like to announce the nominees for the Me, my best and I Liebster Blog Award in the category of total fabulous and awesome blog chickies.............

(drum roll)
(tentative pause and lingering, suspense-filled silence)
  1. Jade Musing - I first discovered Jade's blog via the Vogue forum and she is responsible for my love of Woolworth's microfibre face washers!! Since getting my iPhone I've been able to keep up with all her blog posts more easily which I always find balanced and honest . I also find she has a kind of hippy zen that really translates and appeals to me and I just feel I can always relate to her posts. She has similar taste in scents to me, so if she likes the smell of a product I generally know I will too. I also think she has a cool laissez-faire in her videos that makes them all the more enjoyable. I feel she is being herself and not trying too hard which makes for great reviewing, braver than I am- am sooo not at the videoing stage yet!
  2. Hair Romance - as a Leo I am obsessed with my hair but not because I love my mane , because it frustrates me. I always wanted to have a friend who was a hairdresser so I could get them to answer all my never-ending hair questions conundrums. Her blog sort of  fills this void for me and I love the Hair Romance's advice and suggestions and her stylish site. I find her expertise so helpful (I owe being able to wear a headscarf to her!), her hair seems similar to mine (albeit much more luscious and thick) and am so excited about her May challenge of a new twist and pin do every day. Cool idea and I can't wait to see what she posts.
  3. alazygirlsguidetobeauty - Katelin is such a sweetie and she posted my very first comment on my blog. Her comments are always so lovely and since the first I always look forward to the next! She shares my love of Lush and is always tempting me with her Lush posts too...she's a nurse too, I always trust a nurse's advice!!
(wolf whistles, woot woots and applause)

Anyway what nicer time of year than Easter to share the love and pay it forward, Easter Bunny stylee....

So ladies, who's your Liebster??

Saturday, 23 April 2011

The VaVaVoom Twins

With more VaVaVoom than you can shake a dayglo stick at a 1992 acid house rave at, this Orly bright certainly delivers a punch!!

Orly VaVaVoom

It doesn't even look as neon in this picture as it is in real life and it has a slightly matte finish without the shiny topcoat I've added (call me old fashioned but I can't get my head around matte finishes). It's mega brightness also actually works with my pale skin tone and I think its best teamed with a neutral outfit.

I am wearing a khaki parka today and it looks really good with that green but tonight I plan to keep it simple in black and white and spice it up with a little VaVaVoom!!

I had never tried such a neon before but was always curious when I saw them in nail salons so when I won a recent Orly Twitter giveaway (ie aTwin!) I was most excited to get my VaVaVoom on....

Orly Twins
From Left to Right
VaVaVoom, Coquette Cutie, Here Comes Trouble, Bubbly Bombshell

Am dying to also try Coquette Cutie (it's a lot like my favourite Revlon Coral temptation) so will swatch soon but forgive me as I'm not a glitter polish girl (seriously, I can't even get my head around mattes) so will add the Here Comes Trouble and Bubbly Bombshell to my nifty get to fifty followers giveaway.

Thursday, 21 April 2011

My BFF Tanning Products for a Faux Glow

No "UH OH LiLo" moments guaranteed
We've all been there a dodgy fake tan. Never good to look like an orange who has just been zested!!
There are those shockers, you know the ones you could probable see from space that are so obviously luminously orange, or the dirty,dark ones that look like someone has just come straight from a mud-wrestling ring. Nasty, nasty, nasty
Here is my list of preferred tanning products , direct from the limbs of a lily white girl living in a city of bronzed amazonian goddesses!!
  1. Dove Gradual Tanner – I always get the Medium to Dark as the Fair to Medium actually goes a bit orangey. I can’t live without these now and find my other tanning products redundant on my shelf. It smells light and fresh, minimal pong as it develops, absorbs quickly, skin is left soft, wears really well. I bang it on 3 times a week with not much care and attention and it works a treat.
  2. Xen Tan – I like the cream or the mousse. The cream gets darker results. I use this in summer. I think it’s the darkest formula I can use that stays olivey not orange thanks to a green undertone pigment. Loaded with cocoa butter for really soft skin. More expensive than the others. I like their bronzing powder too. I also like their face tanner. One of the best lines around in my opinion.
  3. St Tropez - A classic, similar to the Xen Tan in that it’s green pigmented to counteract orangeyness. Again I go mousse or lotion. The lotion is messier but darker. I worked and trained in this in one of the 1st salons to use this back in the day in Dublin. It still leads the pack 12 years on in my opinion.
  4. Tuscan Tan Gradual Tan Extender Mousse - This is a step up from a gradual tanner and a step down from numbers 2 & 3. The mousse is really easy to apply gives a really good natural glow that’s not too dark but still golden. I also get it for approx $22 on so its great value. The tube lasts ages. Reminds me I’m out……..
  5. Sunshimmer Instant Tan Make-up by Rimmel -This is a God send when time to tan is low. Provides an instant sunkissed look for face and body,. It dries instantly, leaving skin feeling soft and looking naturally tanned. Perfect when my legs are pasty and I went to let them out and play. There is a lovely powdery, marshmallowy scent you can smell all day. It wears well and I don’t find it rubs off. It also helps to mask freckles, veins etc. I loved the lotion but have
So tell me do you Tan Go or Tan No? Do you hit the bottle when you need some glow?

