Saturday, 3 December 2011

Trout Pout

If you are here for a trashy post on botched lip fillers then you have come to the wrong place lady.

I'm not about to start bagging out the fish-face flops of celebrity restalyne suckers.

You are probably best to head down to your local newsagent and grab yourself a copy of NW or even better a National Enquirer for your laugh-along-celebrity-plastic-botch-job fix.

Hey but before you do, check out Katie Price and wouldyalookat Coutrney's lip-lilos. Fo Realz?
No , no ,  no,  cheap thrills I do apologise, we are actually here to ogle the corally deliciousness that is Trout Pout by Butter London.

As part of my Natural November I wanted to try Butter London polishes. I was stoked to when a free bottle with Madison magazine popped my buttery cherry!

On initial introductions I love the packaging - the square bottle, the raven logo printed on the lid. Like a baboon I try to twist off the square lid. Pull folks, pull. You will  then reveal a slim twistie round handle inside. Duh!

This creamy coral creme worries me about streaks on first coat, I am appeased come the second lick when its seems to settle and blend to an even, opaque lustre. By my Orly Glosser top layer it is positively glass like.


However the butter turns a little rancid quickly come day 2 when half my left hand is in chipsville.

I scold myself for being a baboon for the second time and redo the casualties.

Trout Pout Premature Chips, The Sequel, its even worse.

Am bummed but still in awe of said cremey goodness and coral lovliness en-capsuled in birdy emblazoned square bottleness.

Will I go for Trout Pout Premature Chips, Part III. I'm not convinced, third title releases are usually the worst.

Fillers in lips. Whyyyyyyyy? Wouldya?

Were you more bummed about Butter London's performance than Kim Basinger in Last Tango in Paris too?

Is it just me - should I go for part III?

Have I overkilled coral yet.....? I may have.... yes I think so.


  1. Those trout pouts are scary! The one area I don't think women should ever miss with, it just never looks good! I picked up the Yummy Mummy polish and without a top coat it chipped terribly by the next day, I tried again with a top coat and the results were better but still had slight chipping after a couple of days.

  2. That's a super pretty colour, but how annoying that it turned into Chipsville!! :( I find they were really nicely on me...

  3. @Beauty in the sky I know- how deluded are they!! OK so it wasnt just me then...

    @Clare isnt it so summery- Madison gave this and a beigey one away free with the last edition. Damn it must be just me then, Ill need to give them another chance as love their colour range

  4. I love the Butter colours. I find they chip on me about the same as any other polish. The Yummy Mummy is one of my favourite nude polishes.

    PS. You can never overkill coral x


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