Sunday, 11 December 2011

Haughty Taughty

A box of Taut Collagen loot landed on my desk recently.

There they stayed on my desk for a little while. The box had this really weird fish oil smell.

Now I am still traumatised over cod liver oil related incidents in my youth!

Firstly my Mum force fed us the stuff from a spoon as kids. The glass of orange juice that followed to take the edge off did nothing for me and I would be fish-burping all day until home time.

I must have kicked up enough of a stink to get promoted to cold liver oil capsules which worked for the most part apart from the odd early dissolver that would have you burping up a fishy storm once again.

Then there was the one I swallowed with hot tea, that burst in my mouth.

No more.

That ended my cold liver oil taking as a kid. I was on a life-long CLO strike only recently broken by the dicovery of the coated capsules that don't dissolve until they are safely past your stomach.

On further research my Taut Gold Standard Collagen Orange Drink contained shark cartilage extract which I figured must be what I was smelling and  further threw me offside

You could say I got a little Haughty Taughty about the whole thing as it dredged up these fishy memories so I knew I had to call in an independent adjudicator to try some of the products to get an unbiased view....

I called up Betty of previous Aveeno Tinted Moisturiser testing fame

Now I knew she would have baulked at the price had she known what they cost so was allowed do no research before testing. She was told to drink the Taut Gold Standard Collagen Orange Drink ($84.95 for 8) cold and use the Taut Collagen Infusion Mask ($44.95 for 5 )mask as instructed.

Her feedback:
"The wee bottles looked serious! I couldn't decide if I liked the taste or not. The taste kept changing as I drank it. It tasted like an orange vitamin drink that was yukky enough for me to think it must be good for me!"

"I was sure I could smell it in my pee! But can't say after one  if it changed  my skin "

"As for the mask - it was lovely lovely!!!! I loved the feel of it and it left my skin bright n shiney n taut!!!! The smell was nice too. There was plenty of product on the mask.The clothes were nice and moist. 

"Both the drinks and especially the mask felt luxe!!!"

So after Betty's feedback and getting over my initial haughty taughtyness  I decided I was ready to face my fears.

Taut Gold Standard Collagen Orange Drink
So I don't know what all my fuss was about!  Taste wise they don't taste fishy at all  - I'm not sure where I was getting the fish oil flashbacks from. 

These orange flavoured drinks include shark cartilage extract as the collagen source with hyaluronic acid, ceramide and vitamins such as B1, B2, B6, E and beta-carotene.and supposedly when drunk a few times a week will boost skin conditioning.

If anything I can taste the yeastiness of the B vitamins mixed with orange, not unlike a berocca. They were inoffensive, however I do still remain a little haughty taughty about them. 

I am a firm believer in getting your nutrition where possible from wholesome food sources and I would much rather eat a "complete protein" food such as quinoa, eggs, spirulina or amaranth and get all nine amino acids in one hit than pay through the odds for a drink containing collagen which lets face it will be broken down to amino acids by my stomach.

But that is just me, perhaps these would be good for someone starting out an a health kick and is looking to improve their skin and isn't quite there on the whole healthy eating thing yet.

The shark fin cartilage bit doesn't sit well with me at all, I know most collagen beauty products are made from rooster combs or pigs feet or the likes but still it irks me.

Taut Collagen Infusion Mask 
These however were a different story and as Betty put it feel lovely, lovely, lovely. They are a gauze-cloth mask heavily soaked  in a really, really moist collagen, squalene, hyaluronic acid and vitamin E cocktail. 

Now collagen when used topically on the skin has moisturising properties it doesn't actually help to synthesis collagen, only your body can do that internally. However these really, really do moisturise and plump your skin. I used a mask after two nights out in a row when the wine and cocktails were starting to take their toll and sucking the moisture from my face.

After a 10 minute lie down with this on I was plump and moist and dewy and fresh and ready to face night three out on the razzle dazzle.

These will be excellent to keep on hand to prep for a big night out or recover from one just as equally.

The cloth stayed so moist I even popped it on my hubby's face while he was having a Nana nap on the sofa! 

You could definitely get two goes from the one cloth to share with your bestie or your betrothed. 

I'm usually a clay or an enzyme mask girl but definitely like these moist little treats for times when I am feeling a little pruneish  now I am not so haughty taughty about the whole affair!!

Have you tried these?

What are your thoughts on collagen drinks - all Hollywood are doing them apparently?

Do you like cloth masks? Any goodies?

Do you have CLO scars? Were you a fish-burper at school?

At time of posting the mask and drinks were reduced to $26.97 and $50.97 respectively

These products were supplied for review cold liver oil traumas and opinions are mine and Bettys


  1. Never heard of anything like this!! I like the idea of the mask though, not sure about the drink

  2. BURPING UP A FISHY STORM!!!! I almost weed myself!

  3. This post made me laugh out loud! Sometimes when I take vitamins/supplements there's a weird smell I can't quite identify, but I always relate back to these Green Giant capsules from my childhood...I can relate to this fish oil unpleasantness.

  4. @Gaelle SKII do a great cloth mask as well- they are so refreshing!!

    @JadeyLou Am serious- was horrific!!

    @Theproc ugh- B Vits do weird stuff too- am always yeast burping after them usually while on a spin bike or an aerobics class or in a downward dog! Not pretty!


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