Poor Li-Lo , when will she learn. There are no words to decribe the errors of her tanning ways!!

Whats your faux tan of choice?

Want more Best Favourite Five lists see my BFF page here

Pushing up Marc's Daisies

Here is a link to try a free sample of Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau so Fresh from Myer/DJs.

I'll be nabbing mine when heading to Kit today to get my free Origins cleanser (EEK!), that I read about on Twitter and on Jade's blog  Call me a lightweight but I tend to always like the lighter versions of fragrances released!!

The Easter Bunny is being very generous this year already !!

So a little update on my bargain pre-Easter Myer haul that left me with more spring in my step then Mr E. Bunny himself...

 Firstly I got the Marc Jacobs Eau so Fresh Daisy sample. As expected I prefer the lighter to the original . Its sweet, fruity but soft and powdery to balance it. The have the cutest GWP that is an adorable daisy showercap and coin purse. FREE

Then I skipped over to Benefit, tried Pillow Talk lipstick on, love even though its a bright enough pink its wearable and neutral enough. (Yoink on to the lust list.) I picked up Finding Mr Bright which is just too cute for words. I'm having a make-up free day today but am out tomorrow so will trial it then. $15 (should have been $45 but i had a voucher leftover from a wedding present)

Then I dropped of my Natio cleanser empty from my Wahay for payday empties in exchange for my Origins Balance & Check face wash from Kit Cosmetics. Perfect to keep in the shower. Haven't tried yet as showered in Bikram Yoga today but its smells delish, chamomile, spearmint, bergamot. Right up my face washing alley....
FREE thanks KIT Cosmetics

While at Kit with the lovely Kyah in Chatswood ( a mini Dita Van Teese lookalike with the coolest fake eyelashes!) she gave me some Mario Badescu sample prods to try for my skin which is breaking out since coming of the pill. My skin is really congested so I got the Glycolic Foaming cleanser as reviewed by Miss Chew recently, the Glycolic Acid toner and the Drying cream. I also got a card to come back for a free mini-facial too. I had a Hydradermabrasion/Dermalogica deep cleanse last night so am hoping my skin starts to behave itself again soon. FREE

Not bad for $15 and an empty Natio cleanser eh?

I then nipped into Jeanswest and found a great pair of skinny jeans in their petite range , a denim shirt dress and 3 cotton puff-sleeve tops for work, I had a 40% offer off so scored them all for $125. Seriously!!If only I could be as frugal with the hot cross buns. I'm on number 6 and rising...... be rude to the Easter Bunny not to right?? Anyway I heard he's a bad ass rabbit if you cross him, bit of a bunny-boiler so rumour has it...........

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

I'm half up but half down at the same time

Now I don’t know about you but I’m terribly un-co at the best of time when doing my hair. My hair style repertoire is limited to say the least, straight, tonged, scrunched with sea-salt spray, pony & chignon and I don’t really over achieve on any of those styles to be frank.

So I was inspired recently by my favourite hair blog, The Hair Romance to attempt a ½ up, ½ down style a la Blake Lively and Nicole Richie.

I usually shy away from this style because of my hair being too thin so halving it is just exasperating that fact and also because 90% of the time I have some regrowth going on down there under the top half of my barnett!!

However on reading the Hair Romance’s explanation I had a bit of a ding-dong, light bulb, eureka moment. Her instruction to twist and pin seemed to solve the volume issue and the scarf and tucking the scarf under the ½ pony would never have occurred to me had I not analysed her pics and seemed to offer a guise for any rootage I might be sprouting. This may seem obvious to some but not to this hairstyling amateur!!

And here is my attempt. This was my 1st attempt too!!

Side on

From the back
The pieces coming out of the twist are accidental but worked I though!

I tell you I surprised myself five times over with this one!!

a) I could have the co-ordination to pull it together
b) I had a use for a scarf I was yet to ever use
c) I liked it so much I wore it out shopping to my local Westfield
d) It stayed put
e) My husband’s response, he was a big fan

Anyway thought I’d share in case you seemed to be a little bit remedial in the hairstyling department like me and wanted to give it a go!!
PS just noticed both the Hair Romance & I were wearing stripey t-shirts. Total coincidence!!

So what about you do you find yourself sometime 1/2 up sometimes 1/2 down like me!?
Do you think stripey tops are conducive to wearing half ponies or is it the other way round?
Any other simple hairstyles you are loving at the moment that you think this un-co chick could master?

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Girl uncovers bargain eyeliner & lipstain

 Well there I was minding my own business, doing my monthly dash in Priceline replacing the usual empty essentials when I spotted the CoverGirl 50% off sale. Now I’m sure in my “can’t buy unless replacing” contract there is some small print on allowing to partake in such indulgences. (If not can my legal department please draw up a new contract with amendments to part 2(i) subclause (a), reference moments of bargain priced weakness.)

