Sunday, 22 May 2011

Wahay for Payday Empties - May

As per April, I am following the "I can only buy products when replacing an empty" mantra. Come the 15th of the month which is pay day, I am excited and feel liberated by my empties list. Hence the wahay and also a woot woot!! I am now armed with a list of things I need. Priceline here I come!

This is my stash of empties for this month, not a huge amount but empties are empties and empties mean shopping!

Rexona - Crystal Roll-On Deodarant
Replacing- definitely
My favourite of all the Rexonas. Smells like freshly laundered linen and works like you need a deodorant to work!!

BOD Certified Organic Moroccan Rose Facial Oil
Replacing - In the future , definitely but for now I'm using the Natio rosehip oil which is a really nice texture, not greasy at all.
I spoke about doing a hot compress with it in my BFF Beauty PowerTools post. Its much more than just a rosehip oil. Rose, lavender, neroli and calendula essential oils are blended with base oils of evening primrose and rosehip , so its soothing, moisturising, rejuvenating and healing. It smells so much better than rosehip oils too which I find a little fishy!! Organic also making this a winner

Macleans Iso-Active Whitening Foaming Gel
Replacing - no way ,ever
Don't believe the hype, this is useless. If you are used to a gritty whitening toothpaste this will disappoint. I thought the pump would be handy but its awkward and fiddly. There is nothing whitening about this in my opinion and I found it was too foamy. Not good when you are minus 3 minutes already in the morning rush!!On a positive I'm liking  new Colgate Max White this month.

All Natural Paw Paw Balm
Replacing - No
This is a cheap attempt at the Lucas Paw Paw Balm which is wonder stuff for soothing and healing any dry, chapped or irritated skin. I ended up using it on my feet to waste it, with cotton socks at night to soften them up which it did a little. Its not as thick as the Lucas PawPaw and actually found it quite runny almost like Vaseline that's too warm towards the end

Pantene Clinicare Micro-Revitalising Rinse-Off Treatment Single Dose
Replacing- Yes would throw in the trolley again, great for the gym when I have a steam in the sauna
The love child of Pantene & Wella. I don't like Pantene. I like Wellla.... it was on special in my supermarket so threw caution at the wind and threw this in the trolley. The problem I have with Pantene is it feels like its all for show, full of silicones so your hair feels repaired and conditions but that washes off next wash and your hair is no better off. I've also heard many a hairdresser say the long-chain silicones interfere with colour absorption so your colour application can be affected. This felt different to the normal Pantene experience. It sunk totally into my hair shaft and didn't feel like a silicone slippy coating when I rinsed it. My hair still  felt soft after the next wash too

Mini Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant
Replacing- always
I be minis some times on eBay when I've blown my beauty budget for the month but can't live without my essentials (Yes I know my priorities are all wrong!!) I've blogged about this before in my BFF Dermalogica list This is a chemical exfoliant that is gentle enough to use every day to brighten, whiten and keep pores clean.every evening. No grains, just rice enzymes, Vit C and salicylic acid for super smooth, bright skin.

Aveeno Moisturing Lotion
Replacing? Not right now but will in the future.
(Am working my through a mammoth bottle of Kiehls Creme de Corps at the moment)
I raved about this in my Aveen a go post For peachy softness that is not dewy, not silky, but velvety with no residue. The oatmeal and zero fragrance is also great for us sensitive types!

Tuscan Tan 2 in 1 Gradual Self Tanning Mousse
Replacing - yes, but will wait until summer
This featured in My BFF Tanning Products List - its really easy to apply and gives a really good natural glow that’s not too dark but still golden. A little goes a long way, the tube got me through nearly most of last summer and 3 weeks in Bali and there was no patchy fade even on days with sweating, sea, pools, sand etc

So what are you buying this month?

Are you a glass half full when you see all the empty glasses chick like me? Or do empty vessels make the most noise!!

Do you follow a "I can only buy products when replacing an empty" mantra?

Entered Me, my best and I's Nifty Fifty Gifty Giveaway yet??
Word on the street is it's bigger than planking right now!

Get amongst it before 15th June


  1. I really should follow that mantra. My bathroom is stuffed with tons of different shampoos, facial cleansers, etc.

  2. @AmieeJoy - the very reason I started, bathroom real estate!! There just aint enough room. (well that and saving for a wedding last year!)


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