Friday, 1 July 2011

My BFF Faux Glow Illuminators

I've been meaning to do this BFF for a while and when I spotted this photo of Ashley Olsen on Hip and Haute's blog looking so amazingly glowy and with perfectly illuminated skin, I first gasped in awe then was prompted to share the products I love when I'm trying to faux a glow.

I still remember my first illuminator it was a golden liquid from Boots No 17 in a pump bottle and it smelled of peppermint! Well I got totally fresh with it one summer on holidays in Turkey, slathering it all over my face and body and have an awful lot of photos where my face looks like its plastic and melting. I had 2000 mega-watt shine.

The concept of applying it where the light catches on your body went over my shiny head. We live and learn!!

I'd like to think I've progressed since those days of guising as a gloworm and downgraded to a subtle sheen on my uppermost upper cheekbones, brow bone, inner eyes and temples and if I'm feeling angelic my cupids bow!!

These are my top 5 gimme gimme shimmy shimmy sheen sheen illuminators;

  1. Benefit Girl Meets Pearl
    Girls, meet Pearl. She is quite the looker and superseded all expectations I had of her. Her "pearl" is super super fine, no glitter , no particles, no holographic colours all you get is a beautiful subtle sheen thats very tonal with your skin. She squirts out beautifully in satisfying little worms from a little push up tube through holes at the top. She's light rosy gold and a very light cream-gel texture, I use my Sigma F60 foundation brush to dab her on where she needs to shine and she melts into the skin. effortlessly, and usually seamlessly. She's probably the most "lit from within" and my favourite of the bunch.

  2. Jemma Kidd Dual Illuminator Crème Highlighter & Shimmer Dust, Champagne
    I bought this a few years ago when on a shopfest in Edinburgh visiting a friend. Its lasted me so well. Its a clever duo consisting of a powder in the bottom and a creme in the lid. I love that, you can use separately or layer the creme then set with the powder for staying power. I'm not one for glitter anywhere near my face and usually keep clear of powder illuminators on the cheeks etc as I feel they sit on you skin. However this powder is very , very finely milled so it gives more shine than sparkle. I like to brush the powder on my colour bones, shoulders and dab some under my brow bone and inner eye, the creme I use more for my cheeks/temples. The creme is a cream blush sort of texture and best dabbed on with a finger. Its a pale white toned gold  and works well on my pale skin tone. I save this one more for night time as there is more of a hint of sparkle in this than the others.

  3. Inika Cosmetics Light Reflecting Highlighting Creme
    This is a new weapon in my glow armoury. An Aussie brand, that practices in all natural ingredients. This product took the Winner of Best New Illuminator in the 2010 Glosscar Awards. Its quite a teeny tube and I need to manage it well so too much does not come out when you squeeze. A little goes a long way with this non oily, quite liquid cream. Again I use the Sigma F60 or more usually my paws to apply. Its more bronze gold toned than the Jemma Kidd so would work well when more bronzed/olive tones. I love the really tiny tube (think length of a ChapStick) which means I bring this one in my "mobile" make-up to the gym.

  4. Benefit Moon Beam
    I think I upgraded from my No 17 peppermint plastic melty face to this which changed my pearly world for obvious reasons. I think I'm a little sentimental about this product and always seem to find my way back to it. I prefer it to High Beam which I find a little too silvery on the skin. This is quite iridescent and probably more "pearly" than Girl Meets Pearl in that it shimmers a few different tones under light. Its described as a golden apricot . I would say pale straw gold. I love that it comes in a nail polish style bottle with a brush, which makes it super easy to dab on where you need it. It also lasts for a good while as is ample sized.

  5. Natio Mineral Powder Bronzer and Enhancer in Warm Day 
    Oh this one snuck in here. It was a gift with purchase and I would never have bought a) because of my thinking of illuminating powders sitting "on " the skin and b) it comes as a bronzer duo and I like my bronzers matte for sculpting. I was very pleasantly proven wrong. The pale oyster pink shimmer side is so fine and really melts in to my foundation well with no powdery finish. You can see how subtle it is in the swatch, barely evident. The bronzer side is very light and translucent and just adds more depth to the glow without really bronzing as such. The clincher, it smells of honey, its such a gorgeous smell, I'm hooked and using everyday!

I also need to say a little RIP to discontinued line All About Glo, I fell hard for their illuminating cream and powders and they giveth with one hand and taketh away the other and were discontinued. I was totally bummed as I loved them and they were a great price too.

Also I'm dying to try Becca'sShimmering Skin Perfector & Pressed Shimmer Poweder. Both are patiently waiting on my Wishlist.

How glowsome is Ashley Olsen in that pic. I could stare at it for hours (with my sunnies on to prevent glare of course)

How do you bring out your inner gloworm?

Have you tried any of these shimmering jewels
Remember these? In reality they looked a little jaundice!

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  1. OMG Ashley Olsen looks freakin' PHENOMENAL!

  2. illuminator on my oily-ish skin, not good!!

  3. Ooh I've wanted to try Girl Meets Pearl for a while! I hate when highlighters look too glittery, so I'll definitely give it a go!

  4. I tried a sample of girl meets pearl and loved it.. Really want the full size now.. Thanks for this post, I'm really loving illuminators at the moment!

    P.s I loved my glo worm :)

  5. I love girl meets pearl and high beam. Adding the Jemma Kid to my wishlist now.Great post:)

  6. The Inika one looks so pretty! I've never tried any of these. :) Too Faced makes a really good bronzer though

  7. Fab post, I love me some Dior Amber Diamond and Illamasqua Gleam Cream <3 And I used to collect the small glo worm figurines hehe <3

  8. I'm personally would rather look like a cute glo worm than Ashely but that's just me! :D

  9. @Angela I know astronomically perfect glow & skin!

    @Make-Up Fairy BOO, I find Estee Lauder Double Wear helps create a good canvas for it as I am pretty oily underneath too but the EL mattifies first. I've heard the Becca powder is mega mega fine so would work well on oilier skin too.

    @TheProcrastinator it rocks!! Perfect sheeny sheen sans sparkle!

    @Beauty Soiree Can you remember the Gloworm song? !! I got hooked on Girl Meets Pearl too via a mini- clever Benefit!

    @ Priyanks- The JK is good for nightime!!

    @VintageM I have never tried anything Too Faced but it seems to carry some great prods, Ill get there eventually!

    @Jadegrrl ooh the Dior looks unreal!! I'm missing out on Illamasqua but every time I go to counter there is nobody there- trying to get a sample foundation. The Gods are not letting me get amongst Illamasqua! Mini gloworms = even cuter

    @SkinScrubs Ashley O gets mixed reactions from people, real Love her or Hate her looks. I'm camp love!

  10. You looked glowing in Turkey Miss J! I have always gone for High Beam but imn liking the Jemma Kidd in the swatch there..... I never had a glow worm Im so jealous!

  11. Love all comments on here! Great help soo many products hard to know what to try... Thanks to everyone with there comments an @ Me, my best and I, love love you thanks for sharing you helped me solve some of my makeup issues!


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