My reasoning went as such

“Oh hold up. What’s this you say there Drew Barrymore, 50% off, well I see, isn’t that generous of you, this stuff really is a steal, gee whiz what do I kinda need…. Mmmm , brown eyeliner well I don’t actually own any brown eyeliners………oh and this pretty little lip texter type stain thingo that looks so good on Jessica Biel in the ads, they might be a little nice on moi, oh I don’t really own any other make-up that come in texter format……..”

So off I bound $17 lighter out of Priceline with a Liquilineblast eyeliner pencil in Brown Blaze and an Outlast Lipstain in Teasing Blush. Teasing offer indeed.

After the heady excitement of my bargain find, would my purchases meet the grade?

Well Drew, Jessica and Covergirl, you easily , breezily, beautifully did! Oh my giddy Aunt I was rather impressed!

Firstly the Liquilineblast pencil.
Mocha Choca lata ya ya yea, Creole ladyeeeeee Liquilineeeee!!
CoverGirl LiquilineEyeliner Brown Blaze
The Brown Blaze is a nice rich brown, almost espresso in colour, with ample pigment with a built in smudger with lid (how long will that last..) on one end.

The appeal however is in the texture. I haven’t used a pencil quite with the same texture. Its almost like a gel pencil, it glides effortlessly across your eyelid and doesn’t catch or bump along the way, leaving a really thin even line. I think I squealed the first time I experienced it. You can then do any smudging you need and it has quite a good waxy texture so the smudginess is very gradual so that you don’t go really messy on first smudge you would need to work it a bit if you wanted a good smudgy line.

It stays put too. I was amazed today post sweaty circuit training in the gym that it held true. Impressed? I am!! The swatches I did on my arm in Priceline actually survived a bath last night only coming off when I rubbed it with a face washer!!

I think I’ll head back for the aubergine and grey colours. Great for those that love a gel liquid liner but want the convenience of a pencil.

Then there was the Outlast Lipstain in Teasing Blush

Teasing myself into wearing lip colour
CoverGirl Outlast Lipstain Teasing Blush

Sticking with my trying to branch out to more exciting lipsticks than nude as you may have read in my Am I Reddy? post, I’m liking lipstains. They are sort of like dipping your toe in without taking the plunge (currently loving Becca Lip & Cheek Tint in Watermelon & Grapefruit, thanks Madison Mag!) the Teasing Blush seemed least scary.

You apply them with a neat little texter tip, the texture is quite liquid and with a hint of berry scent which is yum. I find if you line your lips with them, you can then dense on a bit of stain and I pat it in then with my fingers to finish. At first I thought it was too red for me but it settled well and I am quite enjoying. It feels so much less scarier than a full red/pink crème formula. Its not hugely long lasting, you would need to apply at least once more in the day. I didn’t find it drying really at all which I know some stains can be. The other colours all seemed quite dark, but will take a nosey again at them just to see

So what do you think? Have Drew & Jessica done it again?
Have you used a pencil that feels like a gel, would love to know if there are others out there worth checking out?
Are you loving cheek & lip stains are showing distain for them!!
Nabbed anything else in this CoverGirl Crazy sales?

Monday, 18 April 2011

Tag Hagging - Would You Rather?

Am a total tag hag!! I love reading people's opinions to these sorts of beauty related questions.
So would you rather.........?

1. Go out with messy hair and nice make-up or nice hair and messy make-up?
I'll take the messy hair. Messy hair rocks. My hair will end up messy anyway!! Messy make-up does not (Except maybe smudged morning after type eyeliner done very well)

2. Shave your eyebrows or have your eyelashes fall out?
Shave my eyebrows any day over having no lashes. Lashes are everything without them I'm nothing.......... I can't even handle not having my eyelashes tinted!!

3. Forced to shop at only MAC or Sephora for the rest of your life?
I'll take Sephora for it's diversity. If only they had an Australian store though.......

4. Wear the lipgloss / lip liner look or 80's perm?
Eww both nasty.  Maybe I'd prefer to rock out a big perm than have that awful drag queen lip line.

5. Leave the house with obvious foundation line or over done blush?
Over done blush, I live in perma-fear of a tideline. Over done blush could look maybe a little cool, maybe in the right light, in the right shade, with the right outfit!! Tidelines are never cool.

6. MC Hammer pants or biker shorts in public?
My husband HATES harem pants so I would not live it down. I'd have to go biker shorts. He'd be like mmmmm Lycra. Boys don't get it!

7. Bad orange-y spray tan or weird tan lines that cannot be covered?
Tango me evenly over tango me unevenly

8. Bad haircut or bad hair colour?
Hair colour. I've had 2 very awful botched fringes in my life. I spent every morning for 2 months crying, trying to style the monstrosity. I'd take a naff colour any day

9. YouTube or Twitter taken away forever?
YouTube. Sometimes they take too long to load. Twitter is an instant hit - the beast is more addictive than base lining crack I reckon

10. Give up using make-up brushes or mascara?
Make-up brushes. I have fingers. I've said it before, a life without lashes just AIN'T worth living

If you got to hear your a tag hag too, so go on, pay the tag love forward!!

