Monday, 5 December 2011

Bloomin generous Bloom Cosmetics $25 free offer makes me do a jig

Christmas fever is upon us at Me, my best & I, I'm actually starting to feel festive. Watching every Christmas Cooking show on Lifestyle Food is helping. Thanks Jamie & Delia!

Meanwhile back at Beauty HQ Me, my elves and I have been busy  beavering away to bring you some festive offers.

If we are not getting you free bottles of Pure Rose Water facial Mist with every Audra James Cleansing Oil order over here,  we have also negotiated a fine deal with the elves over at Natalie Bloom's crib for you.

It took some negotiations and we even had to barter poor Vixen's Clarisonic to seal the deal (she is most disgruntled, Rudolf is still trying to pacify her with his red nose stunts) but we swung a mightly festive deal in the end for you.

So excited that we were, we broke out into a festive dance in the elf workshop, just check out our supermoves:

Me, my best & I Exclusive Bloom Cosmetics Christmas Readers Offer:

Visit to receive a $25 voucher with any purchase over $50 to put towards your next purchase.

Simply enter the special code: memyselfandi25 at the checkout to receive your $25 voucher for your next visit. The voucher will be mailed to you with your order.

This voucher is valid from today 5th December until 19th December only.

Hows that for some festive cheer??

If you need any inspiration I've compiled some special BFF lists of my top picks for you;

My BFF Bloom Cosmetics Christmas Present to myself:
One must always buy themselves a Christmas and Birthday present for themselves , that is the rule in my house.These are my top Bloom picks for my festive summer look.

  • Illuminiser in Glow, $35 - I've swatched this before and it's super-fine and velvety. A champagne sheen to go with your champagne buzz. Also contains jojoba and rice bran oil but I'm not sure that will even save you from post-party hangover skin!! However you can fake a glow the next day with this too. Party multi-tasker, love it!
  • Eyeshadow in Olive, $25- I've previously bought this for a mate but want one for myself. Its a bronzey-gilded olive that takes bronze out of the ordinary but is still neutral and muted with only a hint of green. Khaki and orange are my two colour obsessions this summer - so this will go with half my wardrobe at the moment
  • Nail Polish in Miss Connie II, $19.95 (or 2 for $29.95) - This fills the orange fixation summer brief - a neon orange that would look just as hot against pale skin as it would bronzed or dark. NEED!
  • Eye Brow Duo, $25 - I have this and it rocks, it was my most missed make-up product in Natural November, the long-wearing neutral, matte shadow-pencil fills in brows with a triangular tip that can be angled for precise definition and creating sharp and fine feathered lines. Then the colourless brow gel tames and sets them in place. My brows love it.
  • Lipstick in Peach, $28 - a muted petal pinky-peach, this is the perfect summer juicy wearable colour. I've wanted this for the longest time. All Bloom lips smell like vanilla & mandarin too - yummosyummos.
  • Cream Bronzing Duo, $38 - I love cream bronzers, they give such a natural, healthy glow and often offer way more oomph and lift than a flat matte powder.
My BFF Bloom Cosmetics Christmas Present to a Bestie:
Any of these Bloom beauties would make a great pressie for your friend or Mum, sister or Aunt. I'd be happy to unwrap any of these. Better then a French hen any day!

  • Candle, Lemon, Verbana & Rose, $39.95 - I think this is the nicest of the new candle range, fresh, zesty but still girlie. Liking the treble wick action too. I never buy myself fragranced candles but love to use them so this would be my ideal gift from a friend.
  • Organic Rosehip Oil, $25 - Every gal should own one. Period. Young, old, spots, wrinkles, dry, oily. This is ACO certified organic and very well priced at that.
  • Organic Body Oil, Uplifting $35 -  What could be a more luxurious treat for someone than a sumptuous organic body oil - This is also ACO certified organic with a sunflower, jojoba, macadamia and sweet almond base blended with sweet orange, lemon, bergamot, mandarin, geranium and neroli oil. Holy citrus wake-up call, your hangover will run and hide!
  • Make-Up Artists Cosmetics Bag, $30- I am forever swapping out my cosmetics bags. Dealbreakers for me are not wipe-able clean material (mineral make-up  users will empathise with me here) and not enough pockets and sections to keep things organised. This opens to lay flat another feature I love which aids easy viewing, has heaps of pockets and even has a ring-binder style insert with mesh pockets for micro-organisation!! Particularly good for the buddy with OCD tendencies. I love any vintage style print with birds so this pattern also does it for me big style.
  • 10 Piece Brush Set, $49.95- The gift that keeps on giving. I can never have enough make-up brushes but love how this case makes these so easy to have on the go. I would SQUEE with joy if this was lying beneath the wrapping paper. The ten brushes include: eye shadow, sponge tip, eye blending, liner, lip, powder and lash and brow plus a handy mirror. Sorted.
My BFF imma still on a natural buzz list:

  • Organic Refreshing Facial Mist, $16.95 - Three words seal the deal for me. 1)Spritzer. 2)Orange 3)Blossom. Plus cooling, refreshing witch hazel and soothing calendula and camomile extracts. ACO certified organic tips me over the edge.
  • Mineral Plus Sheer Mineral Tint in Fair/Medium, $48 - The natural, mineral way to wear tinted moisturiser with SPF 15 and skin energising gingko biloba and ginseng with vitamins A & E. This water resistant formula is perfect for days at the beach. (I'd layer over an SPF 30 for extra protection)
  • Organic Hand & Body Wash $38 -  Again posh shower gels are an indulgence for me, another gift I love to get. I also do enjoy a pump bottle in the shower, makes things much easier. 81% Certified Organic and with aloe juice, calendula and ginseng blended with invigorating organic ylang ylang, lavender and orange essential oils this would be definitely uplifting and reviving the morning after....
  • Mineral Powder Foundation, Light, $35 + Pure Mineral Foundation Brush $38 - Bloom's mineral foundation is a best seller and has no talcs, fillers or binders. The dense brush is designed specifically to apply the ultra-fine powder efficiently. 
  • B Collection, Mineral Veil in Himalayan Mist, $35 - For me it is all the mineral veils in  mineral foundation systems that blow my mind. They give that soft-focus, air-brushed luminosity. Your whole face changes after a dusting of mineral veil. This would work just as well over a liquid foundation for the perfect finishing touch and to add glowy longevity

So which would you like to find in your stocking on Christmas day?

Have you a favourite Bloom product to share?

What would be yur ideal Christmas Cosmetic Gift?

Can you do The Chritsmas Charlston as good as me. Bet ya can't!!

Oh  oo de oo doo de oo doo de oo de oo doo doo de ooo doo de oo doo de oo de oo doo doo de oo doo de oo do de oo de oo de oo oop- Betty Boop hasn't got a patch on me!!

Happy Bloom spending - get amongst it!!


  1. By the time we get the first bloom order we won't have time to order with the voucher since it runs out so soon

  2. Thanks :) I love Blooms lip glosses. They are gorgeous. I really love the brush travel set, but already have enough brushes.

  3. How cool, I am a big Bloom fan! x

  4. how exciting, your first personal coupon code (i believe)!!!! I want it alllllll. Especially that olive eyeshadow. and that illuminator. and that facial mist. oh who am i kidding, my beauty hoarder self wants it all.

  5. @Vintage tis bloomin great!

    @Aon- no the $25 voucher will have an extended expiry date :)

    @Beauty in a bottle me too with the brushes but i always want more!!

    @Ingrid you & me both!

    @The Proc yay!! Good lists huh!!

  6. Oh my goodness WHY oh WHY did you have to post this today!! ;) I am SO going shopping now!


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