Wednesday, 21 September 2011

She's Electric

I've said before that I'd prefer to stick wet fingers in sockets before rocking blue polish, but I'm changing folks I'm a changin'!!

Orly Sweet Peacock won my heart over just a little with it's fabulous shimmering blue plumage

Then Revlon Top Speed in Electric zoomed in, dried in 60 seconds (I smudge checked), zoomed out and stole a little bit more of  my heart with it. 

It is dark, and opaque, not a glitterarticle in sight (new word, just made up, like it, am keeping!).

Its not quite a full gloss finish but not a matte or suede either which is sort of interesting and new for me . 

Adds to the grunge factor for one not to be overly prissy and glossy.

It is also not the longest lasting polish in the world and my weekend mani chipped before my Monday blues were over but I did manage to paint my nails at 7:45 pm while sipping a glass of bubbles on a Saturday before skipping out the door sans smudge at 8pm.

I personally think Revlon Top Speed Electric is a little rocktrampy and quite suitable for electric air-guitaring around one's living room, local pub, dance floor, supermarket aisle, (insert favourite place to make like Led Zepplin and climb that "Air"way to Heaven here) _______ .

So much is the opening of my hearts' floodgates to polishes of blue and all that is in between I am now sort of closet coveting the new Les Jeans de Chanel Range released for recent Fashion Night Out events.

Hello Blue Rebel and Blue Boy you smoky, muddy, mysterious duo you and Coco Blue I would wear you with brown suede and white broderie anglaise ensembles and come over all  Pocahantas with you, I would, so I would.

Even the luscious LC is quite the bluebottle indeed. She is so all over this trend like a jellyfish rash. She's burning this trend up so well she may even have to pee on her own hand  soon (sorry, sorry couldn't help myself!)

Lauren Conrad feeling blue time and time again....

Blue over her iced tea

Blue over her ombre nails combo

Blue over her dark evening look and rockin ring combo

She wears it well, no?

So Revlon Top Speed Electric - a live wire or total shocker?

Blue polish or you with it or against it?

Les Jeans de Chanels - covet or can't be arsed?

Bluebottle stings - the ONLY thing about summer I'm not looking forward to 
(Non-Aussie dwellers, bluebottles are nasty, common summer jellyfish that plague Aussie beaches and comically when you are new to the country or juvenile, or both, look like washed up blue condoms on the shoreline. (Even more comical when you are not the victim, they are the cause of numerous counts of self-soothing, self-urinaters!!)

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  1. I am kinda like you... A bit fearful of blue on my nails. The only one I really like is Russian navy by OPI, but that's probably because it's a black blue. LC wears blue very well, I am rather inspired to try the ombre blue nails she did!

    As for blue bottles... You know those clear, harmless semi ring shaped jellies that you see washed up in the sand? Well I'm terrified of THOSE, so a blue bottle would definately make me soil myself and, quite possibly, die (without even having it touch me, lol)!

  2. omg. This may actually be a polish I can get here. Look out, Revlon!

  3. I love blue polish, and you totally rock it! :)

  4. That revlon one is beautiful! I wore a similar colour on my toes for my something blue on my wedding day!

  5. I love blue polish! That Revlon one is really awesome, but no way would I ever spend the money for a Chanel polish. Call me a tightarse, but I don't see the value in it. Thanks for freaking me out with the bluebottle pic, too!

  6. Never say never!
    HAHAHAHA, i'd never seen that blue jellyfish before in my life, they do look like condoms or something yucky anyway!

  7. The colour looks fab on you! I'm not really a huge fan of blue polish on me, but I have been tempted by the gorgeous Chanel colours (especially Blue Rebel)!

  8. this is such a beautiful colour! I must get my hands on it!!


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