Thanks to Beauty Soiree, who I nabbed the tag from who got it from All Things Beauty who probably got it from somewhere else...........tis the nature of the beast!

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Mug Shot

As you may know from a previous post I am a tea-totaller. A total tea-addict. T2 is my mecca.

I was in there again today and scored the coolest,  most cleverest mug. Mugs are a very personal thing. I drink that much of the stuff I think it warranted the $28 price tag.

T2 Mug Shot
It's sunny bright and orange , like a soothing hug in a mug. Bigger than your average mug which I love as when i go to the troubleof making the perfect brew I want more bang for my buck!!

What sealed the deal for me is that it also comes with a strainer thats sits inside so you can use loose leaf tea but the real deal cincher is the clever little creamic lid. You can keep the lid on when you are brewing iuts so its stays perfectly hot andthen use the lid as a little saucer when you take the leaf strainer out so you don't mess up the coffee table. My coffee table is glass and I keep leaving rings on it from taking the strainers out of my other crappy short stack mugs!!

This mug is life changing!! I'm loving it!!

I also got my other two favourite teas I've blogged about before Passion & Detox.

T2 Haul

The ever lovely staff also the in some chai samples for me as I had the most amazing chai tea after dinner in Catalinas last week and have been hankering to make some of my own to try to try and emulate it.

Do you drink from a favourite mug.
Do you think I'm a bit of a muggins for spending $28 on a cup?
Are you a chai fan?
Do you think I might need some tea therapy?

Wahay For Pay Day Empties- April

As it seems most others are doing too, I am following the "I can only buy products when replacing an empty" mantra. Come the 15th of the month which is pay day, I am excited and feel liberated by my empties list. Hence the wahay and also a woot woot!! I am now armed with a list of things I need. Priceline here I come!

This is my stash of empties for this month

Out with the old in with new.
Empty Excitement!!

Cutex 8 hr Rescue Hand Cream
Replacing? No
It's too heavily scented. I am using Aveeno Hand & Body cream at my desk instead. No scent but great for sensitive skin, which my hands seem to go at the start of winter

Rexona Deodarant - Crystal Pure Silver
Replacing? No
I prefer the blue version. This purple scent wasn't strong enough and I don't think worked as well!!

Dove Summer Glow - Medium - Dark
Replacing - Always
This is my HG tanning product at the moment (see my previous post, BFF tanning list)

All about Glo Luminous Glow
Replacing? Sadly no, they have discontinued it
I plan to buy Benefit's Finding Mr Bright Kit instead which has High Beam and Girl Meets Pearl illuminators in it

Almay Bright Eyes Concealer
Replacing? No!
I got this when I had issues with my eyes reacting to things as Almay is great for sensitized skin. I didn't find it that good at all, thin, not very long lasting, not enough coverage and I didn't find had much illuminating properties for dark circles either. A fail! Benefit's Finding Mr Bright Kit has erase paste concealer in it which is meant to be excellent for under eyes so that will replace this nicely. Yes have you noticed I'm trying to justify buying Finding Mr Bright!!

VO5 Hot Oil treatments (Moisturising)
Replacing - Always!!
I do one per week as well as a toner treatment and a deep conditioning treatment as part of my mission to get hair in really good condition , post chop. I've read Cindy Crawford and Hedi Klum are big fans. If its good enough for them!! you get 4 of them for $7.....can't go wrong.

L'Oreal Infallible Concealer
Replacing - No
Its meant to last for 12-18 hours. it doesn't last long on me at all. I tend to use my double wear foundation that i dab on with a concealer brush to hide spots. It is the longest lasting formula that I've found. Benefit's Bo-ing is a close second.

David Jones High Shine Lip Gloss (No colour name the pack but is a good pinky/coral)
Replacing? Maybe
 I got this as a present. I really like the colour. Its quite a sticky, vinyl shine gloss with no glitter or shimmer, it doesn't last very long on the lips but I like if for going out at night in summer.

L'Oreal Elvive Royal Jelly Conditioner
Replacing? Maybe
I starting re-using this in the gym and forgot how good it is. I am loving Redken Glam Blonde  range at the moment but this is the best low-end conditioner I've used for my hair. Smells of honey and leaves hair soft and bouncy but not that over shiny soft that gets greasy too quickly due to too much silicone eg Pantene

L'Oreal Body Tonic Sugar Scrub
Replacing? Yes
I bought this on the run up to wedding when i was really committed to scrubbing twice a week to gte great skin for my wedding dress. This is a great scrub, its nice and grainy thanks to the sugar, but they also dissolve and you have the double action of AHAs. Its really citrusy and fresh. Like summer in a bottle. I love it!!

