I promised in my SuperMario Mario Badescu Drying Cream post that I would do a BFF on my weapons of spot destruction. While I’m still by no means footloose and spotty free I’ve found that these little warriors have helped to take the sting out of the tail of brewing spots and help to heal and clear faster. Bless their salicylic socks!!

1.      Dermalogica Overnight Skin Treatment – Blemishes be gone. I use day and night, preventative and treatment. Takes spots down rapidly and helps to heal them quickly. My spots scar less since I started to use this. Vit B, salicylic acid, tea tree, rosemary. Wonderstuff!

2.      Mario Badescu’s Drying Cream – Am a newfound fan of this sulphury, bentonite clayish goodness. I tag team this with the overnight skin treatment. I use it on those bumps under the skin that are threatening to pop up (usually at the most inappropriate time, right before something important, they are good like that) It helps to draw the pore and I have had what I thought would be huge big angry cystic spots , retreat back in to the pore and never actually surface. Ah-mazing.

3.      Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque – I use it twice a week, I buy sachets on eBay really cheap. It has made a real difference to keeping my skin clear. If you feel your skin is looking bumpy and red and threatening to break-out this helps to soothe it I panic if I am running out……. An impressive line up of spotbusters, salicylic acid to unclog pores, clay to draw the gunk out and tea tree and thyme to annihilate spot making bacteria. It’s a trooper!

4.      Get Hot & Steamy – No you dirtbag not that!! You really have a filthy mind 😉 H20 steam. Like water that’s been boiled, like!! It’s as simple as that. I do Bikram Yoga once a week and the hot, steamy, 42 degree room helps to open pores and detoxify. I also try to use the steam room in my gym at least twice a week and if I’m feeling really bold and steamy at the weekend I’ll do one of Lush’s Tea Tree toner tabs. These effervescent little tabs are just dropped into a bowl of steaming water and they release their tea tree oil, aloe vera, chlorophyll & vitamin C  goodness. You just pop your head under a tea towel relax & breathe. Its really relaxing and refreshing and you can use the water as toner afterwards or for a few days if you use a clean bottle (sterilise with boiling water first)

5.      Monthly deep cleanse facials with a side order of microdermabrasion – the fact I was spot free for my wedding last year is testament to this. The fact that after my wedding I stopped going for a few months and my skin became awfully congested again reinforces this. My facialist is a gun. She spends about 10 minutes really clearing my t-zone and never ever leaves a mark. I am in awe of my blackhead free t-zone for a few days after her magical hands. The microdermabrasion then helps to lift what she hasn’t squeezed. If you find a good therapist these facials are a winner and worth every cent!

Do you spot anything on this list you use/do?

How do you send spots packing?

Do you ever get steamy (stop it! in a steam room like……tut tut)

5 thoughts on “BFF SpotBusters

  1. katelin xoxo

    I've always wanted to try microdermabrasion, nut I'm a bit scared that I will have a crappy person do mine and then scar me forever. maybe I'll just come up and visit you and get your facialist to do it:)


  2. The Procrastinator

    oh man, all through high school I used to get regular facials about every three weeks. then I got busy in university and never went back – my skin has NEVER been worse. I'm starting to attempt my own at-home peels/dermabrasion, I'll let you know in a post how that goes!


  3. Me, my best and I

    @Katelin The microdermabrasion is safe enough, they use a little vacum wand that has a diamond tip, that they run across your face to mega-exfoliate and then suck up all te gunk they exfoliated off. Its the actual blackhead extractions that require someone experienced so they won't mark you. My lady is in a very unassuming salon in Bondi but she is really experienced and competent so I trust


  4. Me, my best and I

    Clare @Bodiology Bondi Junction Station. Its a no frills place so don&#39;t expect a luxury experience but shes great at what she does and its $120 for eyelash tint, microdermabrasion and a dermalogica facial (I get deep cleanse)<br /><br />Tell her I sent her you!!


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