Natio Gentle Skin Toner with Rosewater and Chamomile
Replacing? No
I don't know why they call this gentle. It stings me slightly. i much prefer their sensitive range toner which has salcylic acid and rosewater and aloe vera. Am going back to Dermalogica Anti-Oxidant Hydramist this month (I get on e-bay for 1/2 the price from US)

Nivea Q10 Tinted Moisturiser
Replacing? Probably for now
This is really quite good. It bums me its only SPF15, which is OK now its coming to winter so I would but it again as its good consistency, its good to get a hit of anti-ageing Q10 and its reasonably priced. Come Spring I will replace it with Hissy Fit or Laura Mercier, both SPF 30 and get good reviews.

Natio Gentle Foaming Cleanser
Replacing? Probably not
I got this in a GWP I think so used to use it in the shower only. I don't like foaming cleansers (I use special Cleansing Gel by Dermalogica religiously) but this actually doesn't foam, which is a bit stupid that they name it that. It is soap free.Its quite soothing in that sense and is a real aromatherapy hit which i liked with sandalwood, rosewood and calendula.

So what are you buying this month?
Are you a glass half full when you see all the empty glasses chick like me?
Or do empty vessels make the most noise!!
Do you follow a "I can only buy products when replacing an empty" mantra

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Dior Gift With Purchase Mes Cheries

Oh I love a gift with purchase but alas this petit cherie is on a spending ban except essentials. I can't justify something essential from Dior. (really, not even a teensy weensy lippie, no, no I must not)

Zut Alors.

Allez sans moi mes cheries and please report back on what delights you got, so I can live vicariously through you.


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Give it away, give it away, give it away now

I am bellowing out a really bad rendition of this Red Hot Chilli Peppers song right now. Are you? Bet you will sing it in your head later. Damn earworms!! I always loved this video.

So I just wanted to wax lyrical about giveaways for a moment. I think its such a cool initiative that bloggers undertake giveaways. It's not like beauty bloggers don't spend enough on their subject matter (read addiction) and fork out lots of cash on trialing and erroring new products.

I've just been checking out Emily's Anthology giveaway and its such a big haul, but the real appeal is it's packed full of Asian goodies I would never usually get to try. Its like a whole new playground for me. I always love picking up products overseas when travelling and I always have a nosey around local pharmacies overseas to see what treats they have and what other product lines they carry across the big names that we don't see here.

So for all the beauty blog giveaway peeps. Props to you. Sterling job, it demonstrates a great community spirit.

So with that said I think I need to get amongst it.
I'm going to cook up a giveaway to launch when I reach 50 followers. Hopefully a goodie!

Wth luck that day is not too far away.......... we'll see . I'll do my best xx

Since posting this I have also blog-met with Emma Jane of the lovely Uncannily we both launched “Fifty Followers for a Giveaway” on the same day and we were exactly the same follower wise, so I have a blog buddy to join me on our get to fifty followers campaign!!

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Washing away my mascara woes

Mascara is king. It's my one stop beauty product I can't live without. You could take it all away but you would have to leave me with my mazzie. I would not like to be in a world that is without mascara and nor would my eyes or the rest of my make-up because without it, everything just looks wrong.

So you can imagine my utter distress when my eyes started playing funny beggars on me two years ago. I am a contact lens wearer so am prone to dry eyes, but this was worse, much, much worse. My eyes developed blepharitis. A nasty beastie of a condition that is basically dried and blocked tear ducts and eyelash follicles resulting in puffy, scaly red eyes and eyelids,  something like this heinous picture;

Bah- nasty blepharitis
I went through a few months of sheer distress and a process of trial and error eliminating eye products to try and relieve the condition. The very last trial I did was mascara, because I did not want to know the answer. Turns out its not so much the mascara but the removal of mascara that flares me up, even with the gentlest most sensitive removers. Bummer Maximus.

What the hell was I supposed to do now?

Then like a port in the storm I got wind of wash off mascaras. A nifty invention that seemed newish to the market, whereby they use polymers and waxes and the like in the formula so it forms a tube-like seal around each lash. These seals then dissolve on contact with warm water and effortlessly wash away down the sink like magic. No rubbing, smudging or panda eyes involved. I gave it a go, I would have given anything a  go back then.

By George it worked. The mascara wasn't the issue at all. It was in fact something to do with the rubbing    and dissolving of my mascara. Two years on I am blepharitis free, but if I do stray back to a standard mascara, it creeps back in no time. That does however make me quite informed on the subject of washable mascaras so I feel I must share.

Now please bear in mind I was trying to replace my ideal mascara, which would float between YSL Le Faux Cils, DiorShow and L'Oreal Double Extend so my bar was set high. Very, very high.

Here are my findings.

Mirenesse 24 HR Secret Weapon Ranks 4th out of 4
  • It is very long lasting and your lashes stay a little flexible which is nice for a change
  • You really see the tubes come off your eyes and down the sink
  • It comes in a variety of brush heads and formulas to suit your lash wishes
  • Dries out very quickly, they suggest thinning with some sterile warm water which works but not for long
  • Some flaking particularly if you have clumped it. It takes a while to set so you are prone to clumping by brushing off it when not fully dry
  • It separated and gave length but didn't give the thickness I was used to
  • Quite a watery formula, takes some getting used to applying
  • You can't reapply a layer later on the formulas juss clumps if you do
Shiseido - The Mascara  Ranks 3rd out of 4

  • Shiseido make great mascaras and the thickness of the brush sent me into excitement overdrive
  • It really does amp up your lashes, thickness, depth of colour, length. I was quite amazed by the results
  •  I was quite saddened by this con as the results were so so good but its an absolute nightmare to get off. It really doesn't dissolve like the others, making me need to rub . It would take me another attempt the next morning at which stage my eyes felt really dry and like they may just slip back into blephy-yuckness again
Clinque Lash Power Ranks a close 2nd out of 4

  • Smaller brush than what I am used to but actaully I got used to it and it gives great, buildable separation and length, and you can get right in there to the corner lashes and bottom ones.
  • Quite dense pigment
  • Holy budgeproof. It takes at least 15 seconds of holding warm water to the eyes to get this baby to slip. Great for holidays, gym, hot yoga etc
  • Formula lasted in the tube for months
  • You really need to get the water warm enough and held against the eye (either by cupping in your hand or I use a face washer)
  • Still didn't get the really good volume I was after. I did have great length though
MAC Opulash
Ranks 1st out of 4
The winner!! MAC Opulash
Sweeps the trifecta, length, volume, separation

MAC don't really market this as a wash-off mazzie but it sure is
    This is today's MAC Opulash that I threw on.
    One coat, rush job,this morning at 7am. No curling.
    This pic was taken at 4:30pm
  • Really large head with thick bristles. you know its going to amp your lashes before you even use it.
  • Really good black pigment
  • The trifecta. Lengthens, separates add volume.
  • Layers well and sets quickly enough
  • No flaking, lasts all day and evening
  • Washes off really easily, no rubbing required
  • Formula stays true for ages. I've had this tube since December and had it in the heat in Bali for 3 weeks and its still going
I actually can't find is that good.

To be honest, the Clinique is also a real goodie. I always have one of each on the go. Heavens forbid I misplace one!! Opulash is what I would reach to for night time or more dressed up day wear.

So in summary washable mascaras are for you if;

  • You want something smudge proof and non flaking
  • Your eyes get irritated if you rub them/remove make-up from them
  • You need something long-wearing for the gym/holidays etc
  • If you hate panda eyes and taking mascara off

So have you ever had blah Blepharitis? I hope not?
Would you use a washable mascara? tried any?
Would you rather receive 100 lashes with a naily leather whip than go out of the house without your mazzie. Yes me too!

Monday, 11 April 2011

Am I reddy?

Red and me. We have a love/fear relationship,  in that I love it as a colour all bold and loud, minxy and fiery. I wear it in pops; shoes, tops, dresses heck even my iPhone cover and work notepad are racy red leather.

However when it comes to my hair and lips I fear it slightly. Its a healthy awe-inspired fear whereby I lust after red hair and lips from afar but when it comes down to dying my hair red or wearing a bright red lip I fear away. Damn I wish I could grow some balls.

So in order to treat this acute form of cosmetic erythryphobia (yes there is a real term for this fear) I decided to take the plunge and start with the lips. Wipe- offable and less committing. I stalked out a few red lippies in Priceline I thought I would like to wear, finally settling on Rimmel Colour Show Off in Kiss Me. More of a crimson that had an element of coral in it I thought would work better on my pale skin and be a bit more summery.

Curing erythrophobes. One stick at a time
Rimmel Colur show-Off lipstick in Kiss Me
I decided to wear it a few Saturdays ago, when out for dinner with my Husband. I teamed it with a white vest and jeans to keep everything else simple. I prepped my lips with a nude BYS lip liner. Then layered, blotted. layered, powdered and layered to try and keep it on there. Paranoid much?I was so wary of smudging it and the colour wearing off but I got used to it and I have to say I liked it eventually. Hubby made a little strange but I think he got used to it to.

Would I wear again? Yes but not anywhere too on show that I would not be able to touch it up. I did have to keep sneaking peeks to make sure it was looking OK.

So maybe I am part cured. That leaves me with my hair. After 14 years of being a blonde (faux of course) I really would love to give red a go. I discussed with my hairdresser and she advised me to get my ends in really good nick first which I'm really sticking to. I just need the final push.

If I do happen to sprout a pair of balls this is what I think I would strive for........

Me and my best red

I would still like some texture in the underneath strands to break it up a little too like Olivia in the top pic. base tone wise I like Mischa's in the bottom left and I like the tonal strands in Kourtneys on bottom right.

I will keep you posted this blonde might be reddy soon, someday, just maybe.

Do you wear red lippie with confidence and ease? Any tips for making it smudge proof and long wearing?
What cosmetic phobias do you have?
Do you think I'd make a good ranga?
Why do they call cowards yellow-bellies??

Sheer cleverness from Estee Lauder

I loves a good tinted moisturiser me. Particularly at the weekend, it feels so liberating to forgo my usual foundation base which is quite full coverage (Estee Lauder Double Wear). It's like taking a skinny dip or going braless! Wild I am!

Sheer cleverness
Estee Lauder's Sheer Tint Release Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Moisturiser.
I'm currently using and liking the Nivea Visage Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Tinted Day Cream since seeing Yaz's review on Primped. So keeping with my freedom crusade I  was all on for trying a sample of Estee Lauder's Sheer Tint Release Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Moisturiser.
Now I need to get one thing of my chest before I start, I am particularly bummed and a little put out that both these tinted moisturisers are only an SPF 15. Come on cosmetic houses, this is Australia and our skin is constantly under attack by the ruthless sun. SPF 15 just does not cut it, that's why I plan to try Hissy Fit's Saving Face with SPF 30 next.  If I could campaign for all cosmetics with an SPF sold in Australia to be a  factor 30 I would. Actually I probably wouldn't but you get the point.

Rant over - back to Estee Lauder's clever tinted day cream. And clever it is indeed. When I first squeezed it out on my hand it was grey-ish white and I thought I had misread that it was a tinted moisturiser. But thats just it, its supposed to be a one colour suits all cream. As you start to blend it in, the colour develops and it blends seamlessly with your skintone. Well it did on mine anyway.

Me, my best and I mug shot released post arrest for public indecency and wearing no make-up in public.
However she has released a statement to say she was relieved to be wearing such a good tinted moisturiser at the time
Estee Lauder's Sheer Tint Release Advanced Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant Moisturiser.
Now please excusey the somewhat dodge photo from my iPhone, I think I could give LiLo and Paris's LAPD mugshots a run for their money!!Also excuse my otherwise make-up free face post yoga but how good does that colour blend? I am quite pale and it's tricky to get base colours to look natural on me, whilst also being warm and not washed out. I think this does the job and when you compare it to my neck its really spot on. Clever dick!

Fragrance wise its got the same fresh cucumber scent as their Day Wear. As well as the UVA&UVB SPF 15 it also contains their "Super Anti-Oxidant Complex" that they claim supersedes all others they have tested with Vitamins C and E, Eukarion and EGT( fights free radical damage)

They also claim it "recycles" all day long, providing continuous anti-oxidant protection long after it would normally be used up. For me it wears as expected for a tinted day cream. Only so. A few hours coverage at most.

Have you tried it. Isn't it a clever smartypants?
Anyone tried the Hissy Fit Saving Face.?
Do you agree about my campaign for SPF 30?

Please note at the time of release of this article, Me, my best and I was released from police custody with just a warning and a promise to at least wear mascara with her tinted moisturiser when out publicly again.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Look into my eyes, plum is the new black, plum is the new black .....

I heart black nail polish. To me its sassy, edgy and rock n roll. Alas not on me. My hands are just too pale. I lose any edginess, in fact I fall right over the edge into gothy. Not good.

So my alternative to achieving this look? As the Chinese proverb goes; If heaven above lets fall a plum, open your mouth. Well instead my heaven is Rimmel and my mouth is my nails.

 I'm off out on a dinner date with the hubby to Catalinas tonight and have decided on a cerise one-shoulder dress. Being blonde and wearing a purpley /pink dress I run the risk of looking too girly girl so I decided to edge my nails up with this deep dark hue. Rimmel Wear Maxx in 403 Hypnotise

Look into my eyes, not around the eyes, into my eyes
3,2,1 you're under
I'm Scarlett Johansson and plum is the new black.

Rimmel Wear Maxx 403 Hypnotise

The blue-pink undertones suit my skin tone much better than black and this colour is dark enough to rock it up. This is Rimmel's patented formula with lycra. Will it last 10 days? Hell no not on me but it's a weekend look anyway. Be back to vanilla nudes come Monday in work. No sadly I'm not very rock n roll after all.... Now I'm off to hypnotise my hubby into thinking I'm Scarlett Johansson. Laters xx
Rockin Rimmel Wear Maxx 403 Hypnotise

So what do you think does it suit or should I go back to black with Amy?
Have you ever been hypnotised? I haven't.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

18 juices, 3 days, 2 baths, 1 flat out tummy

I’ve always liked the idea of doing a detox. Heck knows I haven’t always treated Old Man Liver with the respect he deserves. He’s our bodies powerhouse, the janitor, the one that gets delegated all the crap jobs like breaking down our fat and other nasties we put into our system.

Poor Old Man Liver, he really does a sterling job at keeping our blood clean so we can have good skin and digestion and healthy body functions. Actually he does so much he has earned the right to have an assistant or some long service leave or both. I also have on my occasions in my twenties and teens before the Labour workforce changes taken advantage a little and made him work all nighters and do lots of overtime cleaning up after many wild parties. He’s never complained not once, not even a grumble when I pumped him full of artificial hormones for years while taking the pill.
Packed and ready to cleanse me of my sins
Urban Remedy Cooler Bag
So credit where credit is due, the old guy was going on vacation. I’d booked in for a 3 day detox courtesy of Urban Remedy Detoxing made easy. 18 fresh juices delivered to your door, there was no turning back!!

I was a little nervous to say the least at the thought of consuming only juice for 3 whole days but I promised myself lots of baths and treats and yoga sessions to compensate. The evening before I tried not to eat too heavily or have one last blow out before I began, so I would ease more gently into it.
So my menu read like this.
  • Breakfast- apple, spirulina, lime, banana, cos lettuce, spinach
  • Mid morning - coconut water
  • Lunch - carrot, apple, mint, silverbeet, celery, lemon, cucumber
  • Afternoon snack - apple, cucumber, celery, parsley, silverbeet, lemon
  • Evening snack - lemon, agave nectar, cayenne
  • Dinner - raw cacao, raw cashews, rice milk, agave nectar
  • My six little juicy soldiers all lined up and ready to head into battle with my liver

Day 1 arrived. I had to forgo my usual LSA, porridge and blueberries that my hubby makes so deliciously every morning for me. This concerned me the most as anybody knows who eats porridge, it sustains you for hours.However the breakfast smoothie was really satisfying the banana and also the protein in the spirulina really help.

I was also really generous with the herbal teas for myself. alternating T2 detox, passion, tummy and getaway geisha teas after each juice to keep me going. I loaded up on water too. they say you could have some miso or an extra cocount water if you really needed. But I was relentless. Total hardcore!

Yes hunger came about an hour before the next juice was due, particularly after lunch but it is to be expected to some degree. I found by the time I was on the bus home, I was quite lethargic. However the dinner juice is amazing, I actually miss it. nutty and creamy and a hint of cola almost from the cacao. This one was a real welcome treat by the end of the day let me tell you.

I also found myself quite scatty and forgetful and my hubby said I was very sensitive , way more than usual, but he treated me with kit gloves so all was OK and didn't eat around me not once. brownie points galore.

The evening slump was the worst but I discovered on night 1 the benefit of having a bath. I loaded the bath up with detoxifying epsom salts and thyme and rosemary oil (I had a de-stress massage oil that contained them). This really helped in the evenings. The warmth of the bath I think helps your tummy feel full  and I was actually invigorated and energised afterwards, which was surprising considering.

I also did not do any of my usual gym classes or workouts. To be honest I quite enjoyed the break!Instead I opted for yoga and pilates every day that week, finishing with a super detoxifying Bikram (Hot Yoga) on the Saturday. I have to say  I really enjoyed focusing on yoga that week. I might do a week like that occasionally again.

So the 1st day was tough but the knowledge of my bath and the dinner juice helped me through day 2. I breezed through Day 3. On the 4th day I really missed having my juices to be honest and took it easy food-wise having only fruit and yoghurt and seeds and salad.  I built up my food intake daily from then on and still have only had 1 coffee since and no alcohol. (However we are out to a great restaurant this Saturday night and I will certainly savour a few wines then. I reckon I've earned them!)

I thought I would feel way better than I did on day 4. I had a headache and was irritable. This further bummed me out as I thought I should have been bouncing off the walls. My tummy however was the flattest I can remember it. It really wasn't until the Saturday of that week (having cleansed Mon-Wed) that I felt great. Really energised and positive. Bikram helped I think. I noticed my skin was really super soft too. I had a little breakout but suspect that was from all the baddies flushing out of me. It was really greasy throughout the few days as was my hair. My skin has cleared again now. Thankfully. I also felt so light, which sounds funny but true.

So in short yes its challenging but not as hard as you think and I loved the focus I put on me, by way of yoga and baths and masks. It cost me $175 dollars (I got $20 off for liking on facebook) which I justified as a weeks worth of groceries. To be honest I don't think I felt the dramatic after effects as much as some others would as I have been fairly clean living for the past few months in the run up to my wedding last November but all the same I felt good and it has given me a boost.

So to summarise;
  • Easy, delivered to your door
  • Taking some time out for yourself
  • Nightly bath luxury
  • Flat tummy afterwards
  • General feeling of well being
  • Super nutrient hit
  • Reset blood sugar levels
  • Super soft skin
  • Sense of achievement when done
  • Dinner juice is delicious, would buy if I could
  • Best coconut juice Ive ever had ( and I drink it a lot)
  • Hubby said eyes were whiter and brighter
  • Took time to focus on yoga
  • Evening times are tough. lethargy and  the hungriest you feel all day
  • Irritability, sensitivity, lethargy
  • Anti-social unless doing with someone else (poor hubby ate out before I got home and said it was lonely. bless)
  • Pricey enough
  • Breakout spots
  • Had a slump on Day 4
  • Scatty and forgetful and difficulty focusing
  • Skin seemed really greasy throughout
Would I do again? Yes I think its something i would like to do maybe twice a year in January post Christmas indulgence and September to amp up for summertime and getting back in shape.

What about Old Man Liver?Well we've rekindled our bond and have a healthy working relationship again plus he's cut back his hours and now only works part-time and he's pencilled in for two more mini-breaks this year. You know what they say a break really is as good as a holiday.

Have you ever done a detox?
Could your liver do with a mini-break?

Have you tried Urban Remedy?
The irony is a six pack now fits perfectly in my Urban Remedy cooler bag...................